20220618 Meet and Greet

New Member Meet and Greet


Donna Williams

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What a great night. We combined our June party with our new member event in order to have more “seasoned” members to be able to be a part of greeting our new members. We are growing this year by leaps and bounds and it is not easy to recognize all of our new members. We all want and need to welcome them to our great club. We were better able to do that because last year’s Entertainment chair Lori Setzer came up with a great idea. That was to “red tag” the new members name tags with a red attachment indicating they are a “New Member”. Thanks Lori. Boy does that help us all. The night was a near perfect setting. Beautiful faces, beautiful smiles, great food, great turnout of 138 members and 5 guest, super music and of course we were in our home away from home Fat Harold’s. This year’s Entertainment chair, Connie Pangburn is doing a super job as well. Not only did we get to see all these beautiful people, but Connie also had a collection of prizes that only our new members were eligible for. Surprised happy faces all over the place. Donna introduced the board members, welcomed our new members to the floor and put names with faces for our September golf tournament group. It was truly a great welcome for our new members who attended and a happy event for our “seasoned” members to see all the new faces. Hopefully this will become a tradition. Check out the pictures for all the beautiful smiles.


Photos by Lou Martino