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20221015 Halloween Party

Nomination Halloween Party


Rick Kosko

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The Club’s October Party was held on the 15th with opening remarks from President Donna Williams.  Donna, along with Ron Pugh from the Nominations Committee introduced the slate of candidates.  The invocation was given by Randy Sherrill.

The meal for this party was a fish fry with French fries, hush puppies, coleslaw and assorted desserts. Thanks to Terry McCoy and his team for preparing our meal and to Paulette Miller and her volunteers for serving.  We fed approximately 130 attendees and Fat Harold’s staff.

The Club’s “Monsters” provided the entertainment by dancing for us to the song The Monster Mash.  Very unique costumes and dance routine.

Connie Pangburn, from the Entertainment Committee, hosted a Costume Contest for the members.  There was plenty of participation with a wide variety of costumes. The winners were:

1st place – Kay Hughes, Scariest

2nd Place – Lori Setzer as “Beaker” from the Muppets

3rd Place – Janet Gold as “Dirty Laundry”


The results of the Election for 2023 Officers and Board of Directors are:

President – Wayne Baldwin

Vice President – Charlie Pangburn

Secretary – Monica Powell

Treasurer – Rick Kosko

Director – Al Cosgrove

Director – Lou Garrenton

Director – Connie Livingston


Congratulations to the newly elected Board and Officers.  Serving with them for 2023 are Director Jim Robinson and Director Karen Young.

20221001 President’s Letter

Ken Myers

Here we are again. Another month gone by. Boy, what a month we have had. It was one of those hang on to your hat months- A Clean Sweep, our Dance classes started, our 2nd Beach party, our golf tournament, SOS for 10 days including Fun Sunday and Fun Monday, our Brunch, and our golf cart drawing. Did someone say we are retired?

Thanks to Joan and Bill for setting up our Clean sweep. John and Nancy are doing a great job with our dance classes. Attendance has been smaller, but our newbies are bringing a cheering section with them, and it has been fun for all. Our 2nd beach party was another huge success. How many years has it been since you saw 100 people doing the hokey pokey and on the beach no less. It was a hoot. We had so much fun. The golf tournament had the most players ever. We had 120 golfers, and the raffle was phenomenal. Thank you, Kay, for all your hard work on making the baskets and making them pretty to boot. Thanks also goes to all our hard working volunteers for a job well done. You will see below our spotlight this month is the guy who put it together and what a job he did. What can you say about SOS? It has returned!!!!!  Yea Rah. Fun Sunday and Fun Monday were filled with great people and great music. Our Brunch was terrific. Thank you, Terry, Kathy, Paulette, and crew. A special thanks to OD Arcade for another great breakfast. Last but not least was our golf cart drawing. We sure made our winner happy. The golf cart is now in Va and he and his daughters we happy to come get it. Thank you to Jim and Sharon for their hard work on that. I hope that everyone sees that “It takes a Village” as they say. Everything we do is dependent on our wonderful giving volunteers who work over an over again to make things happen. We are so blessed to have people who care about other people and are willing to work for a Thank You. I want so badly to be able to personally thank all the behind the scenes, in front of the scenes and all who continually give and give and do not ask for anything in return. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. WITHOUT YOU WE WOULD BE NOTHING BUT A NAME. WITH YOU WE ARE EVERYTHING ANYONE COULD ASK FOR. I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT. NO ONE COULD ASK FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!”

Our spotlight this month is Ken Meyer. He is a quiet member of our club and just came to the rescue of the golf tournament. When we started, we had a handful of inexperienced people trying to pull things together. He rescued me way back at the beginning of the year and went with me to Eastport. This totally inexperienced person that I was had no clue. Ken said “Donna, I will go with you.” He did and I watched him and listened to him and he was magic. The Pro and Ken worked out details and off we went. As the months rolled on Ken had 2 knee replacements and timed them to work out with the golf tournament schedule. He did the paper work to get the golfers, (and there were 120, the largest number of players we have ever had). He kept us all informed and the magic show went on until the end of the day. Thank you Ken Meyer(and wife Carol) for what you did to make this awesome day a success. It is not just about what you did(you saved the day) but who you are that makes you a beautiful, special human being. We are so lucky to have you.

Stay tuned for next month’s Spotlight for the month. Until then, remember to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect, have fun and dance like no one is watching. It is with your feet that you move but it is with your heart that you dance.

 Loving shag life

Donna Williams