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20160423 SOS Spring Safari Parade

SOS Spring Safari Parade


Monica Powell

20160423 SOS Parade 152

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What a great way to end SOS! The OD Shag Club, yes, once again, won 1st Place for Best Shag Troop in the SOS parade. Our theme was Happy Trails paying tribute to Don David, a lifetime member of the OD Shag Club as he retired as Parade Chairman for the SOS Parade.

Brian & Debbie Schmitt led the troop carrying our fantastic “Happy Trail” banner! Behind them were a ton of cowboys and cowgirls whooping it up! That was followed by our fantastic float! Way to go Wendy Schultz for all the great float ideas and everything you did to make this another fantastic parade!

I know that I can’t remember everyone on the float, but Sonny Tomberlin was a fantastic barkeep while trying to keep all the saloon girls in line! Linda Campbell just kept selling that wonderful elixir on the float. Rumor has it that the elixir was pretty darn good and had a kick!

The creativity for the golf carts was mind-blowing! Congratulations to all the members with their fantastic golf carts! Naming just a few of our carts, there was a chuck wagon, a medicine wagon, a traveling chicken ranch, a gambling den of iniquity, Indians, a wagon with live chickens and of course, Blazing Saddles.

I had numerous people stop me and tell me how great the troop looked and how much they enjoyed the show! We had 91 members participate with 16 vehicles!

I must say that the SOS Parade is one of my favorite events. I don’t just enjoy the parade, but I truly enjoy getting together with fellow members and coming up with ideas and working together to make them happen.

Once again, thank you to everyone that participated in any aspect of the parade! You make the ODSC proud!

20160422 SOS Shoe Center


SOS Shoe Center Dance Team


Lou Martino

20160422 Demo #3 SC 31

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team danced at the Shoe Center during SOS Spring Safari April 20, 21 and 22 from 1pm thru 2pm. The days were beautiful with a temperature around 75 degrees. The weather was prefect to be dancing outside on the pavement.

Our main objective was to get the crowd up dancing and they were very cooperative.

We danced to the music of:

Gary Lowder on Wednesday April 20, 2016.

The Entertainers Thursday April 21, 2016

Rick and Lesa Friday April 22, 2016

I would like to thank Mike Parnell from the Shoe Center for inviting the Dance Team to dance during these events. Mike and his great staff always welcome us with open arms.

I would also like to thank the members of the dance team that danced at these events: Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, Barbara Hopper, Randy Overby, Laura Hardee, Wade Kirdahi, Joyce Girling and Board Member Vic Gillispie.

2016 Spring Safari Brunch

2016 Spring Safari Brunch


Tina Tomberlin

20160417 Spring Brunch 132

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Sunday April 17th the O.D. Shag Club held their annual SOS Spring Safari Brunch at the OD Arcade.
It’s always a fun time when over 320 of your closest friends get together to socialize and eat!! As usual Chris and his team at the Arcade did a wonderful job providing a great breakfast.

Big thanks go to our Hospitality Committee for quickly signing everyone in and handing out the tickets for the Logo Wear and Name Tag drawings as well as those all-important colored food tickets! Donnie and the Food Committee, along with the server volunteers, did a fantastic job keeping the food line moving right along. It takes a while to feed over 300 people and we appreciate everyone’s patience during the process.

Linda Morrison, Membership Chairperson, was set-up to take in new memberships as well as renewals. I understand we had 6 new members join Sunday morning. Welcome to the Club!!

The Ways and Means Committee was busy selling new OD Shag Club logo wear and 50/50 raffle tickets. A big shout out to John Barringer and Nancy Sook for selling over $700 in tickets. Congratulations to the winners of the Logo, Name Tag and 50/50 drawings!!

What would the Brunch be without Murl Augustine spinning the tunes from the DJ Booth? We appreciate his dedication to our Club. Unfortunately we ran out of time for the line dance class but maybe we can talk Kathy McCoy into doing it at the next party??

Thanks to everyone who participated in making the event a success and we look forward to doing it all over again in the Fall.