Letter From The President October 2016

Wow! September was a busy month for the ODSC! Dance classes, bar crawls, dance team performing all over the Grand Strand, brunch, golf tournament, golf cart give away and I probably forgot a few events!

One of our big events every September is the Golf Tournament. Please give Geoff Girling, Joyce Girling, Ken Meyer, Carol Meyer, Rich Young and Karen Young a hearty thank you when you talk to them.   These 6 people and their teams spent countless hours collecting sponsorships, donations for raffle, setting up the golf tournament, signing up golfers and many other things to make this event go off without a hitch! If you have not been involved with this project in the past, you may be interested to know that they work on this for many months and I am very appreciative of their time and effort. I don’t have all the final numbers yet, but based on my calculations, after expenses, we raised over $8,500 for charities!

On Sunday, September 25th, we had our drawing for the Golf Cart Fundraiser. Go to our news page to find the winner. I would like to thank my husband, Billy Powell, for all the work he put into this fundraiser. Also, I would like to thank each and every one who sold tickets and bought tickets to help support our shag club. This fundraiser helps to support our many activities and charities. I don’t have the final numbers on this yet, but based on my calculations…..it was an outstanding success.

If you missed the brunch, you missed a great party. We gave new name tags to our all Al Cain Award winners so we can recognize all these important people who have contributed wonderful things to our club! Sam and Lisa West’s Junior Shagger’s performed for us. It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for your generosity! With all the money thrown on the floor, you contributed over $500 to help them with their expenses as they compete around the country.

Now, on to October…..our Election Party will be in October. We have a great slate for officers and board members. Go out to the website and read about all the candidates and be sure and attend the October party and vote! I will not be with you in October as I will be in Connecticut, but Terry McCoy will keep the party hopping!

Stay tuned for updates on new lessons, share a shag step and other events.

Hope you had a great September and an even better October!