20180801 Presidents Letter

Wow! The month of July has been a busy one for the OD Shag Club. We had over 179 Juniors and their guests to attend our Annual Jr SOS Brunch on July 22nd and we were honored, along with the OD Shag Club Foundation to present them with a donation of $1500 to help them to continue the preservation and perpetuation of the dance that we all love.

If you missed our Annual Charity Fun Run on July 28th, then you missed an “awesomely good time”! The weather had been threatening ALL week with rain, however, it turned out to be a PERFECT day for all the stops that we had planned for the “players” and “riders”. Some 162 people attended and 142 players participated in the run, which helped us be able to help support, our Junior Shaggers Dance Team (a 501c3 organization) as our charity for the day. See the OD Shag Club Website for the article on both and the wonderful pictures that Lou Martino, our club photographer captured.

It is that time of year for nominations of our Officers of the    2019 year. Please consider running as an Officer. We have the following positions open for next year:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 3 Board Positions. This is a WONDERFUL way to get to know YOUR club and YOUR club members. WE need YOU to be INVOLVED and YOUR VOICE. Please contact John Setzer, our Nominating Chairperson at jrsetzer@gmail.comif you are interested in running OR hearing more about any of the positions.

Don’t forget our Nominations Party to be held at Fat Harold’s on August 15th and be on the lookout for ALL the activities on  our website for August as well. SOS Fall Migration is just around the corner and we will need your help in selling Ways and Means Merchandise (a lot of great new stuff to sell) and we are almost at our goal for the Golf Cart Fundraiser Tickets to be sold, and of course our ANNUAL GOLF TOURNEY, so we NEED ALL YOUR HELP!

As OUR YEAR winds down, check where YOU can play a VITAL role in being an active member and VOLUNTEER at least ONCE during this time. You will be surprised how much FUN you will have!

Please let me know how I can help you and of course I will see YOU on the dance floor!