Letter From the President May 2016

Hey ODSC members:

Well, Spring Safari is over and it is almost summertime! April was extremely busy for the ODSC. We finished our first beginner class. Congratulations to everyone who participated and can now grace the dance floor as a beginner. Good times on the dance floor await you! We were lucky to have Steve and Kitty Earles teach our April SASS (share a shag step). They even had bonus content! We learned 2 together steps.

The Spring Safari brunch had over 330 people in attendance. It seems that everyone had a great time! Sorry, that we were not able to teach the line dance, but we just ran out of time. Thanks to everyone who worked the merchandise tent during SOS. Cathy Jamiolkowski and Connie Livingston, our Ways and Means Chairpersons, sold over $4,000 in merchandise! Congratulations to all that participated.

Many thanks to everyone who worked the Golf Cart Fundraiser tent selling tickets. We have paid for the golf cart and everything sold from this point on will be profit! We have approximately 2,000 tickets to sell. This fundraiser helps with all the expenses of our club. It helps to fund food for the parties, parade expenses, entertainment and DJ’s. If we have any left, then we also put some in the charity coffers for donation. Please take the time to sell tickets and to even purchase one yourself to help fund our club and all the fun things that we are able to do for our members.

For the first time, the ODSC had 3 SOS Bar Crawls. We met at a different bar, most of us had some liquid refreshment and danced a little. Then, we moved to another venue. It was great to see so many ODSC members during SOS. We plan to do something similar during SOS Fall Migration. Thank you Terry McCoy for this great idea.

The ODSC once again won First Place for Best Shaggin’ Troop in the SOS Parade. Thank you Wendy Schultz for all your hard work as parade chairman. Our theme was “Happy Trails” and the float and golf carts looked amazing!   Frankly, all the ODSC members that participated also looked amazing. We had 91 people in the parade. It was fantastic!

We will finish up the month with our Clean Sweep. Bill Bacon and Tim Webb certainly appreciate any help you can give them in cleaning up our lovely streets and beach after SOS!

Now, on to May. We will start our second Beginner’s Class on Thursday, May 5th. This is free for ODSC members and you do not need to have a dance partner! On Saturday, May 7th, the ODSC will have a tent at Mayfest to sell golf cart fundraiser tickets. Please contact Billy Powell if you can help sell a few tickets and stop by and purchase one yourself. On Tuesday, May 10th, Lou Martino and Linda Campbell will be sharing a shag step with our members in the backroom of Fat Harold’s. We will finish up the month with a cookout at Saville’s on Second Street.   A line dance, corn hole, great food and a great dancefloor will be the main attractions! I hope to see you at this event!

Keep on dancing!