20220913 Beach Party #2

2nd Beach Party

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Due to popular demand, the 2nd Beach Party of 2022 was held September 13th. What a beautiful evening it was. With again 100+ in attendance, we felt the sand on our feet, the wind blowing through our hair and excitement in the air. We saw a lot of the same faces but also a bunch of new ones. JJ Kinlaw played our tunes and did a terrific job. He and I had planned a surprise and it turned out better than I thought it would. With the signal, Jay got on the speaker and asked everyone to get up in a circle and we were going to do a dance everyone knew. This great group did just that and then all of a sudden, a familiar tune came on and we all laughed and began to do the old dance from the past that we all loved The Hokey Pokey. If you have never seen 100+ barefoot people put in and take out body parts on the beach you should have been there. It was a real treat. Everyone was laughing and dancing and my heart puffed right up. How many times in your life can you get so much pleasure for free? Well, guys and girls stayed tuned for 2023 because if I have anything to do with it, we will be doing more of these beach parties. Looking forward to seeing you there. Bring your dancing feet.