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201605 The Lakes at Litchfield

The Lakes at Litchfield


Lou Martino

20160524 Lakes at Litchfield 02

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The ODSC Dance Team was asked to dance for the residents at The Lakes at Litchfield in Pawleys Island for a return performance Tuesday May 24, 2016 at 2PM. This year the residents who saw us last year must have spread the word that we were coming back, because the staff made arrangements for us to dance in a larger room so everyone could enjoy the performance.

This year we were able to dance for a full hour without anyone falling asleep. Each couple on the team danced at least two songs. At the request of one of the residents, we were asked to dance and then switch partners. She was our choreographer for the afternoon. She said that if she were able, she would join the dance team. She danced while sitting in her wheelchair.

A 94-year old male resident rolled over in his wheelchair to Lou Martino and asked Lou if he was a descendent of Gandhi. Of course, Lou said that he was asked that question a lot.

We had the opportunity to instruct the staff in the basic step of Shag. They were very energetic. Thanks to the staff for participating and thank you Mackenzie Stroupe, Activity Director for arranging the ODSC Dance Team to be able to dance at The Lakes.

Nothing goes better than to dance and then be served banana pudding. The dance team was served banana pudding -yummy. One team member offered a resident some banana pudding; The resident kindly refused stating they he had been living at The Lakes for several years.

I would like to thank the members of the dance team for taking time out of their busy schedules for dancing in the afternoon at The Lakes. It was a long day but we enjoyed performing for the residents and for us, we like to dance and enjoyed the fellowship with our team members.

A large THANK YOU goes out to:

Linda Campbell

Joe Ferlauto

Barbara Hopper

Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski

Susan Male

Lou Martino

Cherie Patalik

James Thorndyke

Dance Team Divas Marathon 20610501

Divas Marathon


Lou Martino


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It was a beautiful Sunday May morning at a temperature of around 70 degrees. The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance for the Divas Marathon in NMB. This is one of the many events that the Dance Team can dance for the public and promote the Shag Dance to those who do not know what the Shag Dance really is.

We always have a great time at this event. We get to dance to the crowd and the runners as well as being able to interact with the runners.

The runners range from young to old, tall to short, slow to fast, runners and walkers, men and women, boys and girls, riders and amputees, proud Americans, those who fought for our country, those who are in great shape and those who required assistance, and different nationalities all running for the same cause. One runner came all the way from California to run in this race.

Yes we danced in the street encouraging the runners to do their best. If you look close you will be able to see members of the OD Shag Club as runners. Also look for Howie Thompson the author of the book “Fat Harold The Legendary King of Shag.

Thanks to Jim and Donna for providing the music. And of course thanks to the OD Shag Club Dance Team members who came out at 7 AM to dance in this event. We danced from 7AM to 9AM.

Dance Team Members who participated:

Linda Campbell, John Dryden, Joe Ferlauto, Lenny Gardner, Barbara Hooper, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Susan Male, Lou Martino, Cherie Patalik, and Diane Tindall.

Christmas for Families 2015

The OD Shag Club Sponsors Families for Christmas


Karen Young

The OD Shag Club sponsored 8 children from 2 families this year for Christmas. Clothing and toys were purchased for each child. Members of the club brought non-perishable food items to the club’s Christmas party, which was then divided between the two families.   We would like to thank those who brought food that night and helped to make a very Merry Christmas for these kids and their families. Attached is a message from one of the families that we helped:

Card 1


Card 2

20160918 SOS Brunch

SOS Brunch


Linda Campbell


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Yes oh Yes it’s SOS and it is time again for the OD Shag Club Fall Brunch held at the OD Arcade. The rain didn’t deter some 324 shag club members and their guest from coming and enjoying the great music of Terry McPhail.   As members and guests waited for Chris and his great staff to serve “adult beverages”, they were enjoying the coffee and conversations of catching up with those they hadn’t seen from last years Fall Brunch or even from the Spring Brunch. There was lots of laughter and smiles. It was especially exciting to see our “youngest at heart” member, Lenny Gardner, there as he had suffered a serious fall and is recovering and is now easing his way out some. Welcome Back Lenny!

Before breakfast was served, President Monica Powell had a very special presentation to each of the past Al Cain award winners. As their names were called, she presented them with a new name badge, which indicated that they were the recipients of this prestigious award. Each was honored to be wearing these badges in the future to OD Shag Club events.

As the food ticket colors were being announced and the snake of people lined around the dance floor, many people took advantage of the tunes being spun by DJ Terry and we all enjoyed watching them dance.

As entertainment for the Brunch we were honored to have Sam West Jr troupe of dancers, the Shag Time II and the Wee Baby Blues. They entertained us with their awesome dancing and the crowd threw money on the floor to help support their travel expenses as they compete. We were all in awe with the incredible talent these young people have as several were just 7-8 years old all the way to 14-15 years old. If only we “seasoned” adults could move like that!

The Name Tag Winner was Kathryn Wooten who was rewarded with $20 for remembering to wear her nametag. Yea!   Peggy Lugan was given $20 for wearing her OD Shag Club logo and Diane Tindall went home with over $300 + for the 50/50 drawing. WooHoo! Thanks to all who bought 50/50 tickets.

As the brunch was coming to a close it was reminded that we were having a Bar Crawl on Tuesday 9/20 starting at Pirates Cove at 6:00pm then transitioning to Fat Harolds. We will do it again on Thursday 09/22 starting at 6:00pm at the OD Arcade and then moving to Ducks, so come join us for some great fun, fellowship and of course so great shaggin’…..cause YES OH YES….ITS SOS!!!!

20151114 Belk’s

OD Shag Club Dance Team at Belk’s


Lou Martino


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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was asked to dance at Belk’s Department Store at the Myrtle Beach Mall on November 14, 2015. Their theme for the event was called Santa Fest. We arrived at Belk’s around 1230pm and were met by Kerry Brown, Department Manager. The shoe department was very busy since they were having a big sale on shoes so we had a pretty big audience to dance for. Our team answered several questions as to who we were and were we were located. A couple of the shoppers requested an application to join the OD Shag Club. After we danced an elder couple approached me and asked if we could play 60-minute man since that was there song back in the day. Although the gentleman was unable to dance due to his physical condition he leaned against the mirror and danced with Barbara Harper. He wife of 58 years danced with Lenny Gardner. They could not have been more grateful. Thanks to Scott for playing our music. I would like to thank those members of the Dance Team who danced at this event:

Cathy and Rich Jamiolowski

Cherie Patalik

Lenny Gardner

Sheila Blazer

Bill Seymor

Barbara Harper

Joe Ferlauto

Susan Male

Jay Kellerman

Connie and Jim Livingston

Linda Campbell

Lou Martino


A special thanks goes out to Cindy Day who works at Belk’s for inviting us to dance at this event.

Fall Migration Brunch

Fall Migration Brunch


Wendy Schultz


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The OD Shag Club Fall Migration Brunch was held at the OD Arcade and Lounge on Sunday September 20th at 1pm. Cindy Day and the Hospitality Committee volunteers worked very hard at check-in, we had a great turnout with 309 Members and Guests. The food was served by the Food Committee, which is Donnie Schultz and Faye Chowning, along with many volunteers. Mitch, Chris and the staff at the Arcade did a fantastic job providing Liquid Sunshine and a full breakfast for everyone.

Thanks to Kitty Earles for being our DJ for the Brunch. Kathy McCoy with the Entertainment Committee planned some fun with the food tickets by calling your color and members danced to the Chicken Dance, Twist and Hokie Pokie. Many members danced to all three.

Beth and Joe Cornwell with Ways and Means sold a great deal of apparel for the club. John Barringer and Nancy Sook volunteered to help out and did wonderful selling 50/50 tickets. Congrats to the lucky winner of the 50/50, Jim Bayreuther.

Please go to the website and view all the pictures that were taken during the Brunch by Fritz Eckhart, the ODSC Photographer.

Thanks to everyone that attended and volunteered their time to make this another great gathering. I’m sure we are all looking forward to the Mid-Winter Brunch in January 2016.

Wendy Schultz

201508 Summit Place

Summit Place Assisted Living Facility


Lou Martino


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It was Monday August 17, 2015 at 5:45 PM when the OD Shag Club Demo Team showed up at Summit Place Assisted Living. Gen Prince the activity director greeted us with warmth and kindness.

Summit Place has a very small activity room, but is massive with the presence of its residents. The residents were waiting for us to dance sitting in their wheelchairs and walking in with their walkers. They all had big smiles on their faces knowing that we were going to dance for them.

There were 30 resident sitting around the horseshoe-arranged room so they all had a good view as to what was about to take place.

The OD Shag Club Demo Team numbered 14 members strong. Linda Campbell the spokes person for the Team once again introduced the Team Members. Each Team member was to dance two songs, since we were to dance for at least 45 minutes. This was for the resident’s activity session.

The program went very well and the residents commented that they enjoyed the dancing very much. Matter of fact the residents loved the dance that the majority of them got up out of their wheelchairs and participated on the dance floor.

I would like to thank: Linda Campbell, Bobbie Buffkin, Sonny and Tina Tomberlin, Cherie Patalik, James Thorndyke, Randy Overby, Laura Hardee, Wade Kirdahi, Joyce Girling, Barbara Hopper, Susan Male and Jay Kellerman.

We also had other club members present: Jammn’ Jimmy Buffkin and Geoff Girling (who was our photographer for the evening) as you can see he did a great job.

We have already been invited back for a repeat performance. I would also like to thank Summit Place for their hospitality that they extend to us.


201508 Kingston Nursing Home

Kingston Nursing Home


Lou Martino


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The OD Shag Club Demo Dancers were invited back to dance for the residents at the Kingston Nursing Home on Thursday August 6, 2015, at 630pm.

There were approximately 60 residents plus the staff in attendance to watch us dance. Linda Campbell spokesperson for the OD Shag Club Demo Team introduced the Team individually and explained what we were going to do.

We danced while the wheelchair bound residents watched with hopeful eyes. There were dancers from the good ole days present. One resident was a ballerina back in her time. She was so grateful to see the dancers. As you can see in our pictures, there were several residents that were able to get up and dance with the team. This is one of the reasons we enjoy dancing for the Nursing Home, to see the smiles on those of yester years.

I would like to thank Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, Randy Overby, Laura Hardee, and Jay Kellerman. I would also like to thank Brenda Keisler Linda Campbell’s twin sister for filling in for those Team members who were unable to participate in this event.

See you on the dance floor!!!

201507 Lakes at Litchfield

The Lakes at Litchfield


Lou Martino

 201507 Lakes at Litchfield 05

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The OD Shag Club Demo Team danced for the residents at The Assisted Living Facility at Lakes at Litchfield in Pawley’s Island, SC, July 29, 2015. We arrived around 1:30 pm so that we were ready to dance by 2pm. While setting up and waiting for the residents to arrive, we were greeted  with a very warm welcome by the many staff members.

Linda Campbell spoke about our dance team and introduced each team member. As you will see in the pictures most of the residents are in wheelchairs and on walkers. Our objective of the Dance Team in this environment is not teach or to get everyone on the floor to dance, but to perform for those who are unable to do so.

Each couple danced two songs approximately 1:45 – 2:00 minutes all in all we were at the facility for around 2 hours.

It is a warm feeling when you see the smiles on the residents faces and how they enjoy the dance. We were able to have a few residents who were ambulatory to dance. Of course we let them lead. There were two staff members that we taught to dance. The staff and the residents went wild.

I would like to thank the members of the Team who participated at The Lakes: Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, Cherie Patalik, James Thorndyke, Barbara Hopper, Wade Kirdahi, Joyce Girling, and Jay Kellerman.

We have 4 – 5 more events thus far for the rest of the year. Hope to see more club members out to support our team.

201506 Dancing at the Pelican’s Game



Lou Martino


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It was a blistering day at 89 degrees. The weatherman said we were supposed to have 50% chance of rain. Nonetheless the OD Shag Club Demo dancers and their supporters trickled up to will-call window to pick up their tickets to watch the Pelican’s double-header. We had 25 OD Shag club members in attendance. We were seated in section E between home plate and third base. It was hot until we got acclimated to the weather and it did not rain.


The first game was scheduled for 7 innings. We were to dance between the first and second game. The bottom of the sixth inning the Demo Dancers got up to take their places. Hanna escorted us to the staging area. While waiting to dance Hanna said that she would like to learn how to Shag. So we took time to show her how to shag. She was a quick learner.


We were supposed to dance on the dug out but Todd allowed us to dance on the field on the walkway to the pitchers mound. There were four couples dancing: Wade Kirdahi and Joyce Girling; Lou Martino and Linda Campbell on the left side of the pitchers mound and James Thorndyke and Cherie Patalik and Randy Overby and Laura Harde dancing on the right side of the pitchers mound. We only had the opportunity to dance one song (Back in The Day Café), because there was too much going on: it was girls scout night, Boy Scout night, with many other activities for the fans.


We all had a great time!!


I would like to thank the demo dancers and the club members that came out to support us: Bill and Donna Althoff, Ron and Glenda Bjorklund, Fritz and Helen Eckhart, Terry and Shelia Erford, Barbara Hopper, Bob and Kathy Sanders, Wendy and Donnie Schultz, Debra Spellman, Diane Tindall and Rudy and Anita Wooten.


I would also like to that Todd, Hanna and the Pelican’s for giving the OD Shag Club the opportunity to perform and promote the shag dance at their June 6th double header.

201504 Diva Marathon

Diva Marathon


Linda Campbell

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20150412 Diva Marathon DT 006

As the sun was rising on April 12th, almost 5000 men and women, most of them dressed in pink tutus, tiaras, and other motivating costumes, were preparing for the Divas Half Marathon and 5K race in North Myrtle Beach.

The OD Shag Club dance team was also preparing at 6:30am to showcase the SC State Dance to these runners by “dancing on the streets” as they passed the Half way mark at Second Avenue and Hillside Dr for both races.

Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Barbara Hopper, Jay Kellerman (newest member of the team) and of course, our own Lenny Gardner demonstrated the dance, offered encouragement to the runners and even got to dance with some of the runners. We received a lot of “thumbs up” from runners as they passed indicating their excitement of seeing the Shag dance.

We finally got a chance to meet the event planner Katherine Stimson, who relayed to us that she had heard great responses from the runners about seeing the shag performed.

We feel it was we, who were encouraged by the dancers as we saw women and men, of all ages (14-74), some with disabilities, some in wheel chairs, some pushing babies in running strollers, all defying the odds to complete the race and achieve their goals.

We have already put May 1, 2016 on our dance team calendar for next year’s race and wish the event safe travels as they travel to Galveston, TX.


See you on the dance floor!

Linda Campbell and Lou Martino

Co-Chairmen Dance Demo Team