201508 Nomination Party

Nomination Party


Monica Powell


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Our annual Nominations Party was held at Fat Harold’s on Saturday, August 22. We had a great crowd, great food and some fun entertainment! Many, many thanks to the Food Committee chaired by Donnie Schultz and Faye Chowning. Donnie and his team sweated over a pit cooking barbeque for everyone and it was fantastic!

On to the nominations, the following people were nominated for officers and board members for 2016:

Board Members:         Linda Campbell, Vic Gillespie, Jerry Harrell, and Laura Hardy

Treasurer:                  Beth Cornwell

Secretary:                  Tina Tomberlin

Vice-President:        Bill Bacon, Terry McCoy

President:                 Monica Powell

During the party, we played musical dancers. It was a lot like musical chairs except when the music stopped, you left your dance partner and grabbed a new one from the audience. I am not sure when I have ever seen so many people in the OD Shag Club dancing and having a great time! I know that I danced with several people that I have never had the opportunity to dance with before and it was a lot of fun! Thank you Kathy and Deborah for such a great idea for entertainment!

At the end of the party, we drew for nametag winners, logo winners and 50/50. Bill Bacon won $20 for logo wear. He was sporting a great-embroidered shirt, which he purchased through our OD Shag Club store! Pat Harris won $20 for wearing her nametag. Terry Jensen won the 50/50. Drinks were not on her for the rest of the night much to our sorrow! Way to go Bill, Pat and Terry!