South Strand Cardiac Rehab

South Strand Cardiac Rehab

by Diane Tindall


Very Cool – The South Strand Cardiopulmonary Rehab staff (Patty Mielke, Diane Tindall, and Gail Dowling) host a holiday party for their patients each year. They plan the event for months, coordinate on their own time, decorate and provide entertainment for the patients…again, on their own time and with their own resources, and do so with absolute joy. The patients and staff brought pot-luck and enjoyed fellowship with each other as they gathered at the MB Base Recreation Center. One lady in attendance is actively awaiting a lung transplant. Last night, 90 (patients/family) joined the South Strand Rehab staff and the OD Shag Club to celebrate life! One of the South Strand patients is also in the Shag Club…he is 92 years young! One of the patients’ husband was Santa Claus as “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa” was read. Here’s some pictures from the event:

Response From Cardiac Rehab

Dance Team,

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming to make the night enjoyable for our patients. They will be talking about “The Dancers” for months. What a great thing to bring some fun and excitement into their lives. Thanks again.