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201603 Chili Cook Off

Annual OD Shag Club Chili Cook Off


Cassy Shumway

20160320 Chili CookOff 004

20160320 Chili CookOff 005

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What a fun time we had at the chili cook off party at Fat Harold’s last night. There were 138 members in attendance. It was a small gathering but a great one! Thanks to all of you who brought chili and desserts, I thought it was all good. The Food Committee did a wonderful job once again and the Hospitality Committee did a great job also.

The winners of the chili cook off were:

  • 1st place – Connie Livingston $75.00
  • 2nd place – Paula Webb $50.00
  • 3rd place – Faye Chowning    $25.00

Congratulations to the three of you for making such great chili!

Thanks to our judges. The judges were:

  • Harold Worley
  • Milford Powell
  • Elaine Harrington

I am sure they probably had some heart burn after trying all that chili.

Thanks to the Entertainment Committee. Kathy McCoy sponsored a dance contest where you collected beads whenever you asked someone to dance. The dance floor was full most of the night. The two people who collected the most beads and each won a $20 gift certificate to Fat Harold’s were Susan Harrell and Brian Mitchell.

Other winners included our 50/50 winner, Diane Bauer who walked away to go shopping with $201. Our Name tag winner was Tim Shumway and he collected $20 and our Logo winner was Sandra Sessoms who also collected $20.00.

It was a great night!

2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Beth Cornwell


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On Saturday, March 12, 2016, the club was well represented in the NMB St. Patrick’s Day Parade by 110 of its members. Twenty-six golf carts were beautifully decorated and carried 106 members donned out in their St. Patrick Day apparel. Thanks to Cathy and Bob Sanders for carrying our banner. I am happy to report that the OD Shag Club won Second Place in the Non-Profit division of the parade!! Way to go Wendy and Donnie Schultz for organizing our troop for the parade. Special thanks also to Susan Harrell for helping to sign in participants, Tina Tomberlin and Monica Powell for helping to pass out beads, and Pat Harris for taking photographs. I am always so proud to see how creative our members are with their golf cart decorations and costumes! You didn’t let me down this year!! A fun time was had by all!

Billy Powell also had a booth set up at the festival for the golf cart fundraiser that turned out to be a big success. Two hundred forty-three tickets were sold. Thanks go out to Rich Young, Sonny Tomberlin, Brian Schmitt, Debbie Schmitt, Lou Garrenton, Bill Anderson, Elaine Powers, Jerry Harrell, Bill Sawyer, and Jon Haris for helping to man the booth and be such great sales people. Thank you Billy! Another great day for the OD Shag Club!

2016 Oyster Roast

World Famous ODSC

Oyster Roast


Jerry Harrell

2016 Oyster Roast 114

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On Saturday, February 20, 2016, the club held its world famous Oyster Roast.  There were 272 members and guests who had knife or spoon in hand.  Chicken bog was provided for those who didn’t want oysters.  

Cathy and Connie sold a lot of new merchandise as well as the new oyster roast shirt, bringing in over $1300 in sales.  

Billy Powell and Rich Young sold $965 in 50/50 tickets. John Turner and Paul Luger won $483 from the 50/50. Bill Anderson, the DJ entertained the crowd.  

All had a great time, thanks to the committee which did such a great job.  The committee included Donnie Schultz and his team plus those who volunteered to help.

201603 MB Manor Easter Visit

Myrtle Beach Manor Easter Visit


Joe Ferlauto

20160321 Manor 296a

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Thank you, thank you, and thank you to the members of the OD Shag Club who came out and participated in this special evening. The participation by both the members of the club and the residents of the Manor was exceptional; smiles were in abundance all around. A special thank you to Debbie Schmitt for the Bunny Cakes, and Linda Campbell, a great Master of Ceremony.

The Junior Shaggers started off the evening with some impressive dances. They were than followed by Earl and Beverly Robinson, 2010 National Shag Champions in the Masters Division. Our own shag team did some good-looking steps to some great songs. Linda, Lou and Lenny did their three-person dance and the residents were very impressed, than of course Lenny told some jokes to the amusement of the crowd. Sheila and Bill Seymour, 2016 National Shag Competitors in the Pro Division, did some fancy stepping, followed by Annette Johnson and Dwight Langley who did a fantastic smooth shag or as they say in the shag world “A Smoothie”.

Elvis (Ken Thompson), a professional Elvis impersonator, truly entertained the audience to his authenticity as Elvis. His attire was top notch, his mannerism was perfect, and in a nutshell he was fantastic!

Our own Easter Bunny (Donnie Schultz) came hopping into the room to “Peter Cottontail”. He personally greeted each and every resident as the members of the club distributed chocolate Easter Bunny’s.

Last but not least, Mr. Smooth, Paul Craver entertained the residents with two beautiful songs. He personally greeted many of the lady residents and the smiles were abundant.

A sing-a-long was warranted and as we sang to “That’s Amore” the members of the club came out and danced and sang with the residents, it was something to behold. We then all sang “God Bless America” and wished the residents a happy and healthy summer.

Until December, this is Joe Ferlauto your Myrtle Beach Manor Chair saying thank you and may each and every one of you have a healthy and happy summer.