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20220730 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Monica Powell

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We had a great fun run and the weather cooperated!  This event could not be done without a lot of volunteers.  Many thanks to Lori Setzer, Tim Webb, Sandy Cummings, Paulette Miller, Karen Young, John Barringer, Nancy Sook, Linda Campbell, Rick Kosko, Jim & Sharon Robinson, Terry & Kathy McCoy, Burnie & Donna Williams, Donna Short, Faye Nobles, Wayne & Anita Baldwin, Bill & Joan Bacon, Charlie & Connie Pangburn, Paula Webb, and Lou Garrenton.  We could not have pulled this off without their help!  Thank you …..thank you.

Besides all our winners, our charity is also a winner.  We will be donating $2,500 to the Johnny L. Causey Scholarship Fund for First Responders and their children in NMB.  

Thank YOU for attending and being generous!  I hope you had fun.

P.S.  The 50/50 winner took home $823.

All my thanks go our to my volunteers and to you for attending this event!

Photos by Lou Martino

20220717 SOS BRUNCH

Junior SOS Brunch


Donna Williams

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Another great morning at the OD Shag Club Brunch welcoming 125 Junior SOS participants and their families along with the Junior SOS Board and helpers. A terrific way to start another beautiful day at the beach. So many happy faces, smiles, and thank you’s from a really great group of people. We had delicious food served with loving hands from our awesome food team and new members. A special thank you to Terry & Kathy who brought grandchildren to SOS and still had time to make sure we had enough food to feed everyone. Paulette, again and again, great service.

A huge thank you to Garrett Humphries and his ever-giving Board and staff. Without them, the future of our dance would not be where it is today. It is so much fun to watch these young people in various stages of dance knowledge. From the smallest to the tallest, they get out on the dance floor and dance like no one is watching. WAY TO GO KIDS!!!!!!  A lot of the girls wore their (new to them) dance shoes collected from Betty Ladwig’s shoe crew. Thanks, ladies, and gents for making that possible.

If you have not done so, please next year volunteer to help with Junior SOS at some point during the week. The volunteers that help their board give so graciously to make a difference in a child/kids life. You actually see their starting place and their ending place and it is a very rewarding experience.

Last but not least, thanks to all who helped clean up. We so appreciate your dedication and desire to make a difference.


Photos by Lou Martino

20220601 Presidents Letter

We are now past ½ of the year. The old saying is “Time flies when you are having fun.” I do believe that is true. Living at the beach and finding wonderful friends in this great lifestyle is beyond fun. I never thought when we bought a 2nd home here in 2004 and a full-time home in 2010 that I would ever be looking back and thinking how in the world did this happen to me. You read all kinds of ads about living the dream and most of us think that is just someone trying to draw us in to what ever they are selling. I feel like we really ARE living the dream. I’m going to tell you what you are missing if you are not a part of this great club. The main reason we moved here was to be able to dance whenever we wanted to. The 2nd reason was that the people we met at the club(s) but mainly Fat Harolds were so nice to us and made us just want to come back and come back to be around these beautiful caring people and dance to phenomenal music. Burnie got very sick and had months and months of treatment in Charleston only to be dropped from the program because his body was not responding. The entire year+ we received calls, can I get your groceries, can I drive him to Charleston, what can I do, even can I clean your house. It was all these beautiful people who are a large part of this great club. We knew very few people well outside of this shag life group here. They became our local family and still to this day they are. This wonderful group of human beings have talents and career experiences that make them such an asset to the world but especially to our little corner of the world. They gave this club 6 weeks of their life for the SOS parade and the excitement seeing it come to fruition was so much stronger than the weariness of work, work, and more work. All this time, we were selling golf cart tickets. We have 90 some left. Please buy a few. Now we are knee deep in the September golf tournament. What a great day it is. Fun at the beginning, fun at the end and all in between. Please volunteer to work it. You will not regret doing so. Last but never the least, serving on our Board. August is the big month for nominations. Though we don’t always agree we are a unified Board. You must have a unified board to get the respect of your members. Without respect there is no leadership. With 650+ members we have people from all over on our board and in our club but for the most part most of us want the same thing. WE WANT THIS CLUB TO BE THE BEST IT CAN BE. That can only happen when people share ideas, talents, time and effort. Come forth and share your talents, your dreams and your skills and help us get to our goal. We need you and you need this shag life. It is a wonderful thing and gets better all the time. Please let us teach you that your dreams can really come true. Tues, August 23 we are going to have a beach party if weather permits. If not, it will be September 9. Details to follow but you will be able to take off your shoes and dance in the sand and experience what an awesome thing YOUR shag club can do for you.

Remember to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect, have fun and dance like no one is watching. It is with your feet that you move but it is with your heart that you dance.

Loving Shag Life