20200101 Beth Cromwell – Secretary


Beth Cromwell

‭(704) 236-5439‬


I have been a member of OD Shag Club since 2012. Since then my husband and I have participated in almost every parade event since then.  We have loved being in the Christmas parades, St Patrick’s Day parades and the SOS parades.  We have also helped with the preparation of food for many of the club events and helped with several of the Clean sweep events.  During 2019 I have served as chair person of the Hospitality Committee and I’m sure you have seen me as you checked into club events.  In 2015 I served as Treasurer for the Shag Club and chaired the Ways and Means committee in 2014.  If elected, I look forward to again working with the Board of the OD Shag Club and its members to make it the best Shag club possible.