2022 Nomination Party

2023 Nomination Party


Karen Young

The OD Shag Club Nominations Party was held Saturday, August 20, 2022 at Fat Harold’s Beach Club.  The first item on the agenda was a discussion on the proposed change to the bylaws which would allow the position of Treasurer to run for 4 consecutive terms instead of 2.  After some discussion from some club members, who asked for the Treasurer to provide copies of the Bank Statement and the Credit Card Statement to the Board every month which was agreed upon, a show of hands vote was taken, and the change approved.   There were 115 members present.  The vote was 95 yes and 20 no.  Linda Campbell presented the following list of nominees:

President:  Wayne Baldwin

Vice-President:  Charles Pangburn

Secretary:  Faye Nobles

                     Monica Powell

Treasurer:   Rick Kosko

Board of Directors (3 openings):

        Al Cosgrove

        Barry Dyer

        Lou Garrenton

        Terry Holmes

        Larry Jones

        Connie Livingston

        Ron Pugh

        Randy Sherrill

There were no nominations from the floor.

A delicious barbeque meal prepared by Terry McCoy and his crew was served up by Paulette Miller and her crew of volunteers.  

Donna reminded everyone that the beach party was to be held Tuesday, August 23rd near the Horseshoe.