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Camp Kemo Fundraiser 2016

Camp Kemo Fundraiser

Camp Kemo 2

Camp Kemo during Fat Harold’s Fundraiser. Camp Kemo is a camp for children with cancer and their families. For these kids it may be a brief moment of joy in a life that has its share of pain and fear, and the week-long camp can provide them with a normal childhood experience.

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President Palmetto Health Foundation

 2016 Camp Kemo

20160618 Fish Fry

Fish Fry at the Pirate’s Cove


Monic Powell

20160618 Fish Fry 51

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It was a great time at the Pirate’s Cove on Saturday, June 18th. The ODSC was in attendance and the floor was full and the food was great! Many thanks to all the people who worked to make this a wonderful event for everyone. It started with our hospitality team of Cindy Day, Cassy Shumway, Tim Shumway and a new member, Cyndi Crossland (by the way, she is Tim Shumway’s sister). Isn’t it interesting that when a new member joins and their relative is on a committee, they are put to work on that committee!

Our food committee, Donnie and Wendy Shultz, and their team of volunteers which included Bob Miller, Linda Miller and Terry McCoy were dishing out some fine victuals. The fish was really great, but my favorite was the hush puppies. It was a little warm at Pirate’s Cove, so I ate my dessert first, so my ice cream would not melt.

Kathy McCoy, our entertainment chairman, got everyone out on the floor and we started dancing and then went and asked someone else to dance. The next thing you know, the floor was full and everyone was having a great time. Many thanks to Tootie Brown for all the great music.

Our Ways and Means Chairpersons, Cathy Jamiolkowski and Connie Livingston and their volunteers of Rich Jamiolkowski and Jim Livingston (see what I mean about relatives working on committee functions) were selling 50/50 tickets. The total pot was $273.00. Great job, everyone!

Barbara Hooper won $20 for wearing logo apparel. Joyce Girling won $20 for having her nametag. I want to thank Tootie Brown for drawing the winning ticket for the 50/50. He drew my number…..and I won $137.00. Thank you again, Tootie.

I hope if you attended, you had a good time. If you did not attend, you missed a good time!

See you at the Jr. SOS Brunch!

20160617 New Member Social

New Member Social


Monic Powell


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On Friday, June 17th, the ODSC Board, Past President’s and Committee Chairpersons had the first annual New Member Social. The purpose of the social was to introduce new members to a smaller crowd and talk about what happens on each committee and hope they will get involved with the club. Sometimes as a new member, it is easy to get lost at a regular party.

As everyone entered the backroom of Fat Harold’s, they were asked to draw a name out of the box. For the most part, new members drew from one box and seasoned members drew names out of a different box. When the signal was given, everyone had to look for their couple match. For example, if you had the name of Little Red Riding Hood, you were looking for the person with the name of the Big Bad Wolf. At that time, you needed to find out something about your partner so if your name was drawn, you could introduce them. Based on all the laughter, it seems that everyone got into the spirit of the game! Several of the new members won prizes which consisted of ODSC logo items.

Lou Martino was taking photos of everyone for the yearbook. (Please go out and look at the Yearbook on our website. If you have a picture that you would like to use, please send it to Lou.)

Based on the feedback, our new members enjoyed the social and I saw quite a few of them at the party on Saturday.

Many thanks to Wendy Shultz for supplying the snacks. Tina Tomberlin and Billy Powell for manning the Hospitality Table and Lou Martino for helping me with the sound system and being the photographer.