Letter From The President



Donna Williams


Presidents Letter 20221207

Well, everyone. This is my last letter to you as your 2022 President. It has been a ride to say the least. I can retire from this as of December 31 and know that I have done my absolute best. I have devoted this entire year to the OD Shag Club to try to make it the best it can be. Do I feel like that has happened? No, I really do not. There have been a lot of things beyond my control, but I tried very hard to involve our members and show them what this wonderful dance community is like. I felt like we gave them every opportunity to feel important and useful and to showcase their many valuable talents. I have laid awake at nights to try to come up with things that will make our members feel welcome and I do believe that for the most part that was accomplished. Could we do that with everyone? No. When you have 670+ members it is hard to know every face much less names. Please know if you were or are new, you are welcome and you need to help us by making yourself known. I will still see you at FH at least 2 times a week. Please do make yourself known. I am also going to stay involved with the entertainment, the parades, the Blues Cruise, and the beach parties so please help me by introducing yourself and volunteering to help. If you have been around for a while, please continue to say hello. I am also going to help out with another local club so you may also see us there.

December not only “changes the guard” as they say but it also brought a very busy month to your board. As most of you know, your board voted to not be in the Christmas parade due to the cost of their new rules. We also had to withdraw from our clean sweep job as the State of SC also changed some road requirements that did not work with our membership. So, even though we did not participate in either of those things, we still had a busy month. Our Thanksgiving party in November was attended by 256 people. Our December party was attended by 250+ (uncertain of exact number). Those 2 events were so well attended and for both of them our food was absolutely delicious. OUR SPOTLIGHTS: Thank you, Terry, Kathy, Paulette and all who volunteered to serve. Thank you for those that make themselves available to clean up. You are awesome and the rest of us could not do it without you. Thank you to Connie and Charlie Pangburn for the

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