20160723 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Tina Tomberlin


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This is one of the most fun events the Shag Club puts on! Boy it’s hot out here! Oh no; I’m gonna have to buy a mulligan to get rid of this 12! I’m about to roast! I can’t believe we haven’t participated in this event before! It’s so hot out here! Oh no; I needed a low card! Can you believe how hot it is?! These were just a few of the comments I heard during the 2016 OD Shag Club Charity Fun Run. Of course the weather was a constant topic of discussion but despite the heat and humidity everyone, all 160 of us seemed to be having a good time.

As always, we started at the world famous OD Arcade. We then made our way down to Castaways, over to 710, up to Decker’s and finished up at Fat Harold’s. We certainly kept Hillside Drive busy! Big thanks to all 5 venues for bringing in extra wait staff and providing raffle prizes.

Speaking of prizes, there were many, many chances to win a raffle prize. Not only did the 5 clubs provide items to raffle but many others as well. Big thanks to NBSC, Tomlinson’s, Graham’s Golf Cars, Chris’s Pizza, Coke, First Citizens Bank and Dolly McDermott for all the donations.

Of course winning a raffle prize was fun but everyone was hoping they would have the winning hand with the highest score, the second highest score or even the lowest score. Tommy Black was the highest score winner with a score of 62 out of a possible 70. The second highest hand was a three-way tie between Debbie Nichols, Dana Hunter and Sandra Appleby. These ladies decided they would split the winnings evenly rather than drawing to see who came up with the highest card. The lowest point winner was JB Nelson. The 50/50 drawing was won by Archie Amerson and Ronnie Rogers. Net proceeds of $1750 will go to the Jr. Shaggers Dance Team.

An event of this magnitude could not happen without great leadership and in their first year as co-chairs Donnie and Wendy Schultz did a FANTASTIC job! They had some really big shoes to fill as Jim and Wanda Queen, Paul and Vicki Harrison and Susan and Kevin Harrell decided to step down after many, actually every year, of putting this event together. I happen to overhear them congratulating Wendy and Donnie on a job well done and I couldn’t agree more. Everything ran like a finely oiled machine! Of course being the humble people they are they said it couldn’t have been done without the support of the volunteers and club members who helped throughout the day. They would like to give a big shout out to Dolly McDermott, Beth and Joe Cornwell, Joyce Girling, Linda Miller, Cassy Shumway, Cindy Day, Dicky Garrenton, Sandy Cummings, Billy and Monica Powell, Carol and Ken Meyer, Terry McCoy, Rich and Karen Young, Dianne Locklear, Teena Hunter, Molly Putnam and Sonny and Tina Tomberlin. Job well done everyone and I can’t wait until next year!!