Christmas Party 2022



Donna Williams

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On December 10, 2022, the OD Shag Club put on it’s annual Christmas Party/Fund and Food raiser at Fat Harold’s. What a night for the large crowd who were lucky enough to join us. Wearing their best Christmas party duds 250+ came to celebrate and do what they could to support our Christmas Family giving tradition. We danced, we ate a delicious meal provided by our caterer chosen by the exceptional team of Terry and Kathy McCoy and Paulette Miller. Our celebration meal was so good, and we had so many people we had to give out 2 extra colored tickets in addition to our regular 3. It was quite the feast and quite a wonderful night. Our group of Christmas elves dancers graced us with another of their elf dances to the delight of the crowd.

Given the generosity of our members and guest, we were able to provide our 5 Christmas families with Santa’s wish list, gifts, toys including several bikes and food galore. On Sunday morning some of your board members

assembled at the President’s home to divide all the food collected. Connie Pangburn, Linda Campbell and Donna Williams continued their day grocery shopping for the families with the money collected. Wow, what a haul and really fun. On Monday morning, your President and several board members happily delivered all the truck load of stuff to the school.

Thank you, OD Shag Club, to all who donated, and the Board members who separated and who delivered. It is an exceptionally good feeling to be a part of this major undertaking. Merry Christmas to all.