2023 Nominees For Board

2023 Nominees For the Board


President: Wayne Baldwin

First, let me say, it has been an honor serving as your Vice President. I want to thank everyone for their support and hope you will vote for me to be your President

I served on the Greater Triad Shag Club Board for 4 years, VP for 1 year, and President for 1 year, plus being Co-Chair of the Ways and Means committee and helping with other committees. I am aware of what it takes to lead a great club like ODSC.

As a short background, I graduated from Western Carolina University and then attended Philadelphia School of Textile and Science for Belk’s Department Stores. I spent over 20 years with this great company. I started as an assistant Buyer and rose through the ranks to become General Merchandise Manager for a number of their stores.

Then about 34 years ago, while attending a football game that my son was playing in, a friend of mine was sitting on a product called “Lava Buns”, a heated seat cushion. I fell in love with the product and put some in my stores. They sold well so I went to see the 2 owners. They had great minds for inventing products, but had no knowledge of how to sell them. I started working for them and took sales from $483,000 to over $22 million. I served as Executive VP Sales and Marketing until 4 years ago and retired. My wife and I moved to North Myrtle Beach full time 5 years ago and we love the beach life and the Shag Club community.

If we all could agree, there is one thing I would like to do as your Next President. Our By Laws state in the first sentence of the Purpose of Ocean Drive Shag Club, the following:  “The objective of this club is to perpetuate and preserve the Shag Dance.” As a club we do a lot of great things for the community. We supported Teen Angels, North Strand Helping Hands, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety, Johnny L. Causey Scholarship Fund, Jr. SOS, Junior Shag Dance Team, Ellen Taylor Foundation and Special Olympics plus our Christmas Families and many others. But what I want to do next year is to support these same organizations…….BUT I want to do more to “perpetuate and preserve the Shag Dance. I would like to take a portion of our beginning bank balance and spend it ONLY for that purpose. We need to do more than we are doing to preserve our Dance.  As your President, I will like to see us do this next year.

Thanks for your time in reading this and hope you will vote for me.


Vice President: Charles Pangburn

I am asking for your vote to serve as your Vice President for 2023.  My wife, Connie, and I joined the OD Shag Club shortly after moving here in 2017.  For us, two of the main attractions of this area were shag dancing and the great people we met in North Myrtle Beach.  We started coming to SOS in 2010 and never missed a Fall Migration or Spring Safari.  Since joining the Club, I have had the pleasure of serving two terms as Secretary.  I have also served as Co-Chair, with Connie, of the Myrtle Beach Manor Holiday Party and have volunteered with the Ways and Means Committee, the Golf Tournament Committee, the Charity Fun Run and several other Club activities and events.  Prior to moving here, Connie and I were active in the Cincinnati Bop Club, where we both served on the Board/Steering Committee for several years.

As for my background, I retired in 2019 as the senior vice president & general counsel of a health system in Cincinnati.  Prior to that position, I served as associate general counsel of a university and as a partner in two law firms.  I am also a retired Marine with 30 years of active and reserve service, including a combat tour in Iraq in 2004.

Volunteer positions I have held include Chairman of the Board of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Commissioner and Vice Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Consensus Committee and member of the Board of Directors of both the Tri-County Economic Development Corporation and The Point/ARC of Northern Kentucky, Inc.

I hope you will give me your vote and support.  I look forward to getting to know many of you better, making new friends and giving my best effort in support of the Club.


Secretary: Faye Noble.

My name is Faye Nobles. I am a Myrtle Beach native and a new member of the OD Shag Club. I have one son who is a retired South Carolina Highway Patrolman and a grandson who is a junior at the Citadel. 

I started working at an early age in the grocery business in Myrtle Beach. I’ve worked in all aspects of banking from teller to administration for 15 years.  I worked at Conway Hospital for many years; working in the ICU, to head payroll clerk for 600 employees, Kingston Nursing Center and three doctor’s offices. I worked for the Conway Police Department as a dispatcher, community services officer and clerk. I am currently a South Carolina Real Estate agent. 

I’m running for the position of OD Shag Club Secretary to become more involved in Club activities. I am a gregarious person by nature and very detail oriented. I enjoy volunteering in club activities and would like to help the Club continue to grow, to attract new members; keeping the Dance alive. 

I am asking for your vote for Secretary and your support to help this club to be the best it can be. 


 Monica Powell


I am very pleased and honored to run for Secretary of the OD Shag Club.  

We joined the ODSC after moving to NMB in 2012.  Prior to the move, we lived in Charlotte, NC and were members of the Monroe Shag Club from 1997-2014.  While being a member of the Monroe Shag Club, I served as President, Vice President and Secretary.  I also received the Monroe Shag Club Go-Getter Award and the Monroe Shag Club Icon Award.  I was the co-chair of the SOS Parade Committee for 5 years.

After becoming a member of the OD Shag Club, I have served on various committees and worked many a booth for the club.  I served the ODSC as:

  • Secretary – 2014
  • Vice President – 2015
  • President – 2016
    • As President, I introduced our Beginner Shag Lessons free for ODSC members.
    • SASS – Share a Shag Step – monthly lesson in which members teach a shag step.
    • Established the first New Member Social
  • Charity Fun Run – Co-Chair 2018 – 2022 
  • Communications Chair – 5 years 2017 – 2021
  • Charity Golf Tournament Committee – 2015 – 2022
  • Parade – co-chaired with husband – 2015, 2017 – 2021
  • Participated in:  Clean Sweep 2013 – 2020
  • Golf Cart Ticket Sales – 2013 – 2022
  • Ways & Means Sales – 2013 – 2021
  • Christmas Families – 2013 – 2021
  • Al Cain Award Winner – 2019

I retired from Wachovia in Charlotte as a Senior Vice President.  I have attended many ACSC events and meetings and have always admired how much participation there is by the ODSC.  I am very glad to be a member of this club and will work hard to ensure I help maintain and grow all the wonderful events and help with new events for this great club.



Treasurer: Rick Kosko

I’m Rick Kosko. Some of you may know me as Pony Tail Rick. 

I worked for the Maryland State Fire Marshals Office as a Fire Investigator and retired after 20 years.  I’m a Life Member of the Aberdeen Fire Department with over 40 years of service. During those years I served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for 20 consecutive years.

After retirement my wife Nancy and I built our house in Carolina Forest and moved to Myrtle Beach in 2012. After moving here we became familiar with the North Myrtle Beach area, Beach Music and Shag scene.  We started taking lessons to learn the dance and joined the ODSC in 2018, where we continued to learn from Sonny and Tina.

We like participating in the Club functions and meeting the members.  I was elected Treasurer in the year 2021 and I have enjoyed serving the Club for the past 2 years in a Board of Directors capacity. I’m looking forward to continue serving the club as your Treasurer for 2023.


Board Members: (3 Openings)


Al Cosgrove

My name is Al Cosgrove.  I have lived at the beach since 2007.  I started my career as a professional baseball player in the minor leagues for 7 years.  The majority of my professional life has been in sales and management.  While in Columbia, SC I was President of our HOA.   Here at the beach I’ve been a member of the Shag club since 2007 and am very involved with Special Olympics.  I support the shag club by running the 50-50 raffle at all of our club parties.  I use my contacts to supply the club with raffle prizes, doughnuts and anything needed for the Golf Tournament and Junior SOS.  I am actively involved in selling golf cart raffle tickets and support the club however possible.  I always attend the OD Shag club board meetings and feel that I have a good understanding of the Board member role.  If elected to the board I plan to spend time welcoming new members and mingling   with existing club members.  

2 – Barry Dyer


I am running for the position of Board Member on our OD Shag Club Board.  

After moving to Myrtle Beach in 2015 from Michigan, my wife, Julie, and I were introduced to Fat Harold’s and the world of shag dancing by our neighbor, the late, great, Lenny Gardner.  And wow what an introduction it was!  In his 90’s, he was the life of the party, knew everyone, and was a great influence on building our enthusiasm about the OD Shag Club.     

I have made an effort to attend many board meetings and have a good understanding as to what is expected of our board.  I am currently Vice President of our neighborhood HOA and work with a team for the continued betterment of our community. I am not afraid to ask questions, wanting confirmation and clear information before moving forward on an issue.

I have volunteered time with the ODSC as part of the Dance Team, selling raffle tickets for the Golf Cart giveaway fundraiser, as part of the annual Golf Tournament, the holiday presentation at Myrtle Beach Manor Assisted Living, and the NMB Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day parades.   I look forward to continued opportunity with our OD Shag Club family. 


Lou Garrenton

I am running for a position on the 2023 OD Shag club Board of Directors. I have been a member for over 25 years and have served as chair of several committeesthroughout the years. I have served as Treasurer for eight years under eight different presidents.  I have sold the clubs SOS fun Monday tickets for many years.  

I love this club and want to serve you, the members, again. I have worked on every committee in this club and feel I can contribute with my many years of experience. I would appreciate you vote.


Larry Jones

Hello OD Shag Club! My name is Larry Jones and I am a candidate for the Board of Directors of the ODSC. My wife and I joined the Shag Club in 2006 after moving here from Raleigh. I have had the pleasure to make many friends through the Shag Club and become involved with several committees, numerous activities and generally have fun. That includes dancing with my friends! My previous service to the club includes serving on the Board for several years, chairman of the golf cart ticket sales committee selling 3000 tickets for the first time, serving as Co-Chair of the Golf Tournament and serving as your President   in 2013. 

I would like to offer my experience and lessons learned by serving on the Board again. I love this Club and want to see it continue to flourish and grow. It is important that the ODSC has strong leadership as we face some challenging times in 2023. The slate of candidates before you IS a strong slate. Please carefully consider your choice for the offices which need to be filled. You have my full dedication and I would appreciate your vote.

Thank you.


Connie Livingston

    Retiring and moving to the North Myrtle Beach area has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made. Before retiring I had worked in the banking business for many years then went on to raise my two boys. As they got older I became the Aquatics director managing a five pool facility. 

     We joined the OD shag club and jumped right in . Taking shag lessons was first thing on the agenda for this Ohio native. I have held the ways and means co- chairperson position for several years and have also been a past board member. I’ve participated in numerous club events , activities, parades and have been part of the dance team.

     Being on the board is another way I can give back and help the club continue on. 


Randy Sherill

I learned to shag 9 years ago. I have enjoyed every minute of my Shagging experience. 

I assisted Ronnie Robinson as a board member to get the Ocean Islanders Shag Club up and going. I was a board member for 3 years and I am still the person who gets the DJs for every dance. 

I have helped Paulette Miller with the food committee in serving our food for the OD Shag Club until I had an accident which put me out of commission for almost two years. 

I retired from the position of Funeral Director/Embalmer and moved to the beach in January 2019.  

I have been a Pastor for several small churches while I was getting my education. I have 2 Master Degrees: Master of Divinity and Master of Psychology. 

Today I am willing and able to assist the OD Shag Club in reaching their goals as a member of their board.