Monthly Archives: January 2020

20200101 Presidents Letter

Another new year….2020!  I am looking forward to another successful year at the ODSC.  Thanks to everyone who worked and/or participated in our events last year.  A big thank you to all those who volunteered to be Committee Chairs for 2020.  All committees have been filled except for one very important one.  We are still in need of a Parade Committee Chair.  We usually participate in 3 parades per year with the biggest being the SOS parade in April.  This parade is a lot of fun and our participation brings a lot of recognition to our club.  We have also won First Place in the category we have entered for at least the last 15 years, maybe longer.  If you would like to take on this committee or know of someone that does, please contact me as soon as possible.

Our January party will be the Mid-Winter Brunch at the OD Arcade. I hope to see all of you there.  Don’t forget Clean Sweep will be the following Saturday on the 25th.  This is a lot of fun and great community service.

In closing, I would like every member to ask themselves what they can do to help support the ODSC.  Only with active participation of its members can the club achieve its potential.



Phil Inman 1/1
Gene Varn 1/2
Rebecca Weber 1/2
Susie Helfinstine 1/4
John Setzer 1/5
Mike Sorick 1/5
Reta Ferguson 1/7
Ruth Anne Fisher-Wood 1/7
Kathleen Moore 1/7
Blanca Kopels 1/8
Sharon Tatum 1/9
Linda Wilson 1/9
Mac McLeod 1/10
Ted Sobol 1/10
Sylvia Breeden 1/11
Eddie Link 1/11
Betty Ann Sharpe 1/11
Linda Miller 1/12
Cooter Douglas 1/13
Clarke Brooks 1/14
Jim Robinson 1/14
Tom Matlock 1/16
Maryann Sevensky 1/16
Marti Hardee 1/17
Lou Garrenton 1/18
Carol Worrell 1/18
Cindy Collins 1/19
Phil Joyce 1/19
Randy Sherrill 1/20
Aubrey Townsend 1/20
Karen Whittington 1/20
Mike Bryant 1/21
Judy Thomas 1/24
Richard Matsuda 1/25
Cathy Milchenski 1/25
Noell Tillett 1/26
Susan Salley 1/27
Nancy Tisdale 1/28
Terrill Jensen 1/30