Lou Martino

20181020 Elections

Elections and Halloween Party


John Setzer

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Our Election/Halloween Party was held on Saturday October 20, 2018 at Saville’s. A hauntingly good time was had by all as there were many Spooktacular costumes to admire! Pizza was served along with various deserts. We had a group of amazing witches and warlocks entertain us with a witch’s dance. Due to the large turnout for the elections, the ballots took quite some time to count and then announce the winners. Tootie Brown was the DJ and provided us plenty of good music for the evening.

Officers Elect:

         President –—— Bill Bacon

         Vice President –- Billy Powell

         Secretary ——-Donna Williams

Treasurer ——-Lou Garrington


Board Members Elect:

         John Setzer

         Nancy Sook

         Monica Palmieri

         Connie Livingston

         Cathy McCoy

Winners of the Costume Contest:

First Place – John and Lori Setzer – Geppetto and Pinocchio

Second Place – Charles and Brenda McArthur – Big Band Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Third Place – Joe Harrill – Dr. Shots

Photos by Monica Palmieri

20181022 Dance Team Museum

North Myrtle Beach Museum


Lou Martino

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On October 22, 2018 the Dance Team was invited by Cathy Altman, Executive Director to demonstrate and instruct the Shag Dance at the North Myrtle Beach Area Historical Museum at 10:15AM on 2ndAve North.

The group (approximately 20 in number) we danced for Winding River Historical Society from Bolivia, NC were so willing to learn the dance that they spent more time with the dance team than they were given to learn. They were very receptive and encouraging to participate.

It was a great time and pleasure to be able to dance with the mural in the background of the legends of the Shag Dance at the Museum.

After Linda Campbell our spokesperson gave the history and origin of the Shag Dance, she introduced the Dance Team Members. Each member danced their style for one and a half minutes. We also showed how to switch partners so the spectators could see that you don’t need a partner to be able to dance if they did not have a regular partner. They were all invited to come to Fat Harold’s when they were in the area.

I would like to thank the dance team members who took their time to participate in this event: Back row: Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lori and John Setzer, Diane and Bill Millman, Callie White and Ted Sobol. Front row: Lou Martino, Cathy Altman and Linda Campbell.

Photos by Lou Martino


20181007 Golf Tlournament

ODSC Foundation Charity Golf Tournament


Tina Tomberlin

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Sunday October 7ththe OD Shag Club Foundation hosted the 28thannual Charity Golf Tournament at the Valley at Eastport Golf Club.  For the first time in event history the tourney had to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Florence.  Even with the change of date we still had over 80 golfers participate!  The day brought beautiful blue skies, temperatures in the mid 80’s and a couple of quick downpours but all in all it was a great day for raising money for local charities.

Kudos to the Golf Tournament Committee for basically planning two tournaments this year.  Glenn Strange, Ken Myer, Bob Miller, Terry McCoy, Donna Strange, Karen Young and Monica Powell had worked very hard in planning the tournament to be held during SOS, but because of Hurricane Florence they had to contact everyone to postpone the tournament.  As soon as power was restored and roads were opened they got together and starting planning a make-up date.  They did a fantastic job contacting all golfers, volunteers and vendors to reschedule the event.  There is always a lot of hard work in making this event a success but this year the committee worked doubly hard and we REALLY appreciate all their time and effort!!!

As with any event there is so much behind the scenes work.  It takes many volunteers to pull off something of this magnitude so let me give a big shout out to the following:

         Breakfast: Jesse Backer, Billie Reitz and John and Lori Setzer

         Registration: Carol Myer and Joyce Girling

         Mulligans: Tina Tomberlin

         Raffle Tickets: Nancy Sook, John Setzer and Karen and Rich Young

         Liquid Sunshine: Bob Sanders

         Bag Drop: Cindy Day and Linda Campbell

         Whiffle Ball Drive: Cindy Day and Lori Setzer

         Putting Contest: Joyce Girling and Carol Myer

         Beverage Stands: Diane Millman, Paulette Miller, Nancy Sook and Linda Campbell

         Beverage Support: Larry Jones, Billy Powell, Terry McCoy and John Setzer

         Photography: Lou Martino

         Clean Up: Jesse Backer, Billie Reitz, Mike and Bonnie Bejzak

         Tournament Day Manager: Ken Myer

         Tournament Day Admin: Monica Powell

         Tournament Day Raffle Prizes: Karen and Rich Young

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and willingness to volunteer.  It’s events like this that bring us together and generate a feeling of comradery but more than that we had a blast!!!

20180923 Golf Cart Winner

Golf Cart Winner


Linda Campbell


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Golf Cart Fundraiser Drawing

1:00pm Fat Harold’s

September 23, 2018

As one pulled into the parking lot of Fat Harold’s on Sunday, September 23rd at 1:00pm, there was already a crowd forming around the door and the tents outside.  

This crowd anxiously was waiting to see if their name was going to be drawn as the 2018 OD Shag Club Golf Cart Fundraiser winner.

Inside Fat Harold’s the bar was open, and our own OD Shag Club DJ Gary Bass was spinning the tunes for those that wanted to get a “libation”  (beverage) or wanted to check out the dancefloor.

Fat Harold’s own bartender, Justin Rhia, was chosen to pull the winning ticket. After a few words of gratitude’s and shout outs for an outstanding response from volunteers, Jim and Monica Palmieri cut the tape on the box of tickets and poured them into a garbage bag to be tossed and turned and mixed up by Board of Director Billy Powell.  

Excitement was in the air as Justin reached way down into the bag and pulled out the winning name of our very own OD Shag Club member: Carolyn Stuckey!!!!! Disappointment was seen on the faces of those around who didn’t win but were glad that they could help support the OD Shag Club.

President Linda Campbell dialed Carolyn’s number as Monica Palmieri prepared to let her know the good news…however, it went to voice mail…. ugh!

Later Sunday evening Monica received a phone call back and Carolyn was more than excited to hear that she was actually the winner.

Words aren’t enough to say THANK YOU to Jim and Monica Palmieri for an OUTSTANDING JOB!! They worked so hard, along with their volunteers and their goal was to sell all the tickets. All 3000 tickets were sold by Friday night at Fat Harold’s and Barbara Hopper bought the last ticket. This is a phenomenal job as there was 2 days during Spring Safari SOS that they didn’t get to sell tickets due to rain/wind storm that came and blew their tent away and one whole week of Fall Migration that they couldn’t sell tickets due to Hurricane Florence.

Thank you to EVERYONE who bought a ticket and help to support the OD Shag Club! We are a strong club with wonderful members and friends who believe in our beloved dance and want to keep us all on the dance floor!!!

Hello everyone, 

Just in case you haven’t heard, we sold ticket # 3000, the very last ticket, on Friday night at Fat Harold’s.  The winner of the OD Shag Club Golf Cart Raffle was selected at 1:00 p.m. yesterday at Fat Harold’s.  The lucky winner is Carolyn Stuckey.  Carolyn is an OD Shag Club member and golf cart ticket volunteer living in North Myrtle Beach.  

We want to thank each and every one of you for volunteering to sell tickets.  Without you, we could never had made our goal of selling all 3000, which we hear is the first time all 3000 tickets were sold.  Also, thanks to Mike Graham of Graham’s Golf Carts.  Mike stored the cart for us and sold over 300 tickets for us.

We hope you enjoyed the time selling tickets, working with other members and making new friends.  We certainly enjoyed working with each and every one of you.  We are already thinking about 2019 and would welcome any recommendations you may have on how to improve communications and our sales efforts.  

Again, our deepest appreciation for volunteering.  

Best regards,

Monica & Jim Palmieri


Photos by Lou Martino

20180818 Nominations Party

Nominations Party


Linda Campbell


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The OD Shag Club held its 2018 Nominations Party on Saturday, August 20that Fat Harold’s at 6:00pm to introduce the Nominees for the Executive Board for 2019. John Setzer, Nominations Chairperson, began by giving the instructions for the night for the purpose of accepting nominees announced as well as those nominated from the floor. Those being placed on the ballot for the October 20th Elections Party are:

President                 Bill Bacon        

VicePresident        BillyPowell  


          Secretary                Donna Williams

       Treasurer               Lou Garrenton

                                    Wayne Wooten

                         Board of Directors (3 positions available):

                                         Joe Cornwell

                                        Connie Livingston

                                        Kathy McCoy

                                        Monica Palmieri 

                                        Paula Webb

While the membership was waiting for the food (Bar B Que and all the fixins) to be served by the awesome Food Committee of Donnie and Wendy Shultz, Linda Campbell, President and the OD Shag Club Dance Team had a little dance activity to recognize the new members who had joined the club since 2018. Each new member was invited to dance and get a “star” added to their name badge and then they were to invite another new member to dance as well. It was a fun activity as all danced to the awesome music that DJ Bill Harper kept playing to keep the dance floor full.  

After all, had eaten all they could hold of all the Bar B Que and the fixins, left over Bar B Que was sold to the membership for them to enjoy at another time.

The winner of the logo was Sharon Simpson, Name Tag was Phil Crawford and the big winner of the evening of the 50/50 was Bill Bacon.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180728 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Tina Tomberlin

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Saturday July 28ththe ODSC hosted the annual Charity Fun Run and thankfully under sunny skies. Although the forecast had been predicting rain and thunderstorms, the weather proved to be perfect for the participants who showed up in a multitude of golf carts and cars. 

The day began at the OD Arcade where 162 registered and 145 signed up to take their chance at winning one of the many prizes handed out throughout the afternoon and early evening. The next stop on the schedule was Castaways, where under bright sunshine we enjoyed cold drinks by the ocean, raffled prizes and began to see how our card hand was going to take shape…high, low or like mine, somewhere in between.  After Castaways the cool air conditioning at 710 was a welcome relief as we drew another card and once again handed out more raffle prizes.  From there it was on to Duck’s where more cold beverages were consumed and many of us realized it was past time to purchase a mulligan and get rid of that troublesome card that was hurting our chances of competing for the big prize money.  Once the raffle prizes were given out we trekked across the street to Fat Harold’s to complete the final leg of our Fun Run.

This final stop is where many made the decision to purchase another mulligan or two to get rid of card/cards they felt were hurting their chance at the grand prizes. For several this was a gut wrenching decision. I say gut wrenching because for the first time in the history of this event we had a tie for the highest AND for the lowest hand.  The players in the running knew they were close in score to another player, because you know word gets around, so when they decided to purchase a mulligan they were very aware that the card they drew could mean the difference in winning and losing.  There was lots of shuffling and sliding cards around to draw that special card!

So while totaling the scores, the tension mounted and the end result was that Bob Lucas and Jeff James were tied at 59 for the Highest Hand. In true competitive fashion they decided rather than split the prize they would draw one more card and whoever drew the highest card would be declared the winner.  Sooo, after one more “gut wrenching” draw, Bob Lucas walked away with the $500 prize and Jeff James took home the 2ndHighest Hand prize of $300.  For the Lowest Hand Becki Roberts and Bob Miller, who happen to be friends, were tied at 7.  They decided to split the prize and both took home $100.  What an exciting finish to such a fun day of competition!!!  And you know what…these winners weren’t even the ones who took home the most money.  That honor went to Terry McCoy who won the 50/50 drawing. He walked away with $568!!!  Wow what a jackpot!

HUGE thanks go to Wendy Schultz and Monica Powell co-chairs of this event, whose careful planning and hard work were paramount in the success of this fundraiser.  As with any project, the success depends on not only the leaders but the team who help carry out the leader’s mission, so thanks to everyone who helped in any way.  I’m not going to name names because I’m sure I would leave someone out.  You know who you are so pat yourself on the back and take pride in knowing you contributed in making this fun filled event a big success. Your willingness to help is greatly appreciated!

As mentioned several times above we did hand out raffle prizes at each location.  Our sincere thanks go to Allstate, Grahams Golf Cars, Synovus Bank, Karen and Rich Young, Nancy Sook, the ODSC Ways and Means Committee, OD Arcade, Castaways, 710, Duck’s and Fat Harold’s for their generous donations of items to raffle.  In addition to items from these contributors we also raffled prizes of $20 and $40 at each stop along our way. 

While there were many winners throughout the day the biggest winner of all was of course this year’s charity, the Junior Shagger Dance Team (a 501c3 organization.) They will use these monies to help with costs they incur during their travels to various competitions and exhibitions.  As an organization whose purpose is to help promote and preserve the Shag, the OD Shag Club should be very proud to be able to help the future generation do exactly that! 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to all who worked so hard!

Special thanks everyone who participated!

Until next year when hopefully I will have better luck of the draw!

Photos by Lou Martino

20181006 Shoe Center Hurricane Relief

Shoe Center Hurricane Relief


Linda Campbell

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On October 6, 2018, the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to participate in a combination 40thAnniversary and Hurricane Relief event for the The Shoe Center in North Myrtle Beach.

Mike and Ginger Parnell, owners of The Shoe Center are celebrating their 40 years of the The Shoe Center with a concert from Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot, along with the partnership of the Barefoot Church and Impact Ministries to help benefit those who were affected by the recent Hurricane Florence.

Those participating from the OD Shag Club dance team were:  Linda Campbell, Lou Martino, Mike and Bonnie Bejzak, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Connie and Jim Livingston, Ted Sobol, Callie White, John and Lori Setzer and Donna and Burnie Williams.

Although the temperatures were in the 80’s and the humidity was very high, the dance team would dance a dance or two and then sit down, rest and refresh themselves as Gary Lowder and the band played some great tunes. 

Barefoot Church and Impact Ministries were collecting from those who attended with Hurricane Relief Supplies and it seemed like they were loading, van after van of supplies from those who came to enjoy the event.

Thank you once again to Mike and Ginger Parnell for this invitation to be a part of a great event.  Happy Anniversary to you and here’s wishin’ for another 40 years!

Photos by Lou Martino and Monica Palmieri

20180722 Junior SOS

Junior SOS Brunch


Bill Bacon

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The OD Shag Club held our annual brunch for the Junior Shaggers and their parents to help them cap off their Junior Shaggers SOS on Sunday, July 22nd in the back room of Fat Harold’s.  We had a great turnout by members of the OD Shag Club with 52 members either working or bringing food or both.  We served a total of 179 Junior Shaggers and parents. 

Afterwards, the Junior Shaggers, their parents, and members of our club who were there, went into the main room of Fat Harold’s for a Gospel Hour where we listened to some great live gospel music sung by beautiful young ladies who are Junior Shaggers, and to an “Awesome” sermon given by Ken Jones, a part-time DJ at Fat Harold’s who hails from Maple Hill up in Pender County, NC.

After all of the announcements and singing by the Junior Shaggers, Linda Campbell our President presented a check in the amount of $1500.00 to the Junior Shaggers Association.

Thank you to all the members of our club who brought food and or helped out in some way to make this event a great success!  Remember, the Junior Shaggers are the future of our club and the future of the shag dance as well!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180715 ACSC Meeting

ACSC Meeting


Linda Campbell

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Everyone began arriving to Durham NC for the ACSC Summer Workshop to be held July 13‐15 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. There was lots of excitement and activity everywhere. People were trying to check in, somewhere sitting in the lobby waiting to check in while others were having a blast in the Hospitality Room. While in the Hospitality Room, one was offered drinks, beer and wine along with some fun games to play. While playing games such as “Party Plinko”, “Lucky Casino Blackjack”, “Party Pong”, and “The Captains Table”, when you won you were given tickets so you could put them in several give-­‐away baskets of your choice.   

Later that night, in the Imperial Ballroom Chigger Woods DJ’d our favorite tunes prior to The Magnificent Band coming on the play until midnight. For those who wanting to dance to the fantastic music of old shag, Betty Brown, was playing in the Empire Room. 

Saturday began with a fantastic buffet breakfast for everyone. Officers and others headed to the ACSC meeting while guests and families headed to the pool for a wonderful pool party. After the ACSC meeting, those in the meeting joined the fun for a great afternoon around the pool. There were all kinds of fun activities going on inside and outside the pool from “riding chickens”to a“wet t‐shirt” contest (not with women but with men).

 Later that evening there was a Captains Reception and two wonderful DJs with Chigger Woods and Buck Crumpton playing till way in the night.

After another wonderful buffet breakfast Sunday morning, goodbyes were said to each other and everyone looks forward to the upcoming Fall Migration.

20180616 Fish Fry

Fish Fry


Linda Campbell

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The OD Shag Club held its annual Fish Fry on June 16th at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. The club was decorated by Gail Roberson and Lori Setzer’s crew as Fishin’ Hole and there was also an extra one designed for “surprises” or “bonkers” for those members who were willing to “Go Fishing”.   Some of the “surprises” were a Fish Dinner donated by OD Arcade, Hats and t-­‐shirts by RiptideRadio andOD Shag  Club Merchandise. Unfortunately for some of the members, there were some “bonkers”, which included a bra (not your size Jerry Harrell), some  empty beer cans for Nancy Tisdale, and even a scary but off head for Mike Hardee. Mike and Judy seemed to enjoy having an “extra head” at their table.LOL!

Donnie and Wendy Schultz and their dedicated crew (sorry if I leave anyone out) of John Harris, Kevin and Susan Harrell, Terry and Kathy McCoy and many others prepared some wonderful fried fish, homemade hushpuppies (best I have ever had), slaw, beans and a wonderful variety ofdesserts. 

Thanks to the many people who helped serve and get us all fed.

Sandy Cummings was dedicated to help pass around the bucket for our local Jr. Shaggers and over $200 was raised for them.

Tickets were pulled for Name Tag, Logo and of course 50/50 which Cathy Jamiolkowski and BillyPowell did an excellent job at selling.

Many thanks to Jim Livingston for helping to take photos, as Lou Martino was a little “under the weather”. Great job Jim!

Jimmy Buffkin kept the floor full and even managed to play a few appropriate tunes while the members did their fishing…such as “Gone Fishin”. A “snowball” was created as members fishing were asked to “go fish” for a partner to dance with and soon the floor was full with lots of members and new members were dancing.

Photos by Jim Livingston

20180601 New Member Social

New Member Social


Vickie Parsons

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What A Great Event!  On June 1st, the OD Shag Club Board of Directors hosted a New Member Reception in the backroom at Fat Harold’s to welcome our new members for 2018.  In attendance were 8 Board members, 5 Past Presidents, 13 Committees were represented, along with 29 new members.  Fun was had by all with games and door prizes.  Snacks were donated by Bi-Lo Food Store and served by Wendy Schultz and her food committee volunteers.  Thank you, Wendy.  Also, a big thank you to Karen Young and Nancy Sook for their assistance with checking in the members as they arrived and to John and Pat Harris for stepping in a taking pictures of our new members for the OD Shag Club Year Book.

President Linda Campbell welcomed all in attendance and introduced the 2018 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  Each one had an opportunity to identify their position with the club and committee chairs had a chance to explain the responsibilities of their committee and encouraged each new member to get involved.

If you are attending a Shag Club function and see a new face in the crowd, stop and introduce yourself. It only takes a moment to make someone smile by just saying Hello!

Photos by Pat Harris


20180608 Day Lillies

Day Lillies


Linda Campbell

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On June 08, 2018 the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance for the National DayliliesConvention at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center from 6:30-­‐8:30pm. 

As the team arrived to dance, there were lots of activities going on for those attending the convention from displays of Daylilies, to Photo Ops along with funny props and of course their dinner and awards banquet.  

The dance team arrived on stage to entertain almost 600 plus attendees between their dinner and awards. As we began our demonstration, there was a new “music technician” at the helm, as John Setzer was filling in for Lou Martino, who unfortunately was in the hospital and couldn’t be with us. He was truly missed that night. However, John did a fantastic job!  

Those in attendance were Barbara Hopper, Connie Livingston, Cherie Patalik, Bill and Diane Millman, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Burnie and Donna Williams, John and Lorie Setzer, Ted Sobol and Callie White and Linda Campbell.

20180512 Mayfest

Golf Cart Sales at Mayfest


Jim Palmieri

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A very big thank you to all of you who worked the Golf Cart Booth at Mayfest May 12, 2018. We sold a total of 449 tickets worth $2,245.  Everybody did such a great job.  The heat and Taylor Dane did not get the best of you.  That being said, kudos need to go out to our 4:00-6:00 pm group.  One and a half hours of their selling time was while she was up on the stage (screeching), and another half hour during booth tear-down, and they still sold almost 70 tickets. 

There were a few questions regarding our sales recap.  In the end, we came in right on the money.  We did have one lady (retired veteran on a walker) who only had 4 dollars. We used donation money to cover the $1 so that she could buy a ticket.  Even our North Myrtle Beaches finest bought a ticket. 

Filling the time slots for today were more difficult than for SOS but you guys came through for us.   Your help is greatly appreciated.  

Thanks to you, we now have sold 2,235 of our 3,000 tickets.  

Once again, thank you.


Photos by Lou Martino

20180526 Cook Out

Cook Out


Linda Campbell

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This past Saturday, May 26, was the rescheduled date for the Annual OD Shag Club Cookout at Savilles on 2nd. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and everyone looking forward to being outside. Corn hole sign ups began around 3:30pm with the tournament beginning at 4:00pm. Also, beginning around that time, the smell of charcoal was in the air as Donnie and Wendy Schultz and their mighty crew began the cooking of the hot dogs and hamburgers for over 192 members present to enjoy the spread. Delicious desserts were set up inside that were prepared and brought by the members.

President Linda Campbell gave announcements and the winners of the Corn hole tournament.

1st Place: Billy Powell Carol Meyer

2nd Place: Marty Bonnett Bud Malcolm

“Dead Ass Last”- Bob Miller Jackie Perdue

Special trophies made by Wendy Schultz were presented to the winners along with a cash prize for a bar tab at Savilles on 2nd.

DJ Milton White kept the floor full for all those inside wanting to hear their favorite tunes played. Special recognition was given to all the veterans present in honor of Memorial Day prior to picking the winning ticket for the 50/50 to Vic Gillespie.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180505 Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep


Bill Bacon

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The OD Shag Club held our annual Spring Clean Sweep on Saturday, May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo.  We had 30 members turn out who enjoyed juice, coffee, fellowship, biscuits and donut holes before we hit the streets and the beach.  We picked up 25 bags of trash.  We noticed that the City of North Myrtle Beach is doing a real good job of keeping the streets and beach clean because there was not as much litter on the streets and beach as we have found in the past.

I would like to give a big Thank You to my beautiful wife, Joan, the Clean Sweep Chairperson, and everyone else who turned out to make this Clean Sweep a big success.  We hope to see even more of you for our Fall Clean Sweep which is tentatively scheduled for September 29th.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180502 Clerk of Courts

Clerk of Courts


Lou Martino

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On May 2, 2018 the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the Clerk of Courts of South Carolina Conference at Kingston Plantation from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

We were contacted by Dot Smith for this event for Cheryl Graham of Dorchester County of South Carolina. There were 2 clerks from the 46 counties of South Carolina representing their county present. A few clerks already knew how to shag so this group was not new to the dance.

We arrived around 6:30PM and were invited to have dinner. After we ate, Linda Campbell our spokesperson was introduced by Dot Smith along with Cheryl Graham. Linda gave a brief history of the shag dance and then introduced the members of our team.

Each team couple danced for our minute and a half to demonstrate the different styles of our team. Our team does not choreograph or dance as a team but show case steps that the non shaggers will not be intimidated by more advance steps. We want non shaggers to feel comfortable getting up and trying to learn.

This was a very enthusiastic group. We were able to get approximately 30 clerks onto the dance floor. They were quick learners. After about 5-7 minutes of instructions, we taught them to dance to music. There was a lot of discussion as to what else we could teach them.

This was a fun group to work with. After the instructions each member of the team danced with the future shaggers of the Clerk of Courts. A follow up call to Dot Smith was very positive. She said that they had a wonderful time and stayed after to dance to the band. She didn’t know if they were shagging but they were having a great time.

Thank you, Dot Smith and Cheryl Graham Clerk of Courts for inviting us to your conference.

A special thank you to the ODSC Dance Team members that danced at this event: Bill Millman, Diane Millman, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Burnie Williams, and Donna Williams.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180506 Divas Marathon

Divas Marathon


Lou Martino

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Yes, it was raining when we got there and it was a wet morning at 6AM on Sunday May 6, 2018, for the Divas Marathon in North Myrtle Beach, but the enthusiasm of the runners and the joy that they showed the ODSC Dance Team was well worth being there.

We arrived around 6:15AM to set up the sound system in the rain. We had to set up in the back of Lou’s car with umbrellas to try to keep dry. When all of a sudden, Bill Millman brings a large beach umbrella so we moved under the beach umbrella to set up.

Around 7AM the rain became a drizzle and by 7:30AM the rain stopped. It was a little wet and damp, but it didn’t keep these runners from running. This was one of the largest marathons the Divas have run. There were all kinds and types of tutus and outfits.

What was very impressive were the handicapped runners and the runners (some were volunteers) pushing the handicapped in their wheelchairs. There were mothers pushing their babies and one lady was even pushing her cat.

We stood along the sidelines and encouraged the runners and danced around 15-minute intervals. This year there were so many runners. They just kept coming and coming. Most of the runners gave the dance team high fives as they ran along our area. They really enjoyed the music as Lou played “Pump up the Jam” and upbeat Shag music.

This year even the spectators got into the music “YMCA”, “Chicken Dance” and of course more Shag music. But it was all about the runners and how they enjoyed this run. One by stander was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the dance team that as the Race Director in Sunset Beach he invited the ODSC Dance Team to perform at their race in two weeks.

And then there is Lenny, our own dance team member, who just had to dance with as many runners as he could (see the pictures on the website). Your president, also got into it, with other spectators doing the electric slide and even the chicken dance with a young’n.

Across the street others were showing their moves. It wasn’t shagging, but they were having a large time. Even Mary Poppins showed up. Like one runner showed his sign “Sexy is as Sexy Does Run Baby Run”. There was such a variety of happenings going on.

This was a very fun event. I would like to thank Katherine Stimson Events for having the ODSC Dance Team at this event. Hope to see them all next year.

A big thank you goes out to the ODSC Dance Team for dancing at this event: Cathy Jamiolkowski, Rich Jamiolkowski, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Barbara Hopper, Lenny Gardner, Linda Campbell, Lou Martino, Diane Millman and Bill Millman.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180428 SOS Parade

SOS Parade


Billy Powell

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Thanks to all who participated!  We enjoyed another successful parade.  For the last 16 years, the ODSC has won whatever category we entered.  This year, we entered “Most Original” and WE WON!  Boy, were the carts and people original!  To go along with the overall parade theme (Blast from the Past), the ODSC theme was “Once Upon a Time at SOS”.  The characters that we had in our entry included the following:

Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood – Bill & Donna Althoff

Good Witch & Woody – Kenny and Jane Elkin

Mad Hatter & Alice – Ed & Pat Singleton

Cinderella & Prince Charming – Tim & Paula Webb

Snow White, 7 Dwarfs, Evil Queen & Magic Mirror – Monica Powell, Connie Livingston,

Tina Tomberlin, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Terry McCoy, Kathy McCoy,

Lou Martino, John Setzer, Lori Setzer

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, Smee & the Pirates – Linda Campbell, Billy Powell, Terry McPhail,

Lenny Gardner, Karen Young, Rich Young, Jon Harris, Pat Harris, Paulette Miller,

Linda Morrison, Brian Morrison, Dianne Locklear, Donna Williams, Bernie Williams,

Bill Bacon, Joan Bacon, Larry Jones

Tick Tock Croc – Sonny Tomberlin

4 Princesses – Paulette Broadway, Dolly McDermott, Sheila Wright, Vickie Parsons

Jack & Jill – Manley & Marilyn Sanders

Mickey & Minnie Mouse – Steve & Nancy Queen

Beauty & the Beast – Rich & Cathy Jamiolkowski

Cruella DeVille & 2 Dalmatians – Joe & Beth Cornwell & Bella

Superman & Wonder Woman – Bruce & Cathy Fitzsimmons

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears – Dicky Garrenton, Lou Garrenton, Barney Lee, Connie Williams

3 Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf – Jim & Monica Palmeri, Thomas & Joan Crosby

TowMater – Jim Queen and Paul Harrison

The costumes and carts were outstanding!  Many, many thanks to all who helped build the float and to tear it down afterward.  Without all of your help, we would not have been able to have such an outstanding entry.  Special thanks to all our dancers for the time you spent making sure your dance was superb!

Thanks also to John Barringer & Nancy Sook who helped with all the sign-ins and bead distribution, the morning of the parade.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Donnie and Wendy Schultz who let us use their trailer to get all our float stuff to the prep site.

A special thanks to Sonny and Tina Tomberlin for all of their work in the month prior to the parade.  They put in a lot of time and effort.  And of course, a special thank you to my wife, Monica, who helped in many ways.

If you have not participated in a parade, you are missing a ton of fun and I encourage you to join us next year.  You will not regret it.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180422 SOS Brunch

Spring SOS Brunch


Donna Williams

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WOW! What a great morning for 340+ at the OD Shag Club Spring Safari Brunch. No way you can go wrong with great friends, beautiful weather, delicious food, awesome music and all the other extras that were a part of this terrific event.

Our 340+ included 304 members, 26 guest, and 10 special visitors from the Junior Shagger community. DJ Murl Augustine entertained us with great dancing music. Our breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits and fruit plus our famous happy punch was a huge success. Thanks to Wendy and Donnie, their crew, all our volunteer servers and to Pam & crew for all their work in making this such a success. Also, thanks to the Hospitality crew for working hard with sign in and information.  

Linda Campbell started the morning out with a welcome to all, a few announcements and a blessing to begin the event.  To take care of business, Linda asked for a vote by the members on a previously sent out change to our By-laws Section 11 Website Committee: Webmaster duties are as follows

  • Ensure current web host and current domain does not expire so there is no interruption in service.
  • Maintain and update the website in “real” time.
  • Update the com email addresses on our web host, Executive Board information, committees, etc., by January 1st of each new year, when new administration is formed.
  • Website to include: upcoming events, new members, birthday list, OD Shag Club event pictures, articles written by the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, links to OD Shag Club documents and attachments, and Committee contact information and any other information that is pertinent to the OD Shag Club.
  • Update Remembrance and Condolence page.
  • Maintain sponsor (advertisement) pages.

The vote resulted in a unanimous approval.

The Ways and Means committee provided a great area for people to spend minutes until their ticket color was called to eat. It was a very successful wait as the committee chairs reported “a great morning for sales”. Thanks to the committee and all who helped the buyers with the many new products.

We were entertained by the Junior Shaggers, who though smaller than usual in numbers due to “prom night” provided us with awesome dancing. The Club donated $290 (our share of the 50/50) to the junior shaggers to help defray some of their costs. Many thanks to Cathy Jamiolkowski and Billy Powell for making it possible for our donation and a special thanks from Gloria Cates as the winner of the 50/50 drawing. Our other winners were Joe Ferlauto name tag winner and Nancy Pardini logo winner.

It was a fun filled morning with happy faces and big smiles abound. All we heard when leaving the building was “this is the best one we have ever been to.” Thanks to all who made it that way.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180328 Ocean Bay Elementary

Ocean Bay and St James Elementary Schools 


Lou Martino





CLICK HERE to see Photos of Ocean Bay Elementary School

CLICK HERE to see Photos of St James Elementary School

Photos by Lou Martino

On March 28, 2018 the OD Shag Club Dance Team was asked to demonstrate and teach the Shag Dance at the Ocean Bay Elementary School during their Music Appreciation Day which is like Fine Arts Day only it focuses on Music. Our point of contact was Kristie Jacobs who I might add was the teacher of the year 2017-2018.

We were to teach and demonstrate the Shag Dance from 8am until 11am to 1st thru 2nd grader on the first day and the second day were to teach and demonstrate to the 3rd thru 5th grade. We focused on the 3rd graders since they were studying South Carolina History.

Since the dance team had two events on March 29, 2018 one at Ocean Bay Elementary School and the other at St James Elementary School, we had to split into two teams.

Our point of contact at St James Elementary was Kayleigh Vanlandingham. Her request to revisit St James Elementary was that the students responded so well to our visit last year that they wanted us to return this year. After all, these will be our future shaggers.

Both days were attended by our early risers, since we had to be at Ocean Bay Elementary at 7:30am which is located on International Drive in Myrtle Beach and St James Elementary which is located just this side of Surfside Beach. They were both early mornings for the team but it was well worth the trips after seeing the enthusiasm of the students and their love of the music.

On the first day Linda Campbell and Lou Martino headed our team at Ocean Bay Elementary supported by John and Lori Setzer, Barbara Hopper and Donna Williams. Linda introduced the team and began the instructions and the demonstration. We were very impressed with the amount of energy and discipline of these “young-ins”.

They all wanted to learn how to shag. They were all fine until they had to find a partner. The girls were more forward than the boys. However, after they saw how much fun they could have, they all began to dance with each other.

The first day went very well and we all had a great time.

The second day was a little challenging since we had to split our team into two events. Linda Campbell, along with John and Lori Setzer and Barbara Hopper took Ocean Bay Elementary. They were to teach 3rd thru 5th graders.

Lou Martino, Mike and Bonnie Bejzak and Donna Williams went to St James Elementary. They were to teach pre-kindergarten thru kindergarten. The students here were just great.

At each location we had a 25-minute time frame to teach and demo the shag dance and in each class, there were 25 to 50 students so we had our work cut out for us. But with the cooperation and structure of the class, we had no problems and we had a lot of fun.

Thank you, Kristie Jacobs and Kayleigh Vanlandingham, for including the OD Shag Club Dance Team in your Music and Fine Arts Day.

Some special thanks go out to those members of the OD Shag Club Dance Team for getting up so early to promote and preserve the Shag Dance.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180324 Chili Cook Off

Chili Cook Off


Bill Bacon

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On March 17th the O.D. Shag Club held our Annual Chili Cook-Off at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. The theme for the Cook Off was western so many members dressed up with their cowboy hats, boots and western attire. We had a great turnout, but it would have been nice if more people had brought chili. The chili I took was gone before I got to it. Maybe that was because it was so good! As good as it was though, unfortunately it was not good enough to win. Vickie Harrison won the $75.00 first prize with Donna Williams winning

$50.00 for second place and Dolly McDermott winning the $25.00 third prize. Gail Johnson won the Logo prize and Monica Powell won the money for wearing her name t ag. It pays to wear those name tags and Logos. Ken Meyer won the big prize for the evening, the 50/50 with a payoff of $233.00!!!

Tim Shumway, Mollie Putnam and Kristie McDonald had the enviable task of getting to taste all the chili, but then had the unenviable job of selecting the winners! That must have been a hard job and we thank you, even if you didn’t pick the best chili I have ever made!!

Our special thanks to Donnie and Wendy Schultz and the other members of the Food Committee and everyone else who made it all happen! Also, thanks to everyone who brought chili and desserts!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180322 Belk’s Dance Team

Dance Team at Belk’s


Lou Martino

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On March 22, 2018, the OD Shag Club Dance Team performed at Belk’s at the Myrtle Beach Mall between the hours of 3PM and 5PM. The store theme was “Girls Night”.

We were welcomed to the Shoe Department by our own Cindy Day. As always, the staff at Belk’s welcomes us with open arms. Thank you, Cindy, for inviting us to Belk’s and allowing us to promote the OD Shag Club and the dance that we love so much the “Shag”.

As is our normal routine, Linda Campbell introduced each team member and gave a little introduction as to the evolution of Carolina Shag. Her voice was heard though out the store, so as we began to dance more customers came to watch us dance.

Belk’s provided us with a DJ “Scott” who was nice enough to play the songs that the team would dance to. We provided the music and he played it as requested by the team.

Each couple of the team danced twice for around one and a half minutes each time though out the two-hour block. We had 17 members of the dance team present.  

I would like to thank the members of the team that danced at this event. From left to right: Mike Bejzak, Bonnie Bejzak, Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Billy Byrne, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Rich Jamiolkowski, Burnie Williams, Donna Williams, Cherie Patalik, Larry Boyer, Connie Livingston, Callie White and Ted Sobol.

Also, a special thank you goes out to Belk’s for the gift bags they presented to each of our members. We all appreciate your generosity.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180317St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day Parade


Billy Powell


The OD Shag Club was well represented in the 2018 North Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  We had 25 golf carts and 86 people participate this year.  A great time was had by all before, during and after the parade.  This year, we thru out over 15,000 strands of beads during the parade.       

Bill and Diane Millman were our banner carriers this year and their costumes were outstanding!  Many thanks to Rich and Karen Young and Sonny Tomberlin who helped me register everyone and hand out beads and all the other administrative tasks before a parade begins.  I could not do all of this without the help of my significant other, Monica.  Her help and support during and after all of the parades is immeasurable.

I know that it requires getting up a little earlier than most of us would like to be in this parade, but I promise you the fun and fellowship that you have makes it well worth the effort.  If you did not participate this year, please consider making next year’s parade.

Our next parade is on April 28, the SOS Parade.  I am looking forward to a great turnout this year for SOS.

20180217 Oyster Roast

Oyster Roast


Linda Campbell

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A lot of people do not know the hard work AND the number of the people it takes to put together a successful oyster roast.  And that’s the key: SUCCESSFUL!  But, Donnie and Wendy Shultz Do! And this year was no exception.

It began the night before at Donnie and Wendy’s house and it began with CHICKEN!  Yep!  Chicken, for their world-famous Chicken Bog (yes, for those who just haven’t acquired the love or taste for oysters).  And for those of us who love both.  Thank you, Cindy Day and Dolly McDermott, for serving this and making sure that each table had their crackers and cocktail sauce.

I am sure you couldn’t miss our “sailor in the crow’s nest”, Dickey Garrenton on the ladder, directing where the oyster carriers needed to go and I don’t believe anyone was without oysters for more than just a little bit as Donnie and his great “crew” kept ‘em coming!

That great team consisted of: Tim and Cassy Shumway, Cindy Day, Dolly McDermott, Kevin Harrell, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Bill Bacon, Terry Holmes, Jim Robinson, Bob Sanders, Jon Harris, Jerry Harrell, Dickey Garrenton, Jim Queen, Steve Queen, Bob Miller, Terry McCoy, Ronnie Rogers, Phil Tomlinson.  And a special thanks to Lou Garrenton as well (check out the pics of Wendy and Lou sweeping up the trash…looks like they are going after the puck at an ice hockey rink…lol).

While everyone ate either oysters or chicken bog, Bill Anderson kept the great tunes spinning and even some of the members took a break from eating to show their stuff on the dance floor.  Of course, Bill had to throw in a couple line dances for the ladies (and men).

Billy Powell and Cathy Jamiolkowski did a great job selling 50/50 tickets and the winner of the 50/50 Charles Neal walked away with $449.  Name Tag winner of $20 was Betty Bennett and Logo Winner of $20 was Debby Robbe.

At the end of the night there was lots of help from many of the members including the Executive board and their spouses to put the OD Arcade back to its original state.

2018 World Famous OD Shag Club Oyster Roast will go down as a wonderful success and we will look forward to it again next year.  Thank you again to EVERYONE FOR A GREAT JOB WELL DONE!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180215 Sea Turtles Meeting

Sea Turtles Meeting


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance and instruct at the Grand Dunes Marriott Hotel in Myrtle Beach on February 15, 2018 at 8PM in the Atlantic Ballroom. Our point of contact for this event was Event planner Jessica M Cutler, DMCP of Myrtle Beach.

The event was for the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting which was held at the Grand Dunes Marriott in Myrtle Beach, SC from February 12, 2018 thru February 15, 2018. They had a long week and wanted to see and learn the Shag Dance.

After being introduced to the Sea Turtle membership Linda Campbell the OD Shag Club Dance Team spokesperson introduced the members of the Dance Team. The average age of the members of the Sea Turtles was around 30 years young. Linda introduced the dancers at an average age of 65. There was a roar which got the attention of the group.

“Now let see what these old folks can do” was in the air.  Well, as our usual routine of spot light dancing began as Lenny our eldest danced the crowd became more and more interested in what we had to offer.

When asked who would like to learn to “Shag” more than half of the Sea Turtles audience came to the floor. Such a enthusiastic group.

We had a great DJ Corey who played the music too which the team danced. It was great working with him.

Some special thanks go out to Jessica Cutler, DMCP of Myrtle Beach for the invite and the warm welcome we received from the Sea Turtles.

I would like to thank those members of the dance team that participated in this event: from left to right – Ted Sobol, Connie Livingston, Callie White, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Jimmy Harley, Linda Campbell, Rich Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Lenny Gardner, Donna Williams, Burnie Williams, Lou Martino, Lori Setzer, Billy Byrne, John Setzer, and Linda Wilson.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180120 Clean Sweep

Post-SOS Clean Sweep 


Bill Bacon

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Phot0s by Lou Martino

Hello ODSC Members,

Saturday, January 20th, a near record group of 29 members of the OD Shag Club braved the cold to turn out at Deckerz at 8:30 AM for our annual Mid-Winter Clean Sweep!  After enjoying some of Hardee’s finest biscuits and Dunkin Donuts coffee, the group managed to collect 30 bags of trash and refuse from the streets and parking lots of North Myrtle Beach from the intersection of US 17 and Main to Ocean Blvd and from Main Street to 5th Ave North and South on Ocean Blvd.  We were pleased to see a lot of new members turn out as well as a lot of the usual suspects. 

For those of you who have never come to a Clean Sweep, you may not believe it, but we do have a good time! For any of you who have stopped coming, if your health permits, I think you might enjoy coming back! Sometimes it pays to participate as New Member Paulette Custer found $10.00!

We hope as many members as possible are able to come to our next Clean Sweep which is presently scheduled for Cinco de Mayo which is the first Saturday after Spring SOS.

20180114 SOS Brunch

Mid Winter SOS Brunch


Nancy Sook

A fabulous time was had by all 232(209 members, 9 guests,8 junior shaggers and 6 others in their party) at the midwinter brunch held at the od arcade, Sunday, January 14, 2018. 

We danced to tunes played by the crazy as ever, Murl Augustine, drank adult beverages and dined on a delicious brunch of scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, biscuits and fruit prepared by the staff of the arcade.

We all watched and cheered as the junior shaggers awed us with their moves. 

Then hoped our numbers would be called, but the winners were: name tag, Kathy Jamiolkowski, logo, Becki Roberts and the 50/50 winner of $288 was Ed Shiflett. Ed kindly donated his money to the junior shaggers.  

The club’s half of $287 was donated to the junior shaggers along with a bucket full of money. 

A special guest, Svein-arne Nordkvelle from Norway, where he has his own shag club of  25 members, was introduced. Too soon it was noon, Murl finished and we’ll be back for spring safari.

Click here to see Photos of this event.

Photos by Lou Martino

20181217 Christmas Families

Christmas Families


Karen Young


This year, the OD Shag Club sponsored 8 kids from four families for Christmas. The club donated $850 and the dance team added another $505 to make this a wonderful Christmas for these families. The Fifth Avenue group again donated a boy’s bicycle and accessories for one of our needy kids. Cindy Day, Cassie Shumway and Karen Young did all the shopping and were able to get almost everything on the kid’s wish lists. Each child got at least two new outfits and toys from their wish lists. Cindy, Cassy and Karen wrapped all the gifts.

The food that was donated at the Christmas Party was sorted Sunday morning at Rich and Karen’s home. 13 members showed up to help divide up the food for the four families. The money donated was used to buy turkeys, hams and other perishables for each family.

Monday morning, Terry McCoy, Glenn Strange and Rich and Karen Young delivered the food and gifts to Riverside Elementary School. Thanks to all who donated either food or money to help make this a special Christmas for these families.

Don and Judy Thomas also donated a girl’s bike which will be given to another child from the school that needs one.

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Photos by Lou Martino

20171216 Christmas Party

Christmas Party


Terry McCoy

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Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their help and support this year. The Christmas party turned out really great and we had a large crowd. Donnie and all his helpers did a great job   preparing the meal for us it was fantastic. Everyone did a great job bringing can food or donating cash for our needy families.  We had plenty of food and cash thank you dance team for your cash donation. We gave away a 25-dollar gift card for bringing food or cash donation. The winner of the drawing was Becky Roberts congratulations. I hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I did. Happy holidays to everyone see you next year.

Photos by Lou Martino

20171214 St James Elementary

St James Elementary School Groovy Grandparents Art Day


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was asked to demonstrate and instruct at St James Elementary School Groovy Grandparents Art Day, December 14, 2017.

Their groovy grandparents’ art day demonstrated how to paint with water colors. The grandparents and their grandkids learned how to paint step by step. It was interesting to see on a large screen how each step of the painting developed. Of course, the dance team was invited to paint.

During their intermission, the dance team was to demonstrate and instruct the Shag Dance to the grandparents with their grandkids. Everyone in the gymnasium participated. What an enthusiastic group and we look forward to seeing future junior shagger in this group.

After Linda Campbell introduced the dance team, we instructed and danced for approximately 30 minutes. It was a true pleasure seeing the smiles on the grandkids and how each family member interacted with each other. We had several grandparents interested in taking the Shag Dance to the next level. Many grands wanted to know how they could get more involved in the dance. Everyone had a great time.

Thanks to Kayleigh Vanlandingham for inviting the Dance Team back from last year. She has also scheduled the dance team to demonstrate and instruct for the students next year 2018.

Thanks to the dance team members that showed up for this event: Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Lenny Gardner, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Barbara Hopper, Linda Campbell, and Lou Martino.

See you next year St James Elementary School.

Photos by Lou Martino

20171204 Manor Christmas

Myrtle Beach Manor Christmas


Linda Campbell

On Monday, December 4, 2017, OD Shag Club members started arriving at the Myrtle Beach Manor around 5:30pm excited for our Annual Christmas party for the residents. We ALWAYS look forward to this event each year.

Joe Ferlauto had a full agenda planned from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The evening began with Emcee John Harris introducing four of our own Junior Shaggers to dance. All the songs that were to be danced were Chrismas Shag Songs. WOW! Those Juniors could really “let it go” and showed us some of their fancy moves.

Next, were the members of the OD Shag Club Dance Team and they filled the floor dancing to “Santa Meet Me with Your Red Suit On” and “Rockin Santa Man”. They showed their fancy footwork also which was quite impressive, since the youngest member is around 60 and the olders at 96. Way to go Dance Team!!

Again, this year, the three “L’s” in this case for this event, the three “Elves”, Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, and Lou Martino did their trio dance, which is always entertaining.

Showcasing their dancing skills and talents were Mike and Bonnie Bejzak to the tune of “Call Me Claus”. They were great especially since Mike had just had double knee replacement less than six months ago. Great job Mike and Bonnie!

Next came our favorite part of the show, where the women of our club put beautiful Christmas pins on the lady residents of the manor, as the members of the club distribute punch and cookies to the music of traditional Christmas carols being played in the background by Chair Joe Ferlauto.

The smiles on the faces of all the residents began to light up the room and one could tell that they were having a wonderful time.

Our favorite joke teller, Lenny Gardner, shared some of his humor by telling a few jokes keeping the residents and members laughing along with him.

Always a favorite Paul Craver came and sang several songs, including his Mother’s favorite song “Make the world go away” and each resident enjoyed listening to them all. The dancing continued with Bill and Sheila Seymour, National Dance constestants, dancing again this year to a favorite Shag song “Cant Take the Pressure”. As in the past, Great job Bill and Sheila!

All of a sudden, we were taken back in time to the Theme Song of the Mickey Mouse Club announcing the entrance of the lovable Mickey and Minnie Mouse (aka Lou Martino and Linda Campbell). Mickey and Minnie began mingling with the residents as they sang traditional Christmas carols such as “Frosty” and “Rudolph”.

But, WAIT, WHAT to our wandering eyes should appear? But a jolly old man, with round little belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl for of jelly…. YEP it was SANTA CLAUSE and his little helper Christmas Carol!

As Santa waived and heard the wishes of the residents, the members of the club passed out beautiful poinsettias for each resident’s room. What a delight it was to watch them with Santa and Christmas Carol.

Mickey and Minnie then joined Santa and Christmas Carol again and members of the OD Shag Club to end the night singing a few more carols and then ending the night with our traditional song of “God Bless America”

Thank you to all of the OD Shag Club members who all dressed up in their festive attire and accessories. But most of all our gratefulness to Joe Ferlauto, Chairperson, who worked so hard to prepare this wonderful event.

I close with these words, which reflect the whole evening: “May this Christmas season bring you special moments and Happy memories and always BELIEVE in the MAGIC of Christmas!”

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Photos by Jim Livingston

20171202 Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade


Billy Powell

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Bright lights, great music, friends, food, libations and fun!  All of these were to be had at the NMB Christmas Parade.  The OD Shag Club had 53 participants and we were led down Main Street by the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, also known as Lou Martino and Linda Campbell.  We had Elves, Snowmen, Sleighs, Stars, Christmas Trees, Penguins, Reindeer, Presents, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy and Minions!

The carts were decorated beautifully and the OD Shag Club was one of the 99 entries in this year’s parade.  Virtually, every entry was lighted and so I think we should rename it the NMB Electrical Light Parade. 

The ODSC threw out beads this year instead of candy and it was extremely popular!  All the kids were calling out for us to throw them beads.  It seemed to be a hit!  If you were part of the parade this year, thank you and I hope you had as good a time as I did.  If not, think about joining us next year!

20171021 Nomination Halloween Party

Nomination Halloween Party


Terry McCoy

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The Halloween Party  at Savilles turned out to be a great party. The pizza  was good with all the sides that members brought. Their was a little confusion at first with a party going on till 6 and our costumes starting at 6 but it all seemed to work out. I thank you for your patience. Thanks to all those that dressed up with some great costumes. The winner of individual costume was Diane Bauer the couple’s winner was Lori and John Setzer. It was election night with no opposition the slate of officers are on web site. Great party

Photos by Lou Martino

20171011 Rotary Club Little River

Rotary Club Little River


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the Little River Rotary Club in Little River, SC on October 11, 2017, at 12:30PM at the CB Berry Community Center in Little River. We were able to dance at this location with networking with our Point of Contact that Linda Campbell met at the Blue Crab Festival in May 2017.

Our Point of Contact was Paula Yanis, President-Elect of the Little River Rotary Club. After a short club meeting, we were invited to eat lunch with the Rotary Club. What was impressive was we all stood and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag followed by pray.

Paula introduced the ODSC Dance Team spokesperson Linda Campbell. Linda gave a short history and information of the ODSC and the Shag Dance. Linda then introduced each individual of the Dance Team. The dance team then danced their style of the Shag.

Linda then asked if any of the Rotary Club members would like to learn to Shag. Of the 25 Rotary Club Members present at the event, 10 members got up and were interested in learning. Lou Martino gave the instructions. It didn’t take long for them to learn the basic. Each member of the Dance Team matched up with members of the Rotary Club and we all danced to the music Lady Soul.

We would like to thank Paula for the invitation and the Rotary Club Members who participated to learn to Shag.

Thank you to the members of the Dance Team who danced at this event: Vic Gillispie, Lenny Gardner, Lou Martino, Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Linda Wilson, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Donna Williams, Barbara Hopper, Jimmy Harley, Burnie Williams and Linda Campbell.

Photos by Lou Martino

20171005 Rotary Club Conway

Conway Rotary Club


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the Conway Rotary Club in Conway, SC at the Conway Recreation Center on October 5, 2017, at 12:00 noon.

We were met at the Center by Bruce Boone our Point of Contact and the President of the Conway Rotary Club. The president called his meeting to order. We stood and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag and a pray. We were invited to have lunch with the Rotary Club.

After a short meeting and recognitions of members of the Rotary Club by the president, Bruce introduced Linda Campbell the ODSC Dance Team spokesperson. Linda gave a short history of the ODSC and the Shag Dance.

Linda then introduced each member of the dance team. After each dance team member danced to their specific song some smooth some slow and some fast. The Rotary Club members were asked to participate to learn how to Shag. Many of their members were interested to learn as you can see in the photos.

Thank you to Bruce Boone and the members of the Conway Rotary Club for inviting the ODSC Dance Team for inviting us to dance at their meeting.

Thank you to the Dance Team members that made this event possible: Vic Gillispie, Linda Wilson, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Rich Jamiolkowski, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lou Martino and Linda Campbell.

A special thank you to John Lowery for being the OD Shag Club liaison for this event.  

Photos by Lou Martino

20170930 Navy Vets USS James K Polk Reunion

USS James K Polk Reunion


Lou Martino

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On September 30, 2017 at the Sands Ocean Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC at 8:00 PM the OD Shag Dance Team was invited to dance for the USS James K Polk Reunion. This reunion was from September 28-30, 2017. We were proud to be able to represent the Shag Dance to those who served this country with pride and honor.

Officially, the USS James K. Polk Veterans Association (JKPVA) is a chartered and incorporated non-profit 501(c) (19) organization formed exclusively and specifically for the pleasure, recreation, and fellowship of the men who served aboard the United States submarine USS James K. Polk (SSBN/SSN 645) and their families.

After the ODSC Dance Team was introduced by Diane Barlin our POC for this event, Linda Campbell our spokesperson for the OD Shag Club Dance Team gave a little history about what she had learned about the USS James K Polk online to bond with their members.

Linda introduced the Dance Team.  A special introduction of Lenny A. Gardner, our dance team member, was introduced as one of those soldiers who landed at the Normandy Invasion. He got a standing ovation from the members of the USS James K. Polk.  It was truly a site to see. Something that our team will remember for many years to come.

There were around 150 members of the USS James K. Polk attending the reunion. They were a very enthusiastic group. After each couple of the dance team demonstrated their style of dance, we invited all those who wanted to learn how to Shag to join us on the floor.

As you can see in the pictures, there was an abundance of members who wanted to learn and learn they did. Within a few minutes they had learned the basic steps and danced.

They continued to dance to the music of SouthSide Drive a local 3-piece band led by our own OD Shag Club Member, Randy Bowling.

Over all the night was a total success. Everyone had a great time as indicated by Diane Barlin, “They all had a great time and appreciated your time to teach them how to dance the Shag. Since only one person in the whole group knew how to Shag prior to your instructions and now 60% of the group knows how to Shag I would say your group was a great hit!”

I would like to thank those members of the dance team who danced at this event: from left to right on the picture above – Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Ted Sobol, Callie White, Barbara Hopper, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lenny Gardner, Rich Jamiolkowski, Donna Williams, Jimmy Harley, Bill Millman, Linda Campbell, Lou Martino and Burnie Williams.

20170920 Bar Crawl

ODSC Social Crawl


Linda Campbell

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On Tuesday, September 19th of SOS, 40 plus members of the OD Shag Club proudly put on their red shirts/blouses and met at Pirates Cove to begin one of two nights of our Annual Bar and Social Crawl.  It was very evident that the OD Shag Club was in the club with visions of red everywhere.  Everyone was getting their adult beverages/drinks and socializing with each other and even with other members of other clubs who where their to enjoy the DJ and the music that was playing.  Many of the club members took to the floor to enjoy the great music that he was playing to keep the energy of SOS going.  After a group picture (a sea of red, I must say), we began to make our way out of Pirates Cove to our next destination, Duck’s.   We were a rowdy group as we headed up the sidewalk to Ducks.  Each one made their way up the sidewalk and acknowledged Tommy and Christina Black who was playing outside, as we entered Ducks Too.  It was also evident that the OD Shag Club was also in the house at Ducks.  Moving the paaarrty up to the Main Ducks, Paul Craver announced that the OD Shag Club was in the house and a great roar was heard around the club.  Again, all socialized, danced to the fantastic music of  Paul Craver.

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the OD Shag Club had its second night of its Annual Bar and Social Crawl by beginning the night at the OD Arcade.  Some 35 plus members dressed in white this night, attended and enjoyed the spirits, and the dancing.  On queue, we all gathered and left to our next destination, our host club, Fat Harold’s.  We were very excited and quite loud as we walked up the side walk (and we even lost a few members to the Music on Main concert) and crossed the street over to Fat Harold’s.  Waiting at the door to greet us was our own favorite Bartender, Shannon Briggs.  Of course, entering was no quiet matter as the OD Shag Club entered the club.  Of course a fun time, dancing, socializing and enjoying the great music was had by all.

We all look forward to next year as we meet again and enjoy this fun event.

Photos by Lou Martino

20170917 SOS brunch

SOS Brunch


Linda Campbell

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On September 17, 2017 the Annual Fall Migration SOS OD Shag Club Brunch was held at the OD Arcade.  Present and feed were over 300 members and guests.  Wow!  What a great success.  Thank you Chris and your staff for the great job that you did in helping us feed this many people.   Also, thank you to all those who helped serve and to the Hospitality Committee who tirelessly helped to check everyone in.  Whoop! Whoop!!

Terry McCoy welcomed everyone to the event and gave a few announcements and after a blessing by Vice-President, Linda Campbell, breakfast was served.  Everyone waiting for their ticket color to be called, was entertained by the great shag music by the one and only DJ,

Terry McPhail.  Thank you Terry for a great job as always.

We were also entertained as a thank you for all the support that the OD Shag Club as given to two of our local Juniors, Lizzie and Jackson Batten, as they demonstrated their awesome shag talent.  They began by thanking our club and said that they just wanted to dance as a thank you, but before their dance was through, our club had shown more support by tossing some monies on the floor to show how much we enjoyed their dancing.  Keep shagging and we are so proud of you two kiddos!!!

A special presentation was made to Gene Pope from the Richmond Shag Club, who won the Shag Club entry of our Annual SOS Golf Tournament of $400.00 to Junior SOS.  This is the 2nd Year that Richmond has won and given their winnings as a donation to Junior SOS.  A great big THANK YOU TO THIS GREAT CLUB!!!

Name tag winner was Ken Meyer, Logo Winner was Rich Young and the BIG WINNER of the day was JD Ramseur who won the 50/50. 

Many people filled the dance floor as the brunch came to a close and many visited our Ways and Means tables to see what bargains they could find to proudly display their OD Shag Club logo.


Photos by Lou Martino

20170916 Golf Tournament

ODCS Annual Golf Tournament


Cindy Day

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Another exciting year for the OD Golf tournament. What a great day we had, the weather could not have been better and a great group of golfers for this year’s charity tournament. A special thank you to Eastport Golf Course for allowing us to host this tournament again this year. These are the Gold Hole Sponsors Homegrown Hospitality Group, Jake’s Heating & Cooling, Ocean Boulevard Vacations, Wyman Wise State Farm.  Our Silver Hole Sponsors were Boulineau’s, Young Interiors, Dr. Edwin Styers, DDS.  A big thank you to these companies for their generosity!

We had several OD Shag club members put in long hours and dedication to this tournament and we need to recognize them as well. Glen Strange, Bob Miller, Ken Meyer, Rich & Karen Young, Our President Terry McCoy, Billy & Monica Powell, Bob & Kathy Sanders. We also want to thank the other volunteer’s that helped at the tournament Howard Stalling for his special touches, Tina Tomberlin, Sandy Cummings, Carol Meyers, Linda Campbell, Joyce Girling, John Setzer, Vickie Parsons, Cassy Shumway, Cindy, Day, Ron, Pough, Donna Strange, Becki Roberts, Jesse Decker, And Mr. photographer himself Lou Martino…

The winner of the longest drive with a marshmallow was won by Patty Caudle, And the winning team was Sonny Tomberlin, Kenny Elkins, Bob Johnson, Len. Thank you all for a great 2017 tournament and hope to see you next year!!!

Photos by Lou Martino

20170819 Nominations Party

Nominations Party


Linda Campbell

At Fat Harold’s, August 19th, 2017, our great Hospitality Team began greeting each and every one of our OD Shag Club members and their guests for our Nominations Party.  Out in the parking lot to the side, one could see the busyness of members preparing our Bar-b-que for the dinner to be served for the night.

Gary Bass was in the DJ booth playing tunes to get the crowd up and on their feet. Shagging to the oldies, the new hits we hear on Wednesday and Fridays, and of course, all the favorites that we love to dance to.

The party began right at 6:00pm with President Terry McCoy welcoming everyone and making some announcements.  He then turned the microphone over to Nominations Chair Vic Gillespie who announced the nominations for the 2018 Board of the OD Shag Club.  Those running are:  Board of Directors:  John Seltzer, Al Grosgrove, Nancy Sook and Jerry Howard.  Treasurer:  Vicky Parsons, Secretary: Donna Williams, Vice President: Bill Bacon and for President: Linda Campbell.

Congratulations to Vicky, Donna, Bill and Linda who will run unopposed and will be the officers for 2018.

After the nominations were announced everyone was excited to get their food card called so they could sink their teeth into some wonderful Bar-b-que and all the fixin’s.  Thank you to Faye Chowning, Donnie and Wendy Shultz, Jim and Wanda Queen, Susan and Kevin Harrell, Bill Bacon, Terry McCoy, Tim and Cassy Shumway and Cindy Day  for the MAGNIFICIENT job that you guys did in cooking, and transporting, preparing and getting servers for the Bar-b-que.  Everything was delicious!!! We even got to buy what was left to take home for later!  Yumm!!

Drawings were held before the night ended for the nametag and logo and those lucky winners were Sandy Ramseur and Linda Campbell.  I believe there is still a question as to the winner of the 50/50 as to whether it was Mama Vicky Harrison and Wanda Queen or was it Paul Harrison…Story to come later! Ha!

Gary Bass also presented back to the club his monies that we pay him to play.  Aww! Thank you Gary…we do appreciate YOU!!

One could say that we had a great night of food, fellowship, and dance and look forward to the upcoming SOS and the Elections party in October to vote on the rest of the Board of Directors who will continue to move this ODSC forward as the BEST SHAG CLUB EVER!

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Photos by Lou Martino

20180101 President – Linda Campbell


Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell



 Email: lindalou1972@yahoo.com

My name is Linda Benfield Campbell.  I currently reside in Longs, SC after relocating here from Columbia SC in 2010.  I am originally from Statesville, NC and am currently employed with Aflac as a Sales Associate. While working with Aflac, I have held several positions including State Training Coordinator for NC, SC, and Florida, District Sales Coordinator in NC, SC, and Florida and Training Manager at Aflac’s World Wide Headquarters in Columbus, Ga.

I began shag dancing with my Twin Sister, Brenda, in Statesville, NC in 1996. While in Statesville I was a member of several shag clubs, and I held numerous positions within the Statesville Shag Club including Secretary, Vice President. I also chaired Entertainment/Decorating and Ways and Means committees.  In September of 2001, I won the Rookies Revenge Contest during SOS with Larry Davis.

I have been a member of the OD Shag club for 7 years. I am Vice-President of the ODSC. In 2015, I was elected to the 2016 Executive Board.  I was the Entertainment/Decorating Co-Chair for 2 years (2011-2012), Co- Chaired the Vacation Giveaway Fundraiser 2013 and Chaired the 2014 Golf Cart Fundraiser. In 2012, Lou Martino and I founded the ODSC Dance Demo Team that now has grown to over 30 members. We demonstrate the shag to nursing homes/assisted living homes in the community, conventions, weddings and just about anywhere we can showcase the dance. I have volunteered for many of the events of The ODSC including participating in parades, golf tournament, ways and means, and serving at the Brunches and our parties etc.

I do love to dance but more importantly I love to promote and preserve the dance. I dance at least 2 nights a week at Fat Harold’s. During this time I am either dancing or enjoy talking about my love for the dance, by getting others involved in the dance and our ODSC club. 

As your new President, I ask for your support. I want to continue to strive to continue what our previous Presidents have set before me to be a dancing club that does its best to promote and preserve the Shag whenever and wherever we can. I also want to respect and listen to our membership.

20180101 Vice President -Bill Bacon

Vice President

Bill Bacon

Bill Bacon


Phone: 910-214-6460

Email: wmbacon@yahoo.com

When I was growing up in Whitevillle my parents would sometimes bring my little sister and me to Ocean Drive or Cherry Grove for a day and we would picnic on the beach.

When I was older and could drive, I would try to come down nearly every Friday and Saturday night in the summer to go to Sonny’s Pavilion where Motos is now, and sometimes to the Pad, the Barrel, and the Pavilion at Ocean Drive. Back then the area would just about shut down from Labor Day until Easter. I remember asking my Mother “Why can’t we move here?” and she told me that it was because Daddy’s job wasn’t here!

But even back then, before Ocean Drive joined Cherry Grove, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill to form North Myrtle Beach, I knew that I would live here one day and now I do! Back then it was the beach, the Pavilion, rides and games that made it special. Now it is our friends, neighbors and the O.D. Shag Club members that make O.D. and North Myrtle Beach special. My wife, Joan and I bought a condo in Cherry Grove in 1999. We sold that and in 200~ built the house we live in now.

We joined the o. D. Shag Club shortly thereafter and have been members ever since!

I have been on the Board of the O.D. Shag Club for a two year stint and have helped with many other endeavors including the Oyster Roast and other dinners and events. I was co-chairman of the Clean Sweep Committee, chairman of the Cruise to Nowhere and chairman of the Bus to Somewhere Committees to name a few things I have helped with. Of course, I probably couldn’t have done as much without the help and support of my beautiful wife, Joan!

Thank you for your vote and support for Vice President of the O.D. Shag Club. I hope to help keep the O.D. Shag Club a vibrant club that serves its members and community!

20180101 Secretary – Donna Williams


Donna Williams

Donna Williams


Phone: 843-877-9445

Email: donnamw@sc.rr.com

Hello everyone. I am Donna Williams and I am running for the Secretary position for 2018. My husband Burnie and I live in Waterfall in Little River. I am a South Carolina Realtor who loves and sells the North end of the Strand as well as being an onsite rep in Waterfall. The dance and the opportunity of the dance lifestyle is what brought us to this area full time in 2011 originally from VA by way of Ft Myers Fl. My career included running the business office and admission office of 2 medical facilities in Charlottesville VA and then 27 years there with the Social Security Office as an instructor, a claims specialist and retiring as a claims expert. I spent 5 years as a Re/Max agent in Fort Myers before moving to this area.

“All she wants to do is dance” is my passion. I have been a dancer as long as I can remember. Having 2 grandmothers who were champion dancers I grew up with music and the love of the dance in my soul. The dance is also what brought Burnie and I together in 2004. I have been a member of the Lynchburg VA Shag club, the Colonial Shag club and/or the OD shag club at different times since 2003. While living in Ft Myers, Burnie and I taught weekly shag classes for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months we were teaching 4 classes each week as the classes graduated to different levels. I was also teaching line dance classes during part of that time.

As an OD Shag club member, I have been working with Ways & Means, sold golf cart tickets, and am a member of the demo dance team. As members of the dance team, we do all that we can to promote the OD Shag club, the dance and the lifestyle.  We dance most Wednesdays and Fridays at Fat Harold’s and make it a point to be ambassadors of the club to the many visitors that we meet. I am also beginning a 3rd 2 year term as a board member of the Waterfall Property Owners Association serving as Secretary/Treasurer. As the Secretary of the OD Shag Club, I hope to be able to serve the needs of the club and its members and to add to my ability to promote the club and preserve the dance and the wonderful lifestyle.

 Your vote will be greatly appreciated


20180101 Board Member- John Setzer

Board Member

John Setzer

John Setzer

Board Member

Phone: 336-817-8373

Email: jrsetzer@gmail.com

Hi, my name is John Setzer.  After retiring from CVS/Caremark Pharmacy with over 30 years of service I moved to North Myrtle Beach with my wife Lori Setzer in 2015.  While living in Lewisville, NC, I was an active member of the Greater Triad Shag Club from 2008 – 2016 helping with the Ways and Means Committee and attending the ASCS meeting in Jacksonville, FL in 2012.  I also served on the Board 2012 – 2013.  I joined the ODSC in 2014 and have been active in helping sell ODSC merchandise and golf cart tickets during SOS and other events. Along with my wife, I have been a member of the ODSC Dance Team since 2016 where we have enjoyed showcasing the dance to others.  I also helped build the SOS Parade float 2017 and participated in the dance troupe for the parade.

Before retiring, I had the privilege of holding numerous leadership roles in pharmacy:

  • Active in local, state and national professional associations
  • Founding member of the Northwest Pharmacist Association 1985 – present
    • Held offices of Treasurer 1988 and President 1991
  • Convention Chair for NC Pharmacist Association 1991
  • UNC Pharmacy Alumni Board Member 1996 -2001
    • Served as President Elect 1999, President 2000, Past President 2001
  • Member of The UNC Pharmacy Foundation 2000 – 2005
  • Preceptor for UNC and Campbell Schools of Pharmacy

Our love of the music and dance brought us here.  My wife and I regularly dance and love to help others as they begin shagging.   I would like to serve as a member of the Board to help give back to the club and support the dance we all love. Your vote would be greatly appreciated.

20180101 Board Member- Nancy Sook

Board Member

Nancy Sook

Nancy Sook

Board Member

Phone: 843-497-4094

Email:  njsook@gmail.com

Hi ODSC members. My name is Nancy Sook and I have been nominated to run for the Board. Currently, I hold the office of Secretary for the ODSC. For the past 10 years, I have been a member of the ODSC, and for most of those years, I have sold 50/50 tickets. For 2 years, I co-chaired the Entertainment and Decorating Committee with Linda Campbell. I have sold raffle tickets, worked in the general store, been in parades, helped at Junior SOS, helped to serve food and danced on the Demo Team. For 10 years I have been a member of the Rock”N”ettes, leader for the past 7. I have been president of the Myrtle Beach Duplicate Bridge Club, served on the board for years and am currently VP, Treasurer of my Ladies Golf Association until my bad knee forced me to give up golf, Secretary for my Ladies church group, and make blankets and chemo hats for the Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

20180101 Board Member – Billy Powell

Board Member

Billy Powell  

Powell, Billy

Billy Powell

Board Member

Phone:(704) 231-9818


I am very pleased and honored to have been asked by the Nominating Committee to run for the Board of the OD Shag Club.

We have participated in every parade since moving here in 2012. We have also helped with Ways & Means by selling 50/50 tickets, manning the booths for merchandise sales and golf cart tickets. I have also worked at the Golf Tournament each year. We take pride in being active members and attend and participate in as many ODSC events as possible.

I have served as Parade Chairman in 2015 and am currently Chairman of the Golf Cart Fundraiser.

We have had a home in NMB since 1988 and spent quite a bit of time in the area. My wife and I sold our home in Weddington, NC and moved to NMB full time in 2012. One of the firs things we did was join the OD Shag Club. We have been members of the Monroe Shag Club for many years and understand and appreciate the camaraderie of being a member of vibrant shag club.

As a member of the Monroe Shag Club, I served in the following capacities:

• President
• Vice President
• SOS Parade Chair – 5 years
• Ways & Means Chairperson
• Chairman of the Monroe Shag Club Foundation
• Vice-Chairman of the Monroe Shag Club Foundation

20180101 Board Member – Tina Tomberlin

Board Member

Tina Tomberlin

Tina Tomberlin

Board Member

Phone: (704) 221-2902


I am honored to have been chosen by the Nominating Committee to run for Board Member of the O.D. Shag Club.

Currently I am serving as your Secretary.  I served as Chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity it has given me to meet so many of our members.

After moving here in October 2012 my husband Sonny and I joined the O. D. Shag in November that same year. We of course knew of the O.D. Shag Club due to our involvement in the Monroe Shag Club for 14 years and by attending many ACSC meetings. We were happy to be able to join a club that was as dedicated to the preservation of the Shag and all it encompasses. During my years as a member of the Monroe Shag Club I served in the following capacities:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Board of Directors
  • Ways and Means Chairperson
  • Social Chairperson
  • SOS Parade Chairperson
  • Shaggin’ for Dollars Co-Chairperson (our annual charity fundraiser)
  • Decorating Committee Chairperson

While living in the Monroe, NC area I was employed as the Complex Human Resources Manager at Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, the world’s second largest poultry producer. Sonny and I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

I am very pleased to be a member of the O.D. Shag Club and hope that through your votes I can continue to serve the club.

20180101 Board Member – Cindy Day

Board Member

Cindy Day

Cindy Day

Board Member

Phone: (843) 457-1701


I joined the shag club in 2011 and started to help my sister Cassy on the decorating committee for that year. The following year I helped out in Hospitality and loved it. I took a year off and then became Co-Chair with Elaine and the following year I was Hospitality Chair and still running Hospitality as of today. I have helped out with several events. I’ve helped clean up my first few Oyster Roasts, Clean sweeps, Golf Tournaments, Myrtle Beach Manor, and Just went to my first ACSC workshop with our shag group.

20170805 Bus To Somewhere

Bus Trip to Shallotte Shag Club


Terry McCoy

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The bus trip to Coastal shag club was a huge success. We had 54 members of the bus and more members met us their.The members brought great appetizers and liquid refreshments for the trip their. Coastal did a great job preparing for us.Thay had door greeters two tables of food two d.js making for a great party. Coastal really made  us feel welcome.  I think everyone had a real good time thanks for attending this great event.

Photos by Lou Martino

20170729 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Billy Powell

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The annual Charity Fun Run was held on July 29th.  Even though it was raining at our first stop, the rain stopped before we left to travel to our second stop.  The weather cooperated for the rest of the day, so if you let the rain scare you off, you missed a great time.  We traveled from the OD Arcade to Castaways on to 710 Bowling Alley, next step Deckerz and our last stop was our home club, Fat Harold’s.  All locations did a great job and a lot of fun was had at each stop.  It seems that “a lot”….was the word of the day as we had “a lot of beverages consumed”, “a lot of 50/50 tickets sold”, and “a lot of raffle prizes” were given to the participants.

There were quite a few prizes given away this year.  We had over 60 raffle prizes, lst place, 2nd place, 3 winners for smallest point total and the 50/50 winner.  Thanks to everyone who participated in some way and many, many thanks to everyone who worked on the event!

The most important part of our day is that our charity for the event was the big winner.  Our designated charity for this event was one that fits right in with our goal as a shag club.  Our stated purpose is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the shag dance and what better way to do this than supporting a group that has won national dance competitions and was invited this year to participate in national and international competitions….. the Junior Shagger Dance Team. 

Many thanks again to everyone who worked this event.  Without these people volunteering to work, this event would not occur.  Special thanks to Donnie Schultz, Wendy Schultz and Monica Powell, our chairpersons for this event.  They worked really hard behind the scenes to make sure that you had a good time and everything went without a hitch.

Next year, don’t let anything stand in your way of enjoying the comraderies and fun of this event!  As a reminder, this is a rain or shine event.  No matter the weather, the ODSC always has a great time!

Photos by Lou Martino

20170723 Brunch Junior SOS

Brunch Junior SOS


Nancy Sook

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After an invocation by Matt Free, approximately 241 junior shaggers and their parents/grandparents  enjoyed a fabulous brunch catered by the OD Shag Club. They ate while listening to the music played by DJ Larry Edwards.  After brunch, all were entertained by a group of girls representing the Juniors and put together by Crystal Taylor Davis. Their song, “Trust In You”. Pastor Josh Walters of Mt. Pleasant Seacoast Church, gave an awesome talk starting with “keepers of the dance” and how this relates to our relationship with god.  Afterwards, the girls, accompanied by Jackson Batten and Kyle Sellers on guitar, sang “Hills and Valleys”.  Moms and children filled the floor as they thanked their moms and dads who support them, by singing a beautiful rendition of “When I Pray for You”.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the front room of Harold’s. Gene Pope, President of Junior Shag Association, gave the farewell speech; thanking everyone for coming, all the volunteers, Monte Lee for taking pictures and until July 17-22, 2018 everyone said goodbye to a fabulous week.  

Photos by Lou Martino

20170719 Honorary Society of Educators

Honorary Society of Educators


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance and teach the Shag Dance July 19, 2017, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center from 6:30PM thru 9PM Thursday night for the Honorary Society for Educators, Delta Kappa Gamma international.

We all arrived at the Convention Center around 6:30PM and were directed to Ballrooms D/E where there were approximately 400 members of the Honorary Society for Educators awaiting to be taught to dance and listen to Craig Woolard and the Embers play.

As we waited to be introduced we all where in hopes that the many hours of practice would pay off. The introductions for the educators from each state represented was introduced and the United States Flag was honored during the National Anthem.

Susie Epps our point of contact before introducing the OD Shag Club Dance Team presented the Team with a generous donation then giving the microphone to the Dance Team Spokes Person Linda Campbell. Linda gave a brief history of the Dance Team and explained what we were all about. The crowed showed their enthusiasm with a warm welcome by their applause.

Linda introduced the Dance Team and we had the opportunity to show case what we had been practicing for two months. Our own circle dance of six couples with eight steps and the ladies dancing with different partners after each step. The audience loved it. Even though we were unable to show case each different style of the Shag, we had more fun teaching the many ladies that where on their feet wanting to learn. We were flooded with so many of the ladies that we had several instructions going on at the same time. We had groups of 10 and 20 ladies wanting to learn.

On the dance floor, those who were familiar with the dance would come on the dance floor and grab the members of the team and they danced, danced, danced.

The dance floor was never empty as long as Craig Woolard and the Embers played. And the band played on until 9PM. At the end of the event Craig Woolard honored the veterans with Lee Greenwoods “God Bless America” as we honored our own Lenny Gardner and the veterans of the Dance Team.

We set a record of getting the most ladies on the dance floor at one time of over 250 participants and what an evening it was. The only complaint was that the evening was too short. We accomplished what we were asked to do maybe unorthodox but very affective.  The ladies took over the dance floor and strutted their stuff.

I would like to thank Susie Epps for contacting the OD Shag Club Dance Team and inviting us to dance at their convention.

A special thank you to the OD Shag Club Dance Team for spending their evening and their weekends for the last two months practicing to make this event one of the greatest.

The OD Shag Club Dance Team who gave up their time and as always performed to the highest quality to show the Shag Dance:

Linda Campbell, Dan Dasquino, Lenny Gardner, Vic Gillispie, Barbara Hopper, Rich Jamiolkowski, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Connie Livingston, Lou Martino, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Bob Page, Helon Page, Cherie Patalik, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Ted Sobol, Diane Tindal, Burnie Williams, Donna Williams, Linda Wilson, and Callie White. Thank you Jim Livingston for assisting with taking Photos and Happy Birthday to Diane Millman.

20170617 Fish Fry

Fish Fry


Vickie Parsons

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WHAT A PARTY!  The OD Shag Club members and guests enjoyed a remarkable party on Saturday, June 17th featuring a “Fish Fry” furnished by the club.  A total of 187 members and guests were in attendance.  Donnie Schultz and his group of chefs deep fried the fish and Faye Chowning and her helpers handled the rest.  The fish was fantastic along with all the sides and desserts.  Kudos to everyone for their help in making this event a huge success.

Also, a big thank you to our DJ of the night Kitty Earls for playing the tunes for us to dance, and the OD Shag Dance Demo Team under the care of Lou Martino and Linda Campbell for their team dance demonstrations.  These guys were able to get everyone on the dance floor.  You barely had a place to dance.  We also had a special treat with three of our local junior shaggers attending to show their shagging expertise.  We all wish we could move like them.  Thank you, Jackson and Lizzie Batten, and Gracie Pandure.  A donation bucket was passed around during the event to help our local juniors, and I’m proud to say that $276.00 was collected.  Thanks to all for your support!

The famous 50/50 earned the winner $170.00 and that prize went to Paul Lugar.  Don Thomas carried home the $20.00 prize for the Logo and Lorraine Martin won $20.00 for the Name Tag.

It was a wonderful event, and if you were unable to attend, please mark your calendar so not to miss the next party which is scheduled in August.

20170608 Litchfield Dance Team

The Lakes at Litchfield


Linda Campbell

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It was forecasted for rain, rain, and more rain. But like they say in South Carolina, just wait a few minutes and the weather will change and so it did. The Dance Team was invited to The Lakes at Litchfield in Pawley’s Island. The event was for the Dance Team to dance for the residents the first day and then for the Marketing Personnel the second day. Well the rain did keep us from dancing the first day. Yes, we got rained out, however, we did decide to go the second day rain or shine.

Although it was humid outside, the Dance Team performed well. We are getting use to dancing rain or shine, early or late, because of those who want to learn and those who have been dancing awhile. It all is about promoting the Shag Dance and instructing those who want to learn.

We danced just as well outside as we do inside. The results are the same. We always are welcomed with warmth and hospitality. Not to mention the fun we have dancing. The team is growing and enjoying every minute we get to dance.

At this event, we danced to the Marsha Morgan’s Band. We had a great dance floor under the tent. Each couple got to dance and perform while many of the invited guests looked on. After the team danced, we were able to teach several guests. Some of them already knew how to Shag. The dance floor was crowded. We had the opportunity to meet several leads to other events and looking forward to making contact with them.

Thanks goes out to Kellie Jayroe the Social Director for the Lakes at Litchfield for inviting us to dance at their event.

Thank the dance team members that attended this event: Burnie and Donna Williams, Vic Gillespie, Linda Wilson, Callie White, Bill and Diane Millman, Lenny Gardner, Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Bob Geisler, Cherie Patalik, Ted Sobol, John and Lori Setzer, Linda Campbell, and Lou Martino.

20170526 Billy the Kids Camp Kemo

Billy the Kids Fund Raiser for Camp Kemo


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance for the Camp Kemo Fundraiser on Sunday, May 26, 2017, in the evening at Billy the Kids Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. This event was hosted by Marlisa’s Wigs during Memorial Day Weekend so there was a good crowd at this event. We danced to the music by the Tams. Thus, we got to dance for the Kids. Our own Kathy McCoy introduced us to this event. They took good care of us. We had our own section and were able to sit as a group. Also, they served us a wonderful meal. Thank you, Kathy, for promoting the OD Shag Club Dance Team to this event.


Like I mentioned we did dance to the Tams and we also provided our own music to dance to during the Tams intermission. Once again, each team couple got to dance to their favorite song as onlookers enjoyed the dance. As part of the introductions by Linda Campbell, our President of the OD Shag Club, Terry McCoy was recognized as being a part of this event.


I didn’t hear the final donation and contribution amount for the Kids, but it was several thousands of dollars.


Our thanks go out to Kathy McCoy and Marlisa’s Wig for including the OD Shag Club Dance Team in this event. Also, I would like to thank the OD Shag Club Dance Team Members that danced at this event: Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, Vic Gillispie, Joyce Girling, Barbara Hopper, Rich Jamiolkowski, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Wade Kirdahi, Connie Livingston, Lou Martino, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Ted Sobol, Diane Tindall, Burnie Williams, Donna Williams, Linda Wilson and Callie White.


God Bless the Children at Camp Kemo and all those Children troubled

 by this disease.

20170520 Cook Out

Cook Out


Terry McCoy

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I want to thank everyone who showed up and helped make the Cook Out a great OD Shag Club event. The corn hole tournament started at 4:00 with Donna Strange and Bruce Fitzsimons the winners. The cooks Jim Queen, Steve Queen and Bob Sanders did a great job. Thanks to all the people that worked so hard to make it happen (food, door, 50/50) and everyone that brought dishes.  Our new member and DJ Chad Farlow did a great job with the music.  The 50/50 winner was Monica Palmieri.  We also raised $182.00 dollars for our local junior shaggers great job. Hope to see everyone in June at our next party if not before. 

20170518 Brightwater Senior Living

Brightwater Senior Living


Lou Martino

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At the request of Wendy Gatzke, Social Director at Brightwater Senior Living Communities, Myrtle Beach, SC, the OD Shag Club Dance Team was asked to dance at their Hugh Marketing Event for many community people and prospects.

The event took place under a tent outside of the facility. The temperature was 85 degrees. It was hot and muggy. We were to dance from 4PM until 7PM, May 18, 2017.

As the members of the facility and their guest tricked in. The dance team was invited to share the facilities refreshments. We had the stage to ourselves and Wendy gave us the go ahead. At 4:15PM Linda Campbell introduced the OD Shag Club Dance Team.

Each member of the team danced for 1:30 minutes to the DJ provided. The DJ was very cooperative and played Shag music that the dance team could dance to. It very exciting to have our youngest member of the team LTC Lenny Gardner back on the dance floor. Since it was so hot Brightwater provided large fans to accommodate the dancers.

It was a great event. The dance team was able to dance with some of the residents, who enjoyed the day. We were also invited to have Low Country Boil which was nice of Wendy to include the Dance Team.

I would like to thank Wendy Gatzke for giving us the opportunity to dance for this event and would also like to thank Brightwater for their generous donation to the OD Shag Club.

Thanks to the dancers that participated in this event.

Front Row: Mike Bejzak, Barbara Hopper, Lenny Gardner, Rich Jamiolkowski, and Cathy Jamiolkowski.

Back Row: Bonnie Bejzak, Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Connie Livingston, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Bob Page, Helon Page, Linda Campbell, and Lou Martino


20170507 Diva Marathon

Diva Marathon


Lou Martino

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It was a brisk morning at 6AM when Lou Martino began setting up the music prior to the Diva Marathon May 7, 2017. Yes, it was a little brisk but a great day for the running of the 2017 Annual Diva Marathon.  The Location of the OD Shag Club Dance Team to dance for the runners was to be at Hillside and 2nd Ave North in North Myrtle Beach.

The Diva Marathon is very well organized and it is the 4th invitation that the OD Shag Club Dance Team has been asked to participate in this event. Our point of contact is Katherine Stimson who is the owner of K Stimson Events, LLC. Out of Dallas, Texas. She is very professional when contacting and arranging this event.

The runners start promptly at 7AM with the first runner reaching our area around 7:20AM. The North Myrtle Beach Department assists with traffic at our location so there is no disruption to the runners.

At first there are just a few runners at the beginning, and then around 7:40AM there are literally 100’s of Diva’s lining the streets. You can see them from the length of 2nd Ave N heading East to Hillside. The runners range from babies being pushed in strollers to 80 years young.  They are a happy group. Many of the runners as they pass our area show their appreciation to the OD Shag Club Dance Team for coming out to support them by giving our team a high five and many of the Diva’s do dance in the streets as they run by.

Not only did the OD Shag Club Dance Team provide the music, we also danced in the street to support the Runners. We even had the opportunity to teach a few of the runners how to shag, as well as dancing with many of the runners who already knew how to shag. Although, we had to wear jackets and non-dancing shoes since we danced on the pavement the OD Shag Club Dance Team did their thing and provided the entertainment for an energetic crowd.

After the race, many of the runners stopped by and acknowledged how appreciative they were that we were there to support them and did posed for pictures.

Thanks go out to those Dance Team members who participated in this event:

From left to right: Rich Jamiolkowski, John Setzer, Donna Williams, Lori Setzer, Burnie Williams, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lou Martino, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Linda Wilson, Barbara Hopper, Jim Palmieri, and Monica Palmieri.

20170505 New Members Meet And Greet

New Member Meet and Greet


Linda Campbell 

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May 5th, the backroom of Fat Harold’s began to fill with excitement and anticipation as the OD Shag Club held its first New Member Social for 2017.  A big shout out goes to all those who helped to make this social a great success.   Snacks were provided by Faye Chowning, Wendy and Donnie Shultz, and the Food Committee.  Also, special thanks to Tina Tomberlin and Monica Powell for checking in the membership as they arrived.  A fun game of “Human Treasure Hunt” was introduced by Linda Campbell, where members had to search for someone who was on their list of 15 different activities, giving them an opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other.  During the game, Lou Martino took pictures of the new members for the Year Book. Terry McCoy introduced the 2017 Board and also each Committee Chair had a chance to explain what their committee did for the club and solicit each new member’s help. Afterwards, the DJ playing for the night in the backroom began to play his music so that we could stay and dance for the remainder of our time. 

Please make sure to find these members on the yearbook and help them to feel very welcomed at each of our parties. 

20170429 SOS Spring Parade

SOS Spring Safari Parade


Billy Powell

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This SOS parade was last Saturday and once again it was a success.  The ODSC had a great entry and lots of fun for the umpteenth consecutive year!

The SOS Parade has four categories that you can enter.  The categories are as follows:

  • Best Club Vehicle Top Prize   $200
  • Best Shag Troop Top Prize   $200
  • Most Original Top Prize   $300
  • Best Shag Theme Top Prize   $300

For the past 14 years, the ODSC has entered and taken 1st place every year in Best Shag Troop.  This is an outstanding accomplishment.  This year, we decided to shake things up and enter what many consider the top prize….Best Shag Theme.

With the participation and support of 60+ members of our club, we had an outstanding entry under the banner of SOS – A Thriller.  Almost everyone who participated also helped build the float and I am not sure what we would had done without their help.  Our float was decorated to mimic scenes from the video, Thriller.  There was a crypt, graveyard, movie marquee, a werewolf and many, many zombies on the float.  In front of the float, a dance team performed a choreographed routine.  Many hours of practice showed up in how great they performed in the parade.  Following the float were numerous golf carts all decorated creatively filled with zombies, vampires and “Thriller Ball” attendees.

A video of the parade is on you-tube and a separate video of the dance team practicing is also available. We have added the video on our website www.odshagclub.com.

None of this is possible without the hard work of many members of the ODSC.  A special thanks to several people who worked many, many hours on this parade…Jon Harris, Monica Powell, Sonny Tomberlin, Tina Tomberlin.

Once again, if you did not participate, you missed a lot of fun and comradery.  Oh, by the way,  WE WON BEST SHAG THEME!

20170428 Federation of Women

SC General Federation of Women’s Club


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the SC General Federation of Woman’s Club State Convention April 27, 2017 at 6PM, held at the Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, Pawleys Island, SC. We were greeted by our own Dolly McDermott who introduced us to Stephanie Williams President, North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club and Janet Prince, State President, South Carolina 2016-2018 on the Webster’s Restaurant outside deck for Happy Hour. There was a nice humid breeze and a perfect night for dancing.

Linda Campbell the MC began with an introduction as to the Shag Dance. She then introduced the Dance Team. Starting off with Donna and Burnie Williams dancing to Stand Up and Be Strong. You could tell that the coward was beginning to enjoy themselves. After the first dance Linda asked the women how many of them already knew how to Shag.

Many of them raised their hands including Mrs. Burgess, there most senior member, who had been shagging for over 60 years.

The second to demonstrate was John and Lori Setzer who danced to Everyday Love. The crowd began to clap along and seemed to watch every step.

Our third couple was Bob and Helon Page who danced to Before the Night is Though. They are from Sherrills Ford, NC and have been on the dance team for a year and travel here because they love the dance.

The 4th and final couple to dance was Lou Martino and Barbara Hopper (because Lou’s partner Linda Campbell had accident and was unable to dance) filled in beautifully and danced to Can’t Stop the Feeling. Thank you, Barbara, for rearranging you schedule to fill in at the last minute.

Lou Martino asked the women to divide on one side and the men to be on the other side. However, there were no men except for the four on the dance team. Nonetheless, instructions began and the woman were able to pick up the shag basic within a few minutes.

We then asked the members of the dance team to select a member of the Women’s Club to dance. They were willing to participate and many of them even danced with each other. Although the women were supposed to go to dinner at 7PM most of them stayed to dance.

After the instructions, we decided to teach a line dance to the music Run for Cover. It was a big hit. We all had a wonderful time.

Thank you to the Dance Team mentioned above that showed up for this event knowing that several of you have to work and arranged your schedules to accommodate the Team.

20170427 SOS Club Crawl

Club Crawl


Lou Martino


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This year the OD Shag Club joined together, socialized and simply had a great time at our bi-annual SOS Club Crawl during 2017 Spring Safari SOS. We began our journey May 25th as we all met at the Pirate’s Cove at 6Pm. There were around 20 members that attended. As we trickled in the President of the OD Shag Club Terry McCoy gave each member a “yellow” ticket for their first drink. There was no line. Since it was early in the evening not many Shaggers were out and about, so we had the whole place to ourselves. This gave those who wanted to dance a chance to show their stuff. Bob and Helon Page introduced the River Waltz and many of the members joined in.

There were probably 10 people left as the group emptied the Pirate’s Cove. We all met at the front door and then it was off to Duck’s. It was a sight to see as 20 members of the OD Shag Club walked (we weren’t crawling yet) up main street. There were those watching wondering what was going on. We did get the attention from by-standers.

As we entered Duck’s heads turned. We walked through to the back area and had a social gathering. We took up the whole area. It was nice to be able to just sit and talk. Many of the Club members did dance. As 8PM approached, we all got up and left. We made a big impact at both clubs.

The second crawl began at the OD Arcade May 27th at 6PM. WOW! We grew since the first crawl. There were around 30 members of the Club that were in attendance. There was a DJ playing great tunes and again there was room to dance. Many of the members enjoyed the fine cuisine that the Arcade has to offer.

Then we were off to Fat Harold’s. The club was packed. As we made our way through the crowd we lost our momentum as we just blended in with everyone else. We knew who we were, however, no one else knew that we were even there. It was suggested that next crawl that we wear bright neon T-shirts to really let others know that we are here and we are gone.

Over all the Club Crawl was a success. We are looking forward to 2017 Fall Migration SOS. And those who did not participate you just don’t know what you missed. So, save the date for the Fall and join us. The crawl will do you good.

20170423 Spring Safari Brunch

SOS Spring Safari Brunch


Nancy Sook

In the words of DJ jimmy Buffkin, everyone had a big time who attended the OD Shag Club 2017 Spring Safari Brunch at the OD Arcade, Sunday April 23.  164 members and 24 guests, twisted, shagged and line danced to the tunes of DJ Murl Augustine, ate the famous breakfast prepared by the OD Arcade Crew and watched in awe as the Junior Shaggers showed all their dance moves. 

Everyone hoped their number was a winner, but Ronnie Williams won the logo and Jim Livingston took home the name tag money.  Wendy Schultz had the lucky number for the 50/50, and donated that $286 to the Juniors, with Terry McCoy donating the club’s half.  So, with the pail of $1.00’s, $5.00’s and $20.00’s, OD Shag Club donated $1140 to the Juniors, averaging about $81.00/Junior of the $2000.00 each Junior need to raise for their fabulous trip to Australia in October.  Way to go OD Shag Club!!! 

See ya next year at the 2018 Spring Safari Brunch.

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20170410 Myrtle Beach Manor

Easter at Myrtle Beach Manor  


Linda Campbell

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As the residents gathered waiting with anticipation of the forthcoming event, the OD Shag Club members were arriving as Easter was in the air.

There were Easter decorations everywhere and the members were in the kitchen cutting up the beautifully decorated Bunny cakes that the residents had decorated earlier in the day.

The event began with Linda Campbell, MC for the night who welcomed them all and announced that they were in for a fun and exciting time.

The OD Shag Club Dance team started off the program by dancing to two songs for the residents. Several of the Dance Team exchange partners so all the dancers could showcase their steps.

John and Jan Samuels were up next by showing another dance called  “ DC Hand Dance”.  The residents really loved that.

Next, Lou Martino and four of the dance team girls showed their stuff as Lou danced with all four girls at once.  They swirled, moved, twirled and boogie-walked their way to “No More Cloudy Days”.

By that time, the music began a crescendo that everyone knew who was to perform next the one and Only Elvis.   Gospel songs such as “How Great Thou Art” was evident a favorite of the residents.

By that time, the Junior Shaggers had arrived and their energy, fancy steps and fun was all over the place.  

Everyone was ready for the snack of Bunny cake and punch as the OD Shag Club Members distributed it to the residents. 

But, there was much more entertainment as Paul Craver, a famous recording artist serenated the residents with a favorite of all of ours with “Make the world go away”.  Gail, Paul’s wife then shared a story about her and Paul, which made everyone laugh.

Linda then announced that we had one more couple to dance and show their professional moves, as Bill and Sheila Seymour, 2017 National Shag Competitors danced to a song called “Daddy”.

Of course, the night wasn’t finished until there was another visit from Elvis as he sang a couple more of their favorite songs such as “Suspicious Minds” and “Only Fools Fall in Love”. 

Our visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit from, of course, the Easter Bunny. Goody bags were given out by the OD Shag Club Members while strutting in their Easter Bonnets, which looked beautiful as a parade of hats were strolling along, as each member wished the residents a “Happy Easter” and sang to “In your Easter Bonnet”.

The night ended as we all sang “God Bless America” and “Que Sera Sera” as members of the OD Shag Club said their goodbyes.

A special “THANK YOU” goes to Joe Ferlauto for all his hard work and dedication in organizing, preparing and participating in such a successful time for all the residents. Also, a great thank you goes out to those members of the OD Shag Club who showed up for this event.

20170407 ST James Elementary School

St James Elementary School


Lou Martino

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In the wee hours of a brisk morning the members of the OD Shag Club Dance Team arose at 5 AM to prepare for one of our long awaited events of the year.

April 7, 2017 nine early risers of the OD Shag Club Dance Team arrived at the Saint James Elementary School in Myrtle Beach, SC.

At 7 AM Ms. Kayleigh Vanlandingham and Ms. Jenna Jones the music teacher where our points of contact and met us in the lobby of the school and explained the Fine Arts Day schedule.

We were supposed to dance outside the school, however, the morning chill of 50° with a wind-chill factor did not warrant the location.

After a few minutes, they decided that we would dance in one of the outside classrooms.  It was a perfect location to perform and teach the shag dance.

We set up our equipment and waited for the first wave of children or students to arrive. We were to demonstrate and teach grades kindergarten through first grade ages 5 to 7 years old.

Our schedule was to see 40 students every 25 minutes with a five-minute break between sessions, which totaled 340 students. After 15 minutes of a dedicated March of the whole school for the March of Dimes and after the Pledge of Allegiance the students began to arrive.

The children were very disciplined and were  instructed to set on the floor directed by their teachers and their assistants ready to observe and more importantly learn to dance.

 Linda Campbell began her introductions and asked if any students wanted to learn how to dance. They were all very enthusiastic to learn. Each group of 40 students had their own personalities which was a welcomed environment to teach.

Prior to each session the OD shag club dance team demonstrated the Shag dance. Ms Campbell explained the rules to the students: first you had to learn to smile; you had to learn to count to six; know you’re right from your left and learn march.

The class began one and two; three and 4; 5 – 6 the students were naturals.

Linda divided the boys on the left and the girls to the right. Then the children were asked to find a partner. At first there were groans and moans because the boys and the girls had to touch each other. (Ooos and Awws).

However, after they were instructed that in order for them to learn how to shag, they would need a  partner. They all complied although, there were several comments such as “Do I have to touch his hand?” and one of the young man stated “If I hand?” and one of the young man stated “If I have to hold her hand can I kiss her?”

Over all, these children were ready to learn the dance and even some of the teachers participated.

To see the results of each class’s enthusiasm check out the photos of this event.

The last thoughts that we left them with: was to keep smiling; keep dancing; keep music in their hearts and always have fun.

Thanks go out to the members arising before dawn: Connie Livingston, James Thorndyke, Susan Male, Barbara Hopper, Linda Campbell, Lori Setzer, John Setzer and Lou Martino




20170325 Belk’s Demo

Belk’s Demo


Lou Martino

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Once again, the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to Belk’s Shoes and Accessories Day at Belk’s in Myrtle Beach Colonial Mall.

Thank you, Cindy Day, as our point of contact and for setting up this event. The Department manager Kerry gave us a warm welcome and invited us to dance for this event.

We had great participation by our Dance Team. The team normally dances for about 40 minutes. Each dancer dances a spot line dance for approximately a minute and a half. However, we were asked to dance a second set, since the customers of the store were very interested in the Shag Dance. We danced from 1PM until 3 PM and enjoyed every minute.

Belk’s gave away several door prizes for all those who what to participate and they always treat us with a token of their appreciation.

Thanks to the members of the Dance Team that danced at this event:

Bonnie and Mike Bejzak                         Susan Male

Bill Byrne                                               Lou Martino

Linda Campbell                                       Diane Millman

Vic Gillispie                                            Judy Odom

Jimmie Harley                                       John and Lori Setzer                  

Barbara Hopper                                     Diane Tindall                                

Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski                 Linda Wilson

Connie Livingston

20170317 Chili Cook Off

ODSC March Party


Billy Powell


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The ODSC March party was a chili cookoff and there was lots of great chili to be consumed.  There were 23 participants who provided the great food for all of us.  A great variety of chili was made which should have provided everyone with something to fit their individual taste.  Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners.

1st Place – Sonny Tomberlin – $75.00

2nd Place – Carol Perin – $50.00

3rd Place – Monica Powell – $25.00


Our Entertainment Committee Chair, Kathy McCoy, had an event focused on getting people on the dance floor.  The more you danced, the more Mardi Gras beads you collected.  At the end of the night, the person with the most beads won a $25 gift certificate provided by Fat Harold’s.  Maxine Presley stayed on the dance floor almost continuously and at the end had 39 strands of beads.  Congratulations, Maxine!

Other winners for the night included Sheila Wright who won $20 for wearing her name tag.  Kathy McCoy won $20 for having on ODSC logo wear.  The 50/50 winner received $250.  Margie Payne, a guest from Maryland, had the winning ticket.

On a final note, it is important that we remember to thank all of those that work at every party so we can have all of this fun.  When you see the members of the Hospitality, Food, Membership, Ways & Means and any other committee that is working at a party, please thank them for all their hard work and maybe sign up to help so they can have a little time to have some fun.

Until my next voluntold event write-up, remember to keep dancing!

20170311 US Agricultural Department

US Agricultural Department Demo


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club was invited to dance at the Agricultural Business Meeting/Conference located at the Double Tree Resort in Myrtle Beach March 11, 2017 at 7:30PM to 10PM at the request of Lisa Caveny ACSC Secretary.

Lisa asked the Team to demonstrate the Shag Dance along with teaching a line dance. Al and Patty Guazzo from South Strand Shag Club taught the basic Shag Steps.

After Lisa educated the group on the history of the Shag, she introduced Al and Patty and the OD Shag Club. At that we were ready to dance. We had a great dance floor and great DJ from Murrell’s Inlet Paul Matthews playing great music to dance to.

Al and Patty did a great job teaching the basic. Men on the right, ladies on the left. Each member of the dance team paired off with members of the conference. The students were hungry for instructions: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 6. Even though not one of their group knew how to Shag, by the end of the instruction, everyone was on the floor dancing to the music. All but a couple of their 50 members were on the floor.

This was a very enthusiastic group. We all had a great time and grateful that we could promote the Shag Dance. Their group was very pleased from the comments heard during the night.

A special thank you to Lisa Caveny for setting up this event and the opportunity for the OD Shag Club Dance Team to perform, Dwayne Baggett, SOS Board Member and  Dale Phillips, from the Electric City Shag Club.

Thanks to the OD Shag Dance Team members that danced for this event: Linda Campbell, Billy Byrne, Barbara Hopper, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Connie Livingston, Lou Martino, Bill and Diane Millman, John and Lori Setzer, Diane Tindall, and Burnie and Donna Williams


For the Love of Our Dance


Lisa Caveny, ACSC Secretary

On March 11th, I was invited to organize shag lessons for a convention of Federal employees representing the US Department of Agriculture.  The desire to learn about our state dance was expressed and all in attendance were South Carolina residents.  I posted a request on Facebook for volunteers to help with this opportunity.  The first to respond was Allen and Patty Guazzo from South Strand Shag Club, Murrells Inlet.  Allan and Patty are local to the south end of the Grand Strand and teach shag on a regular basis as part of their passion for our dance.  I then heard from Lou Martino and Linda Campbell, who coordinate the appearances of the OD Shag Club Dance Team from North Myrtle Beach.  Lou lined up about a dozen or so faithful volunteers who regularly go out into the community and share the love of our dance.  I now had my instructors and an entire dance team!!  My desire to volunteer and share our dance just became strengthened by the generous spirit of these fellow shaggers.  The others to reply quickly to my plea for help were SOS Board Member and friend, Dwayne Baggett and my boyfriend Dale Phillips representing Electric City Shag Club, Anderson.  I composed a short bit about the history of shag and off we went to Myrtle Beach.  The evening was held at the Hilton Doubletree Resort in Myrtle Beach and there were approximately 40 in attendance.  Our DJ for the evening was Paul Matthews of Music on the Strand, Myrtle Beach. 

After a brief introduction and history of the beginnings of our dance, The OD Dance team, dressed so nice in their starched white shirts and black pants, came to the floor for two exhibition style dances.  They danced to Cake On The Ocean by DNCE and Silk On Glass by Vance Kennedy.  The low to the floor shuffle steps were easy to see by the audience and there were quite a few turns and fancy steps spotted.  Lou did such a nice job of changing partners for the second dance to ensure that all members of his team had time on the dance floor.  The love of our dance was evidenced by the fun and the high energy that this dance team displayed.  Next we called to the floor Al and Patty, who broke down the basic shag step to a packed dance floor.  Al asked the audience, “How many of you know how to walk?”  (All hands reached high up in the air) He replied, “Then shagging should not be difficult because shagging is like walking to the beat of music.”  After demonstration, slow methodical instruction, and plenty of repetition…it seemed that everyone was catching on.  “One and two, three and four, rock step” was counted aloud and every person was shagging!  The smiles were contagious and you could see that everyone dancing had just taken their first steps into our wonderful world of beach music and shag dancing.

I was so very proud of how this event came together…unrehearsed, many volunteers I met for the first time,  two local shag clubs bringing their talents and energy to one dance floor…It was such a success!  The comradery and support that I felt from each person who volunteered their time was over whelming.  I don’t know that there are words to describe exactly how I felt as I watched Al and Patty and their patience through instruction, Al added just enough humor to keep everyone from getting discouraged, the friendliness and encouraging nature of the OD Dance Team members as they took these beginners by the hand and made certain that every person on the floor had a partner, and last by not least, the support and willingness to attend and participate by Dwayne and Dale, who offered me encouragement throughout the entire planning process.  Sometimes things have a way of just working out…and sometimes it goes beyond your expectations…this was one of those times.  God bless each shagger who participated…I appreciate you!

Each one of you personify the entire reason that I choose to serve.

May you always dance like everybody’s watching!!

201703 St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day Parade


Vickie Parsons

2017 St Pat Parade 2017 118 (119)

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The support of the OD Shag Club was out in full force for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade held on Saturday, March 11th.  The weather was great, and everyone including golf carts were decked out in their St. Patrick’s Day attire.  Our parade chairman, Billy Powell reported that 78 members and guests participated and a total of 21 golf carts paraded down Main Street in representation of the OD Shag Club.  He also reported that the troop threw out 12,240 strands of beads, but best of all the Club won 1st place in the Non-Profit Division.  Thank you, Billy Powell, and your group for another successful parade.

Vickie Parsons – Treasurer

Parsons, VickieMy name is Vickie Parsons, and it is with great pleasure that I announce my desire to run for the office of Treasurer of the OD Shag Club.

I’m currently a resident of Shallotte, NC after relocating from Asheboro, NC in 1984. I’m fortunate to work for the Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach as their Administrative/Accounting Assistant, and just celebrated my 20th year of employment.

I have been a member of the OD Shag Club for 12 years. In my earlier years, I served on the Entertainment Committee and Membership Hospitality Committee. Also, back in the day I was responsible for the actual mailing to over 700 members the monthly newsletter. This was accomplished with the help of Phil and Mimi Benedict and Paul and Vickie Harrison. Most recently, I served on the SOS Spring Safari Parade committee and volunteered my time as needed.

Music and dance has been a passion of mine since a very young age. As a young person, my beach/shagging fun was experienced in Carolina/Kure Beach and not until 1998 did I experience the wonderful shagging life in N. Myrtle Beach and the OD Shag Club.

If given the opportunity, I will serve as your Treasurer with honor and integrity and continue to preserve with everyone else the dance we all love. . . . “The Shag”

20170217 Storage Move

Storage Move to New Location


Lou Martino


Click Here to see pictures of this move

It was a brisk fall morning February 17, 2017, when the movers of the OD Shag Club found a new home for our Parade Beads, Ways and Means containers, Entertainment paraphernalia, Pots and Pans, Burners, Backdrops, Food Items, Golf Tournament Signs, Tables, Shelving from the old to the new location and various odds and ends.

We started around 8:30AM while members of the Club trickled in for the big move. The Club rented a truck. Wendy Schultz drove her Truck with a trailer on the back. And so the move began!

With everyone pitching in and working as a Team, we finished around 3PM. It was a good day for a move.

The move was necessary since we had some damage to our precious “stuff” caused by the last Hurricane. It was probably a good happening since we needed to clear out some old items that did need to be discarded. We did manage to salvage the old shelving, which we moved to the new location. Since both storage areas were the same size, we were able to put everything back as we found it from the old location thus the Chairs of each area will be able to find their items without any confusion.

Now we have a more secure and clean Storage Unit  at Prime Storage. Thanks to the moving team as seen above.


20170218 Oyster Roast

Oyster Roast


Jerry Harrell


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On Saturday, February 18 2017, the club held its world famous Oyster Roast. There were 220 members 18 guest and 7 new members who had knife or spoon in hand. Chicken bog was provided for those who didn’t want oysters. Cathy and Connie sold a lot of new club merchandise as well as the 2017 Oyster Roast shirt. Tim Webb won the 50/50 drawing. Bill Anderson the DJ entertained the crowd. All had a good time, many thanks to the committees which did such a great job and a special thanks to Donnie Schultz and his team who volunteered to help.

20170210 Lions Club Demo

Lions Club Demo


Lou Martino


To See Photos of this event Click Here

The OD Shag Club was invited to dance for the D32C Midwinter Lions Convention February 10, 2017 at 7:30PM at the OD Resort, North Myrtle Beach, SC. Many Thanks to Cathy Morse our POC for this event.

This event has started off a great season. We had 18 members of our Team dance participate. And this Lions group wanted to learn to dance. Over half of those present did get on the dance floor, after a short instructional period, the lions members paired off with members of the dance team and danced several songs.

The night started at 6:30 PM and finished at 9:00 PM. It was one of the events that most everyone present danced.

Special thanks go out to the members of the Dance Team that danced at this event:

Jimmy Harley and Judy Odom

Connie Livingston

Bob and Helon Page

Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski

Bill and Diane Millman

James Thorndyke

Cherie Patalik

Diane Tindall

Burnie and Donna Williams

John and Lori Setzer

Linda Campbell

Lou Martino

20170115 Mid Winter Brunch

Mid Winter Brunch


Tina Tomberlin


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The first get together of the New Year for the OD Shag Club is the Mid-Winter Brunch at the OD Arcade.  As always, it’s a time for our members to catch up with old friends and an opportunity to meet new members and make new friends.

The Hospitality Committee, led by Cindy Day, was there with their ever-present smiles getting all 201 attendees checked in and food, name tag and logo wear tickets distributed.

Newly elected President Terry McCoy welcomed everyone, announced upcoming club events and let everyone know the “Liquid Sunshine” was ready to be served, so in a manner of seconds the lines had formed!!  He then turned the microphone over to Ways and Means Committee Co-Chair Connie Livingston. She and her partner in crime Cathy Jamiolkowski had recruited some of our club members to “model” the new logo clothing items they had purchased for this year. What a fashion show it was!  All I can say is some of the models better not give up their day jobs!  The items were available for purchase at the Brunch and evidently the club liked the new stuff because they were swamped with sales!!

Something new this year was the fact that we had 2 serving lines for the breakfast buffet.  It was pretty amazing how fast everyone was served.  I heard the kitchen had a hard time keeping up. Great job to Faye Chowning and her Food Committee!!

After breakfast was served Terry drew the raffle winners and they were as follows:

50/50 – Mark Lewis – $250

Name Tag – Carol Bryant – $20

Logo – Bill Milliman – $20

Thanks to everyone who worked to make our 2017 Mid-Winter Brunch a success.  Your dedication and hard work is appreciated and helped to make this event great fun for everyone!

20161218 Christmas Families

ODSC Christmas Families
By Monica Powell


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As you know, the ODSC is playing Santa Claus for 8 elementary children. Karen Young, Cindy Day, Etta Allen and Cassy Shumway went shopping (using a discount from Cindy) and we were able to buy shoes, coats, at least one outfit for each child along with some of the toys on their wish list. Some of the items on the wish list included tablets, MP3 players, Scrabble games, Monopoly games and a bicycle. This was all funded by the ODSC with one exception. Many thanks to the 5th Avenue gang (Bill and Joan Bacon, Jerry and Linda Harrell, Charles and Brenda McCarthy, Gary & Kathy Wilson, Phil & Brenda Tomlinson, Gene & Paula Bradshaw, Bill & Vickie Walters, Terry & Debbie Holmes) for purchasing the bicycle, helmet, lock and bicycle pump for one of our children.

Last night at our party, our members brought dry food for our families. These 8 children are from 8 different families and have a total of 39 people in the families. Many thanks and congratulations to the ODSC. We boxed up 44 boxes of food for these families this morning. Many thanks to all my elves who helped separate and box up the food this morning. The elves are: Jim Queen, Lou Martino, Sonny Tomberlin, Brian Morrison, Sandy Cummings, Rich and Karen Young, Tim & Paula Webb, Joe & Beth Cornwell, Rick & Lynne Clawson and Billy Powell.

Also, you contributed $378 in cash at the party last night to buy ham or turkeys. I am happy to report that with your very generous donations, Billy and I went to Bi-Lo on Main Street and purchased the following for each family:

– Smithfield Ham
– Turkey 10 – 12 lb.
– 10lb. Potatoes
– Bag of Onions
– Bag of Apples
– Bag of Tangerines
– Jar of Nuts
– Cookies
– Hot Cocoa
– Cheerios
– Turkey Bag (have to have something to bake in)

Bi-Lo also gave us a 10% discount. Many thanks to them. We will be delivering all the food to the school tomorrow for pickup by the families.

Once again, thank you so much for being such a generous club and helping those who could use a little help in this season of love.

20161217 Christmas Party

ODSC Christmas Party


By Monica Powell


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The ODSC had a wonderful party celebrating Christmas on December 17th at Fat Harold’s. Donnie and Wendy Schultz and their helpers which included Bob Miller, Tim Shumway, and Cassy Shumway really outdid themselves with our meal. The prime rib was delicious along with the vegetables and dessert. Many thanks to our Food Committee for all their hard work in 2016.

Jimmy Buffkin was our DJ and he did a fantastic job! Our Dance team did an exhibition for the club and they were great and very entertaining. Gary Lowder also performed for the club singing several Christmas songs and led us in enjoying the season.

Our Christmas party is a time to thank all of our Committee Chairs for all the hard work they have done during the year. Listed below are our chairmen and a little something about what they accomplished this year.


Dance Lessons: Sonny & Tina TomberlinTaught beginner lessons for 24 weeks

Food:  Donnie & Wendy SchultzFeed over 2,830 people in 2016

Advertising: Dolly McDermott Raised over $1,600 in adv. Income

Oyster Roast: Donnie Schultz Bushels and Bushels of Oysters

Parade: Wendy Schultz 3 parades, 1st place in SOS, 2nd Christmas

Dance Team: Lou Martino Performed  11 events

Poker Run Donnie & Wendy Schultznet proceeds of $1,700 to Jr. Shaggers

Clean Sweep: Bill & Joan Bacon 3 Clean Sweep events

Tim & Paula Webb Collected 120 bags of garbage

Entertainment: Kathy McCoy Jrs. dancing, several local singing artist

Fun Monday: Lou Garrenton Sold over 100 Fun Monday tickets

Golf Tournament: Geoff Girling, Ken Meyer With the net proceeds of the tournament,

Rich & Karen Young we donated over $8000 this year

Hospitality: Cindy Day Signed in over 2,600 people to our events

MB Manor: Joe Ferlauto 2 events to entertain residents.

Membership: Linda Morrison Signed up over 740 members

Newsletter: Sandy Cummings Communicated with our no e-mail members

Cruise to Nowhere & Bus to Somewhere: Bill & Joan Bacon Made all the arrangements for these events

Photography: Lou MartinoTook thousands of pictures

Communication: Faye Chowning Sent out many, many emails to our members

Ways & Means: Cathy Jamiolkowski & Connie Livingston Sold over $10,000 in merchandise & $4,200 in 50/50 tickets

Webmaster: Lou Martino Kept our website up to date, added yearbook and many other new things

Our members brought food and donated cash to buy hams and turkey for the 8 families which we are sponsoring this year. We will be delivering a ham and turkey to each family along with 52 boxes of food which was divided by families. Thank you to everyone that participated and opened your heart and wallet to make this happen.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Al Cain Award Recipients

Al Cain Award Nomination Form

To Nominate a member for the Al Cain Award please fill out both pages 1 & 2 below

Page 1 AND Page 2

Previous recipients of the Al Cain Award

Donnie Schultz 2017

Lou Martino 2016

Karen Young 2015

Bob Sanders 2014

Susan Harrell 2013

Cassy Shumway 2012

Carolyn Beach 2011

Etta Allen 2010

Jennifer Sykes 2009

Bruce Fitzsimmons and Debra Brown 2008

Larry Allen 2007

Jerry Sheets 2006

Phil Benedict 2005

Larry and Bonnie Aldridge 2004

Reamonia Matthews 2003

Paul and Vickie Harrison 2002

John Barringer 2001

John Barnett and Jerry Barnett 2000

Gene Blair 1999

Bill and Beverly Clinard 1998

Sherry Holcomb, Flash and Babs Ludwick 1997

Lou Ann Roehl, Don and Becki David 1996

Sonny and Gloria Lee 1995

Donnie Schultz – Al Cain Award 2017

The 2017 winner is …….DONNIE SCHULTZ!

Donnie has been a member for 16 years.  He has chaired or co-chaired the Hospitality Committee, Parade Committee, Oyster Roast, Charity Fun Run, Nomination Committee, Food Committee, numerous times.  Donnie has served as a board member and Vice President.  Donnie attends most of the business meetings and has also been Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!  

Donnie believes and expresses the importance of the ODSC and their purpose.  Donnie has taken dance lessons this year and now we can see him on the dance floor.  Think about this….for years, Donnie worked as hard as anyone I have seen for the Shag Club and did not even dance.  Now he can DO IT ALL!

Please join me in congratulating our 2017 Al Cain Award winner, DONNIE SCHULTZ!

Lou Martino – Al Cain Award 2016

Al Cain Award Recipient 2016


Monica Powell

Lou Martino Al Cain Award 2016

Lou Martino

Lou Martino is our 2016 Al Cain Award Winner.  Lou has:

  • Been a member of the ODSC for 26 years.
  • He has been on the Board and has served as Chairperson for several committees.
  • He organized the Dance Demo Team.
  • Club photography 1990 – 1996 and 2016
  • Membership Chair – 1996 – 1999
  • Worked on almost every committee that we have.
  • He built shelves for the storage unit.
  • He is always talking to new people and signing them up to become new ODSC members.
  • He is also our webmaster. For those of you that do not know, being Webmaster takes an enormous amount of time and Lou does it gladly!

What a wonderful example of someone who goes above and beyond for the ODSC!


A response from Lou Martino


On November 19, 2016, I was very honored and humbled to receive the most prestigious award that the OD Shag Club has to offer its membership.

This Award is very precious to me in many ways. Yes I work for and put in many hours for the OD Shag Club, but I enjoy what I do and what is asked of me.

I just want to say that there are many members of our club that are deserving of this award, because there are many members that are always working behind the scenes to make our club work best for its members.

Yes, I have been a member of the OD Shag Club ever since I moved to the beach back in 1991. I have seen many changes during this time. The members are the same their faces just change. It’s like old saying “Shaggers never die they just change their soles”.

I have been fortune enough to hang with the best. The old group back at Sha Booms in Fayetteville, NC: Eddie Monseur, John Stephens and Al Cain. I took my very first lessons from our own Jeppe McDowell in 1989.

I love to dance. It has been a great ride for me. Then when I came to the beach, it was a whole new ball game. The first time that John Stephens asked me to come to my first SOS; I was hooked. This is where I wanted to be, so I moved to the beach.

I saw dancing like I have never seen before. All the pros! I was in awe. I couldn’t begin to name all of the dancers, but everyone knows Charlie and Jackie Womble. I wanted to be like them when I grew up (and so didn’t 1000’s of other dancers).

Yes like most people who moved to the beach, I took lessons. There was Jeppy McDowell, Judy Duke, and Charlie and Jackie. I had a hunger to do better.

I only mention this history because the Al Cain Award means all this to me. It’s not just the work and the hours one puts forth to make our Club great. It’s promoting and preserving the Shag Dance. It’s meeting and becoming friends with so many people that like to do the same things together.

So I would like to thank the OD Shag Club, it’s Officers and Board Members, and the members that felt that I was deserving of this Award.

A special thank you to Al Cain (God rest his soul) for the memories and recognizing those members who are honored to receive this award.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Lou Martino

Karen Young – Al Cain Award 2015

Al Cain Award Recipient 2015


Karen Young

Karen Young is an asset to the OD Shag Club. Karen joined the ODSC in 2008 and has been involved since the beginning. She served as the Food Committee Co-Chair in 2008 and 2009. Karen served as the Membership Chairman in 2010 and 2011 and co-chaired the Cruise to Nowhere with Howard Stallings. Karen was a board member 2012 and 2013 and she served as President of the OD Shag Club in 2014. Karen was one of the Co-Chairs for the Charity Golf Tournament in 2015.

In addition the many committees she has chaired, Karen has helped with the Ways and Mean selling shirts and other items. She has sold 50/50 tickets. She has participated in numerous Clean Sweep events and has co-chaired the Charity Golf Tournament. She has obtained many sponsors and raffle items, which funds our charity giving. Karen participated in updating the By-Laws for the Club.

Thank you Karen for everything you do for the OD Shag Club!

A response From Karen Young

I would like to thank the shag club members for my nomination for the Al Cain award and the Board Members for choosing me for the award.  I was surprised and honored by this designation.  The OD Shag Club has been our second family since we moved to the beach.  I have enjoyed volunteering for the different committees and have made so many friends in the process. I plan to remain active in the Shag Club events in the years to come as the rewards for doing so are countless.


Karen Young