20140714 Kingston Nursing Home – Demo Team

The OD Shag Club Demo Team was asked to dance for the Residence at Kingston Nursing Home in Conway, SC. on July 14, 2014. Bonnie DeChamplain and Thom Avison, the Director of the Nursing Home greeted our Team. As we set up and were getting ready to dance, we were able to meet many of the residence. The director mentioned that the floor might be a little sticky to dance on and thus went out of his way to ensure that we had a smooth dance floor. We tried several different types of mediums: “Thick It” “Pancake Mix” and “Grits”. Grits were too slippery, thick it was not slippery enough, but the Pancake mix was just right. The Nursing Home has a nice big hall for entertainment. After our demonstration of approximately 40 minutes, we danced with several of the staff members and a few residences. We all had a great time and the residence stated that they thoroughly enjoyed us being there.

A special thanks to the members of the Dance Team who generously devoted their time for this event: John Barringer, Nancy Sook, Lenny Gardner, Diane Tindall, John Samuels, Jan Samuels, Lou Martino, Linda Campbell and to our new dance team members Bill and Michelle Rowland.

Also a heartfelt thank-you to Thom Avison, Director and Bonnie DeChamplain for their warm welcome and allowing the OD Shag Club to demonstrate and promote the Shag Dance at their facility.

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