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20221107 Presidents Letter

Ken Dawkins

Well, it’s that time again. Everywhere you go you see Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and ads. How can that be? Today it is near 80 degrees here in NMB and it is November. The streets are still too busy, the grocery store shelves are still partially empty, and Fat Harold’s still feels like SOS every Wednesday and Friday night. As we would have said 60 years ago “Bummer.” It appears this is more the norm than the unusual in what used to be our little town of NMB. 

        October brought us our elections and our Halloween Party with our Monster Mash crew. It was a hit!! Our mad scientist, Dracula in his RIP casket, and Frankenstein, all made an appearance. We had monsters, vampires, ghouls, zombies, and coffin bangers. Everyone contributed to the graveyard smash, and it was an absolute hoot. We had so much fun. 

       The elections went off smoothly. Your new 2023 Board will be President Wayne Baldwin, VP Charlie Pangburn, Secretary Monica Powell and Treasurer Rick Kosko. The 3 new Board members are Al Cosgrove, Lou Garrenton and Connie Livingston. Congrats to all. 

Our spotlight this month is Ken Dawkins. Ken or Kenny as he is called is one of the people this club is so fortunate to have. When we came together as a parade committee and picked a theme that meant making a Sphinx from scratch and building a float, Ken Dawkins was right there on top of it with his tool belt, his hammer, and his wonderful ideas of how to get the job done. When we put the monster mash dance theme together, Ken again stepped up and built us a casket for Dracula. He is a man of many talents. His greatest claim to fame is his kindness. He is an asset to us not only for his skills but also for his wonderful attitude and constant smile. When you see him, please say Thank You for sharing his exceptional talents. Get ready Kenny, 2023 is not far away. Have we got a job for you!!

Stay tuned for next month’s spotlight of the month. It will be my last. Until then, remember to be kind to one another and treat each other with respect, have fun and dance like no one is watching. It is with your feet you move but it is with your heart that you dance.

Loving Shag Life

20220913 Beach Party #2

2nd Beach Party

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Due to popular demand, the 2nd Beach Party of 2022 was held September 13th. What a beautiful evening it was. With again 100+ in attendance, we felt the sand on our feet, the wind blowing through our hair and excitement in the air. We saw a lot of the same faces but also a bunch of new ones. JJ Kinlaw played our tunes and did a terrific job. He and I had planned a surprise and it turned out better than I thought it would. With the signal, Jay got on the speaker and asked everyone to get up in a circle and we were going to do a dance everyone knew. This great group did just that and then all of a sudden, a familiar tune came on and we all laughed and began to do the old dance from the past that we all loved The Hokey Pokey. If you have never seen 100+ barefoot people put in and take out body parts on the beach you should have been there. It was a real treat. Everyone was laughing and dancing and my heart puffed right up. How many times in your life can you get so much pleasure for free? Well, guys and girls stayed tuned for 2023 because if I have anything to do with it, we will be doing more of these beach parties. Looking forward to seeing you there. Bring your dancing feet.