20220730 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Monica Powell

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We had a great fun run and the weather cooperated!  This event could not be done without a lot of volunteers.  Many thanks to Lori Setzer, Tim Webb, Sandy Cummings, Paulette Miller, Karen Young, John Barringer, Nancy Sook, Linda Campbell, Rick Kosko, Jim & Sharon Robinson, Terry & Kathy McCoy, Burnie & Donna Williams, Donna Short, Faye Nobles, Wayne & Anita Baldwin, Bill & Joan Bacon, Charlie & Connie Pangburn, Paula Webb, and Lou Garrenton.  We could not have pulled this off without their help!  Thank you …..thank you.

Besides all our winners, our charity is also a winner.  We will be donating $2,500 to the Johnny L. Causey Scholarship Fund for First Responders and their children in NMB.  

Thank YOU for attending and being generous!  I hope you had fun.

P.S.  The 50/50 winner took home $823.

All my thanks go our to my volunteers and to you for attending this event!

Photos by Lou Martino