20180701 Presidents Letter

Happy 4th   of July to everyone.   Wow…what hot temperatures we have had and the beach is getting really busy with tourists and relaxing time here in ourPARADISE.

Lots going on for the OD Shag Club in the month of July. Starting with an event that we always look forward to and that is the Jr SOS brunch on July 22 at Fat Harold’s. Of course, this is the closing of an amazing week for the Jr’s, as Gene Pope and all his dedicated workers strive to keep the shag going through these wonderfulkids.

I am asking that ALL the membership help us out by bringing a casserole or fruit to help feed these Jr’s and their chaperones and help  to make this a great success as we have had in the past. Please email Wendy Shultz at wschultz0d2002@gmail.com  and  let her know what you are willing to bring for the brunch.

Another event happening in July will be our Charity Fun Run on July 28 beginning at OD Arcade at 1:00pm. Please tell all your friends and family to join us for a great day filled with lots of stops at some great places, lots of prizes and of course the great payout as we endatFatHarold’sforsnacksandsomecash.

Our Charity for the day will be the Junior Dance Team so let’s all come and support this great group of kids.

We are looking for officers and board members for the 2019 year. Board Member, John Setzer is the Chair of the Nominations Committee, along with Board Members Nancy Sook and Cindy Day. Rounding out the committee is Sandy Cummings and Bill Millman. If you are interested in running for one of the positions available, please contact John Setzer at jrsetzer@gmail.com.This is a great way to get involved in the club, meet   lots of members and play a vital role in keeping the shag clubsuccess.

My my, lots going on and now is a great time to get involved and get know the membership and have some great fun too. Enjoy your summer, stay safe and of course we hope to see you on the dancefloor!