First Beach Party 2022

First Beach Party


Donna Williams



August 23, 2022 we started something different for our new members and all our beach diehards. We had our 1st Dance Barefoot in the Sand Beach Party. With permission from the city and our great supporters Jessica and Harold Whorley providing the electricity for us, we started at 5pm behind the OD Pavilion. JJ Kinlaw set up his outside studio and provided 100+ people with the great music we needed to be able to accomplish what we set out to do. We had a terrific turnout, great weather, great music, great camaraderie and so much laughter and fun we completed our 1st of what we hope is many dancing barefoot in the sand events. Based on all the wonderful laughter, eager participation, so many compliments, and so many requests for another we are looking forward to another great night on September 13, 2022. What a wonderful tradition to start.