20160423 SOS Spring Safari Parade

SOS Spring Safari Parade


Monica Powell

20160423 SOS Parade 152

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What a great way to end SOS! The OD Shag Club, yes, once again, won 1st Place for Best Shag Troop in the SOS parade. Our theme was Happy Trails paying tribute to Don David, a lifetime member of the OD Shag Club as he retired as Parade Chairman for the SOS Parade.

Brian & Debbie Schmitt led the troop carrying our fantastic “Happy Trail” banner! Behind them were a ton of cowboys and cowgirls whooping it up! That was followed by our fantastic float! Way to go Wendy Schultz for all the great float ideas and everything you did to make this another fantastic parade!

I know that I can’t remember everyone on the float, but Sonny Tomberlin was a fantastic barkeep while trying to keep all the saloon girls in line! Linda Campbell just kept selling that wonderful elixir on the float. Rumor has it that the elixir was pretty darn good and had a kick!

The creativity for the golf carts was mind-blowing! Congratulations to all the members with their fantastic golf carts! Naming just a few of our carts, there was a chuck wagon, a medicine wagon, a traveling chicken ranch, a gambling den of iniquity, Indians, a wagon with live chickens and of course, Blazing Saddles.

I had numerous people stop me and tell me how great the troop looked and how much they enjoyed the show! We had 91 members participate with 16 vehicles!

I must say that the SOS Parade is one of my favorite events. I don’t just enjoy the parade, but I truly enjoy getting together with fellow members and coming up with ideas and working together to make them happen.

Once again, thank you to everyone that participated in any aspect of the parade! You make the ODSC proud!