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Bob Sanders – Al Cain Award 2104

Al Cain Award Recipient 2014


Bob Sanders

Co-chaired Clean Sweep for 2 years
Co-Chaired the Annual Charity Golf Tournament for 5 years
ODSC Treasurer 2010-2011
ODSC President 2012

Bob helped with the constructions on many parades and has carried the banner in a parade.
Volunteered at Jr. SOS Brunches
Helped fry turkeys for past Thanksgiving parties
Helped set up, cook and clean up for many Oyster Roasts
Cooked Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for the beach parties.
Helped sell golf cart tickets
He is always there if the Shag Club needs anything.


A Note From Bob Sander’s

I want to take this opportunity to thank each of the Board Members for awarding me the 2014 Al Cain Award. I am honored and very happy to receive this most prestigious OD Shag Club recognition.

When you presented it to me at the Thanksgiving Party, I was so surprised and completely at a loss for words! I enjoy every minute of my membership in the OD Shag Club. I’M grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to contribute to our Club. The OD Shag Club is very important to me and I am extremely appreciative of receiving this award.


Bob Sanders

Committee Chairs 2015


Dolly McDermott 301-466-9632

Linda Campbell 803-528-0774

Liaison: Lou Garrenton


Clean Sweep

Steve & Nancy Queen 704-609-3492

Judy Nutt 843-450-3020

Liaison: Bill Bacon


Entertainment / Deco

Kathy McCoy 803-572-1310

Deborah Scardaccione 843-421-2364

Liaison: Paulette Broadway



Donnie Schultz 843-424-2644

Faye Chowning 366-972-3551

Liaison: Bill Bacon



Cindy Day 843-734-0231

Judie Shepard 843-280-6183

Liaison: Cassy Shumway



Linda Morrison 804-564-8223

Liaison: Wendy Schultz


Newsletter / Bulletin

Sandy Cummings

Liaison: Monica Powell



Billy Powell 704-231-9818

Liaison: Wendy Schultz



Fritz Eckhart 843-399-1009

Paul Harrison

Liaison: Cassy Shumway


Remembrance / Comm

Heidi Cross 843-399-1771

Liaison: Wendy Schultz


Ways and Means

Beth Cornwell 704-236-5439

Liaison: Tina Tomberlin



Lou Martino 843-497-8532

Liaison: Monica Powell


Dance Team

Lou Martino 843-497-8532

Linda Campbell 803-528-0774


Special Committees


Cruise to Nowhere

Helen Eckhart 843-399-1009

Liaison: Lou Garrenton


Golf Tournament

Geoff Girling 843-870-1857

Sonny Tomberlin 704-604-2302

Rich & Karen Young 843-399-4861

Liaison: Brian Schmitt


Fund Raiser

Terry McCoy 803-572-1314


Fun Monday

Liaison: Wendy Schultz



Oyster Roast

Donnie Schultz 843-424-2644

Liaison: Brian Schmitt


MB Manor

Joe Ferlauto

Liaison: Tina Tomberlin


Poker Run

Jim Queen

Liaison: Lou Garrenton

Committee Chairs 2014

Rich Young, 843-399-4861, e-mail
Board Liaison, Lou Garrenton

Clean Sweep
Bruce Fitzsimmons, Co-Chair, 843-602-8183, e-mail
Cathy Fitzsimmons, Co-Chair, 843-602-8184, e-mail
Board Liaison, Bill Bacon

Entertainment and Decorating
Linda Campbell, Co-Chair, 803-528-0774, e-mail
Nancy Sook, Co-Chair, 843-497-4094, e-mail
Board Liaison, Lou Martino

Heidi Cross, Co-Chair, 843-399-1771, e-mail
Jeanine Todd, Co-Chair, 910-264-4959, e-mail

Donnie Schultz, 843-424-2486, e-mail

Board Liaison, Howard Stallings

Golf Tournament
Geoff Girling, Co-Chair, 843-870-1857, e-mail
Jon Holtzclaw, Co-Chair, 843-267-2213, e-mail
Board Liaison, Karen Young

Cindy Day, Co-Chair, 843-734-0231, e-mail
Judie Shepard, Co-Chair, 843-280-6183, e-mail
Board Liaison, Paulette Broadway

Linda Morrison, Chair, 804-564-8223 e-mail
Board Liaison, Monica Powell

Sandy Cummings, Chair, e-mail
Liaison, Monica Powell

Wendy Schultz, Chair, 843-424-2486, e-mail
Board Liaison, Karen Young

Pat Harris, Chair, 910-575-0627, e-mail
Board Liaison, Paulette Broadway

Remembrance and Communications
Etta Allen, Chair, 843-249-5476, e-mail
Board Liaison, Wendy Schultz

Ways and Means
Tina Tomberlin, Chair, 704-604-2302, e-mail
Board Liaison, Peggy Christie

Web Site
Board Liaisons, Karen Young and Lou Martino

Special Events
Fund Raising – Linda Campbell, e-mail
Oyster Roast – Donnie Schultz, 843-424-2486, e-mail
SOS Fun Monday tickets – Karen Young, 843-399-4861, e-mail
Poker Run – Jim Queen, e-mail
Myrtle Beach Manor Christmas – Joe Ferlauto, e-mail
OD Shag Club Dance Team – Lou Martino, e-mail

Letter From The President January 2015


Letter From The President January 2015

by Wendy Schultz

Welcome to 2015!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends. It’s hard to believe a new year has begun and what a year it will be. We are planning to have a wonderful 2015 with fun parties, good friends, lots of laughs and may we all dance!!!

Thanks so much to Karen Young, the 2014 Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairs and all the Worker Bees, for a terrific year. I would also like to thank Karen for working so hard to help me prepare to be your President this year.

Our first Party will be our Brunch during the Mid-Winter / Winter Workshop on Sunday January 18th, 10am at the OD Arcade and Lounge. Chris and his crew will be hard at work to assure a good time is had by all. Please remember to thank them when you get a chance.

“The World Famous Oyster Roast” on February 21st at 6pm and will also be at the OD Arcade and Lounge. We will have chicken bog for those of you that do not eat oysters. This is a huge process and to make it look easy, Donnie Schultz will need many worker bees for a variety of duties. Please contact him if you are able to volunteer your time.

The Luck of the Irish Party will be on March 21st, 6pm at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Bring your best side dish or dessert (doesn’t have to be Irish) for members to enjoy and the Club will be providing the Beef!! When bringing food, we ask that you please arrive early (by 5:30) to allow time to arrange table setting.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the Board Meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. I look forward to hearing ideas and appreciate any and all participation from our ODSC Members. I’m excited to serve as your President as well as working with the Board to give you a great year!!


Wendy Schultz

ODSC President

South Strand Cardiac Rehab

South Strand Cardiac Rehab

by Diane Tindall


Very Cool – The South Strand Cardiopulmonary Rehab staff (Patty Mielke, Diane Tindall, and Gail Dowling) host a holiday party for their patients each year. They plan the event for months, coordinate on their own time, decorate and provide entertainment for the patients…again, on their own time and with their own resources, and do so with absolute joy. The patients and staff brought pot-luck and enjoyed fellowship with each other as they gathered at the MB Base Recreation Center. One lady in attendance is actively awaiting a lung transplant. Last night, 90 (patients/family) joined the South Strand Rehab staff and the OD Shag Club to celebrate life! One of the South Strand patients is also in the Shag Club…he is 92 years young! One of the patients’ husband was Santa Claus as “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa” was read. Here’s some pictures from the event:

Response From Cardiac Rehab

Dance Team,

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming to make the night enjoyable for our patients. They will be talking about “The Dancers” for months. What a great thing to bring some fun and excitement into their lives. Thanks again.


ODSC Executive Board 2015




Wendy Schultz 843-424-2486


Vice President

Monica Powell 843-361-3218



Lou Garrenton 843-272-1817



Tina Tomberlin 704-221-2902


Board of Directors


Bill Bacon 910-214-6460

Brian Schmitt 843-399-4546

Cassy Shumway 843-399-7393

Paulette Broadway 843-249-3565

Peggy Christie 919-218-8480

Delivery of Gifts and Food to Schools

Delivery of Gifts and Food to Schools

by Karen Young

The gifts and food for the needy families were sorted and loaded on the trailer by the following volunteers: Wendy Schultz, Monica and Billy Powell, Tina Tomberlin, Rich and Karen Young, Peggy Christie, Bill Bacon and Susan and Kevin Harrell on Sunday morning. Monday morning Wendy Schultz, Tina Tomberlin, Peggy Christie, Bill Bacon and Rich and Karen Young delivered the items to Riverside Elementary and Ocean Drive Elementary. Thanks to all those that helped sort and deliver and to all the members who brought food to the party. Your generosity will make Christmas a lot brighter for these 4 families.

Gift & Food Delivery to Ocean Drive Elementary

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Welcome New Members Nov 2014

Welcome New Members

November 2014

John McKinley

Cecil and Susan Martin

Mark Bender

Carl and Bonnie Fuller

Kathie Jordan

Susie Kempf

Rich White

Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome to our New Members

December 2014

William Joerger

Logan White

Martha  White

Dennis  Lopez

Carolyn  Lopez

Robb  Streeter

Trish  Streeter

Sue Reese

Dominic Montini

Jimmy Fergus

Judy Browning Riggs

Ronald Riggs

Christine Gwynn

David Hoard

Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade

by Wendy Schultz

It was a beautiful day for a Parade, well that is until we got on Main St. The rain did hold out long enough for everyone to decorate, take pictures and share lots of love and laughs with friends prior to the parade starting. The golf carts where decorated with lights, garland and ornaments, everyone was dressed in all their Christmas attire. That Whoville group was a hoot and very entertaining with The Grinch and his dog Max!! The kids went wild!! A big thanks goes to Paul Harrison (ODSC Past President 2005) for helping me carry the Banner and get all the windshield flyers on the carts. Donnie and his worker bees did another great job making sure all the candy was given out.

We had 16 golf carts and 8 walkers, with a total of 66 people. Thanks to all that participated.
Thank you OD Shag Club, not bad for a rainy night!!

Lastly, I have enjoyed being Parade Chair since 2009 and we made some wonderful memories. Your new Parade Chair for 2015 will be Billy Powell. He and his wife, Monica (Vice President 2015) were involved with the Monroe Shag Club as Parade Chair for years and will do a fantastic job.

Thanks for a great ride!!
Wendy Schultz
ODSC Parade Chair

Presidents Letter for December 2014


Well, December has arrived and it heralds my last letter as OD Shag Club President for 2014. It has been both a challenging and a rewarding year. I want to thank all my board members and committee chairpersons for their support the past year.

Our first event this month is our visit to Myrtle Beach Manor to entertain the residents on Monday, December 8th from 6-8 PM. Members are welcome to join us and help us put smiles on the faces of the residents. This is an annual event and members who have participated have found it very rewarding.

Our OD Shag Club Christmas Party is Saturday, December 13th at 6 PM at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. The meal is being catered by T-Bonz. The Club is sponsoring 4 families with a total of 13 children this year for Christmas. We will be collecting non-perishable food items for these families at the party. Please make sure these items do not have expired dates. Let’s make sure they have a wonderful Christmas this year.

We will also be putting up for silent auction a framed limited edition print by Vic Gillespie. It is number 58 of 500. Minimum bid is $75 and bids will be in $5 increments. This would make a wonderful Christmas present for someone. Bring cash or your checkbook so you can bid on it.

Please give your 2015 President, Wendy Schultz, and her board your support next year. A club is only as good as the members who put forth an effort to make it so. Get involved and make new friends. You will not regret it!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you only joy!

Karen Young

ODSC President 2014