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20220618 Meet and Greet

New Member Meet and Greet


Donna Williams

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What a great night. We combined our June party with our new member event in order to have more “seasoned” members to be able to be a part of greeting our new members. We are growing this year by leaps and bounds and it is not easy to recognize all of our new members. We all want and need to welcome them to our great club. We were better able to do that because last year’s Entertainment chair Lori Setzer came up with a great idea. That was to “red tag” the new members name tags with a red attachment indicating they are a “New Member”. Thanks Lori. Boy does that help us all. The night was a near perfect setting. Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles, great food, great turnout of 138 members and 5 guest, super music and of course we were in our home away from home Fat Harold’s. This year’s Entertainment chair, Connie Pangburn is doing a super job as well. Not only did we get to see all these beautiful people, but Connie also had a collection of prizes that only our new members were eligible for. Surprised happy faces all over the place. Donna introduced the board members, welcomed our new members to the floor and put names with faces for our September golf tournament group. It was truly a great welcome for our new members who attended and a happy event for our “seasoned” members to see all the new faces. Hopefully this will become a tradition. Check out the pictures for all the beautiful smiles.


Photos by Lou Martino

20220521 Cook Out

Cook Out


Jim Robinson


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Saville’s successfully hosted our annual cookout and corn hole contest with good weather and a good turnout of around 160, including 3 guest and 2 new members.

Glen Strange one the corn hole tournament for the men and Shirley Dyson for the ladies, thanks to Connie Pangburn’s efficient management of the operation. And Charlie helped!

Terry and Kathy McCoy, along with their minions, Ken Dawson and Joe Harrill, cooked up 200 hotdogs and 200 hamburgers, while Paulette Miller and her team helped serve up the fixings, along with a pool table full of side dishes and another pool table full of desserts donated by members.

50/50 tickets sold by the effervescent Al Cosgrove, raised funds for the club and enough to award $135 to the winner, Doris Goldman.

Only 106 Golf Cart raffle tickets of the original 3,800 remain after Jim Robinson sold47 at the event.

We concluded our fun evening with a $25 prize given to our red ticket member who wears their name tag and our blue ticket member who wears our logo apparel. The name of our red ticket winner is unknown.  Jim Robinson was our lucky blue ticket logo winner.  

Photos by Kay Hughes

20220501 Presidents Letter

It is June and Summer is here. We had February weather in April and July weather in May. Now we will see what June brings. Our roads are full, our restaurants are full, our beaches are full and our dance floors are full and certainly all our empty land is filling up. New houses everywhere. 

Our month was a bit less stressful for all of us compared to April that was an extremely busy month. We have received so many wonderful compliments on our parade participation. Yea Rah to our Parade Committee, workers and players once again. Yea Rah to our Golf Cart Ticket sales. Yea Rah to our Ways and Means. We are so proud and grateful for each of you. 

We had our cook out and annual corn hole tournament at our regular monthly party on the 21st. Another huge Thank you goes out to Terry and Kathy and team(this time Ken Dawkins and Joe Harrill) who made cooking 200 hot dogs and 200 hamburgers look so easy. Thank-you Paulette – you served us well. We are also very fortunate to have great cooks in our mist. Thanks to all who contributed. We donated what was left over. 

Our web master Lou and his dance partner Susan won their first CSA contest. The OD Shag Club is very proud. 

We do have golf cart tickets left so please if you see a member and can purchase a $5.00 ticket, please let us know. Jim’s email is on this website as a board member.

We are getting some notices that some people are not getting their emails. We check their addresses out and they are correct. Our gal Susan checks her list and they are going out. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING AN EMAIL.

Our June party is also our New Member Meet and Greet. If you are a new member, please come with your name tag on. If you do not have one, please get one at registration. Connie has a surprise for some lucky new person. 

Please show your support to the club with our 50/50, Ways and Means, Golf cart tickets, the golf tournament and later in the year our Christmas families. We so appreciate what you do as members of this great club while having such a wonderful time. It’s called Shag Life and the people are awesome and it is awesome. If you are not a part, you are missing a life changing chance. 

Remember to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect, have fun and dance like no one is watching. It is with your feet you move but it is with your heart that you dance.

Loving Shag Life