20180301 Presidents Letter

Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  You know….Spring!   It is just around the corner! And you know what else is? YES! Oh YES!  It’s SOS!  To be exact it’s only 47 more days!  Whoopee! Are you getting prepared to be a part of the GREATEST parade ever on April 28th?  If you haven’t and want to participate, contact Billy Powell at bpowell948@gmail.com and he will take care of putting you in the PEREFECT place, as we have a SPOT for you.  It is a lot of FUN and a great way to get involved in the club.

Wow! 2018 is taking off like a steam engine and the OD Shag Club is moving with it.  Thanks to Donnie and Wendy Shultz for an OUTSTANDING Oyster Roast at the OD Arcade.  I believe (including myself), everyone ate oysters and chicken bog until they were WAY beyond full.  Bill Anderson kept the tunes spinning and a great time was had.  Looking forward to our Chili-Cook off on March 24th (notice date change due to St. Patty’s Festival on the 17th).  This will be at Ducks at 6:00pm.  So get out your favorite Chili recipe and come join the fun.  There will be entertainment and our favorite singing DJ Paul Craver will be playing your favorite tunes for the night. 

Don’t forget the Board Meeting on Tuesday, March 6th at the backroom of Fat Harold’s at 6:00pm and S.A.S.S class with Terry and Kathy McCoy will be at 6:00pm on the 13th also at the backroom of Fat Harold’s backroom. Beginner II classes are in full swing with Tina and Sonny Tomberlin also at 6:00pm on Thursday nights at the backroom of Fat Harold’s.

Please check out our Committees and see WHERE you can volunteer at least ONE TIME this year.  As a member of the club this is a great way to meet new members and give back to the club.  You know you are going to be at the events, just give of your time at least one time during the year to help out at the event, during SOS at the Ways and Means, Golf Cart Fundraiser tents, Golf Tournament or another Committee.

We are now selling Golf Cart Fundraiser tickets and I want to challenge each member in the club to buy at least ONE ticket this year.  They are only $5.00 and all the proceeds go back to YOUR club to help operate it during the year.  So please go by the tent during SOS and pick up a ticket and support the club. Or you can see one of the Board Members to get your ticket.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to everyone as it is just around the corner and remember to wear GREEN as you know, you don’t want to get pinched!


Keep on dancing’!