20140816 OD Shag Club Nomination Party

If you stepped into Fat Harold’s on Saturday around 6:00 PM, you would have thought you were in Hollywood at the Oscar Nominations. The theme was Vintage Hollywood and the Decorating Committee did a dynamite job of transforming the club into Hollywood. Jimmy Buffkin was spinning wonderful tunes from the old Hollywood era!

The Food Committee changed the format for food…..now, I know that most of us don’t like change…..but, everyone seemed pleasantly surprised with this change. Tickets for food were given out at the door in 4 different colors. Then, the different tickets were drawn to determine which group went first. Each line moved through quickly. It gave you more time to socialize without standing in line. Everyone had plenty to eat and there was even food left over. Kudos to the Food Committee!

In case you missed it, the nominations for next year’s officers were announced. Listed below are the candidates for office:


Wendy Schultz

Vice President:

Linda Campbell
Monica Powell


Joyce Girling
Tina Tomberln


Lou Garrenton

Board Members (2 open):

Lenny Gardner

Jerry Harrell

Terry McCoy

Brian Schmitt

Cassy Shumway

I really cannot describe the entertainment for this party. It was absolutely fabulous! Hopefully, we can get them to perform this act again at one of our charity events or a party in the future. I was blown away!

We have 150 people in attendance for the party. Diane Tindall won $20 in the nametag drawing. John Barringer won $20 for the logo drawing and Brian Schmitt was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.

Thanks again to everyone who made this party really special! It was fabulous!

Monic Powell