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201506 Dancing at the Pelican’s Game



Lou Martino


To see pictures of the Pelican’s Game … Click here


It was a blistering day at 89 degrees. The weatherman said we were supposed to have 50% chance of rain. Nonetheless the OD Shag Club Demo dancers and their supporters trickled up to will-call window to pick up their tickets to watch the Pelican’s double-header. We had 25 OD Shag club members in attendance. We were seated in section E between home plate and third base. It was hot until we got acclimated to the weather and it did not rain.


The first game was scheduled for 7 innings. We were to dance between the first and second game. The bottom of the sixth inning the Demo Dancers got up to take their places. Hanna escorted us to the staging area. While waiting to dance Hanna said that she would like to learn how to Shag. So we took time to show her how to shag. She was a quick learner.


We were supposed to dance on the dug out but Todd allowed us to dance on the field on the walkway to the pitchers mound. There were four couples dancing: Wade Kirdahi and Joyce Girling; Lou Martino and Linda Campbell on the left side of the pitchers mound and James Thorndyke and Cherie Patalik and Randy Overby and Laura Harde dancing on the right side of the pitchers mound. We only had the opportunity to dance one song (Back in The Day Café), because there was too much going on: it was girls scout night, Boy Scout night, with many other activities for the fans.


We all had a great time!!


I would like to thank the demo dancers and the club members that came out to support us: Bill and Donna Althoff, Ron and Glenda Bjorklund, Fritz and Helen Eckhart, Terry and Shelia Erford, Barbara Hopper, Bob and Kathy Sanders, Wendy and Donnie Schultz, Debra Spellman, Diane Tindall and Rudy and Anita Wooten.


I would also like to that Todd, Hanna and the Pelican’s for giving the OD Shag Club the opportunity to perform and promote the shag dance at their June 6th double header.