20221015 Halloween Party

Nomination Halloween Party


Rick Kosko

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The Club’s October Party was held on the 15th with opening remarks from President Donna Williams.  Donna, along with Ron Pugh from the Nominations Committee introduced the slate of candidates.  The invocation was given by Randy Sherrill.

The meal for this party was a fish fry with French fries, hush puppies, coleslaw and assorted desserts. Thanks to Terry McCoy and his team for preparing our meal and to Paulette Miller and her volunteers for serving.  We fed approximately 130 attendees and Fat Harold’s staff.

The Club’s “Monsters” provided the entertainment by dancing for us to the song The Monster Mash.  Very unique costumes and dance routine.

Connie Pangburn, from the Entertainment Committee, hosted a Costume Contest for the members.  There was plenty of participation with a wide variety of costumes. The winners were:

1st place – Kay Hughes, Scariest

2nd Place – Lori Setzer as “Beaker” from the Muppets

3rd Place – Janet Gold as “Dirty Laundry”


The results of the Election for 2023 Officers and Board of Directors are:

President – Wayne Baldwin

Vice President – Charlie Pangburn

Secretary – Monica Powell

Treasurer – Rick Kosko

Director – Al Cosgrove

Director – Lou Garrenton

Director – Connie Livingston


Congratulations to the newly elected Board and Officers.  Serving with them for 2023 are Director Jim Robinson and Director Karen Young.