20180502 Presidents Letter

Do you see it?  Do you feel it?  Yep! There it is!!! The sun! It is finally here! Wow…have we had some beautiful days. Well SOS has come and gone and what a GREAT SOS it was! So many thanks need to go out to many members of the OD Shag Club, I hope that I do not forget to name you and if I do, I apologize.   Many thanks go out to Sharon Simpson and Pats Cohee-Hayes Ways and Means and also Jim and Monica Palmieri and their many volunteers who did a FANTASTIC job selling OD Shag club merchandise and Golf Cart Fundraiser tickets. WOW lots sold.

Great job! What can I say about ALL those who turned a float into a “Jolly Shagger” and all    the characters who came alive at our “Once Upon A Time In SOS” Parade? Billy Powell, Monica Powell, Tina Tomberlin, Sonny Tomberlin (AKA Tick Tock), John Harris, Pat Harris (Tinkerbelle), and so many more (and not enough room) who worked so hard to do costumes, decorate golf carts, or danced their way to help OD Shag Club take FIRST PLACE in the “MOST ORIGINAL” category. This was our first time entering this category and we WON! As a matter of fact, we have won FIRST PLACE for MORE THAN 16 Years! AWESOME JOB EVERBODY!!!!

Also at the Sunday SOS Brunch a change to the by-laws for the webmasters duties was accepted by unanimous vote and that anyone wanting a copy to the current by-laws can get a copy off the website.

Look forward to seeing ya’ll at the S.A.S.S class on May 8 and of course competition begins for the corn hole tourney at 4:00pm on May 19th at Saville’s on 2nd Ave N, cookout begins at 6:00pm. Come hungry for the best hot dogs and hamburgers Donnie and Wendy Schultz and their crew can cook up! Whew! There is ALWAYS something going on for you to be a part of with the OD Shag Club! We can’t wait to see you at our events. Check out the pictures of what went on and by the way…. we still need your help for upcoming events…be sure to check your emails! Until next time…. see you on the dance floor!!!