Myrtle Beach Manor Easter Visit 201503

Myrtle Beach Manor Easter Visit


Joe Ferlauto

 201503 MB Manor 27

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On Monday, March 30th the OD Shag Club held its’ second Easter visit at the Myrtle Beach Manor. I can only speak for myself when I say it was one of the most rewarding evenings I have ever had. The residents who numbered about 45 participated in the evenings’ entertainment: they clapped to the beat of the music, they sang and danced but most importantly they smiled and for a few hours were somewhere back in time.

Linda Campbell, Lou Martino, Nancy Snook, John Barringer, Barbara Hopper, Joe Ferlauto and two of our newest members Sheila and Bill Blazer provided the dance entertainment. New members Jim Livingston (Easter Bunny) and Rich Jamiolkowski (Elvis) did an outstanding performance in there respective roles and were enjoyed by all. Paul Craver delighted the audience with two songs before introducing his lovely wife Gail, who performed one of her famous commercials for The Craver Tile Company. Lenny Gardner told some jokes. The ladies of the club then paraded around the floor in their Easter Bonnets’. We then had a sing along with the residents and we closed with the song “God Bless America”.

I would like to thank all the members who came out and participated in this special evening, you certainly put a smile on everyone’s face. I would also like to thank Linda Campbell for being such a great MC, Debbie Schmitt for baking the bunny cakes and to all the members of the OD Shag club who attended. You are the greatest!

A personal note: This was my fifth event as Chair of the Myrtle Beach Manor and I can only say that in my opinion this was the best of them all. I have never seen the smiles, by both residents and members in attendance, as I did this evening. We certainly are blessed and as in that old saying “it is better to give than to receive” was never more evident.

In closing I would like to thank the board for allowing me to chair these events.

Until Christmas, this is Joe Ferlauto, your Myrtle Beach Manor Chair saying thank you and may each and every one of you have Blessed Easter and a safe and healthy summer.