Committee Chairs 2014

Rich Young, 843-399-4861, e-mail
Board Liaison, Lou Garrenton

Clean Sweep
Bruce Fitzsimmons, Co-Chair, 843-602-8183, e-mail
Cathy Fitzsimmons, Co-Chair, 843-602-8184, e-mail
Board Liaison, Bill Bacon

Entertainment and Decorating
Linda Campbell, Co-Chair, 803-528-0774, e-mail
Nancy Sook, Co-Chair, 843-497-4094, e-mail
Board Liaison, Lou Martino

Heidi Cross, Co-Chair, 843-399-1771, e-mail
Jeanine Todd, Co-Chair, 910-264-4959, e-mail

Donnie Schultz, 843-424-2486, e-mail

Board Liaison, Howard Stallings

Golf Tournament
Geoff Girling, Co-Chair, 843-870-1857, e-mail
Jon Holtzclaw, Co-Chair, 843-267-2213, e-mail
Board Liaison, Karen Young

Cindy Day, Co-Chair, 843-734-0231, e-mail
Judie Shepard, Co-Chair, 843-280-6183, e-mail
Board Liaison, Paulette Broadway

Linda Morrison, Chair, 804-564-8223 e-mail
Board Liaison, Monica Powell

Sandy Cummings, Chair, e-mail
Liaison, Monica Powell

Wendy Schultz, Chair, 843-424-2486, e-mail
Board Liaison, Karen Young

Pat Harris, Chair, 910-575-0627, e-mail
Board Liaison, Paulette Broadway

Remembrance and Communications
Etta Allen, Chair, 843-249-5476, e-mail
Board Liaison, Wendy Schultz

Ways and Means
Tina Tomberlin, Chair, 704-604-2302, e-mail
Board Liaison, Peggy Christie

Web Site
Board Liaisons, Karen Young and Lou Martino

Special Events
Fund Raising – Linda Campbell, e-mail
Oyster Roast – Donnie Schultz, 843-424-2486, e-mail
SOS Fun Monday tickets – Karen Young, 843-399-4861, e-mail
Poker Run – Jim Queen, e-mail
Myrtle Beach Manor Christmas – Joe Ferlauto, e-mail
OD Shag Club Dance Team – Lou Martino, e-mail