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Al Cain Award

The recipient of the Al Cain Award is someone that has contributed above and beyond the call of duty to help the club in whatever way they can and that volunteers his or her time whenever possible.

 Al Cain aAl Cain

Al Cain Award Nomination Form

To Nominate a member for the Al Cain Award

Please Click on and fill out both pages 1 & 2 below

Al Cain Award Page 1 New


Al Cain Award Page 2 New


Once you have completed the forms print them out and give them to the president of the OD Shag Club via hand delivery, email (the presidents email address is on the website) call the president (their number is on the website) or send them to the OD Shag Club address several days before the cut off date. The address is OD Shag Club, PO Box 933, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29597


Recipients of the Al Cain Award

To See the Recipient Click on Recipients Name

Lou Garrenton 2023

Linda Campbell 2022

Billy Powell 2021

Terry McCoy 2020

Monica Powell 2019

Wendy Schultz 2018

Donnie Schultz 2017

Lou Martino 2016

Karen Young 2015

Bob Sanders 2014

Susan Harrell 2013

Cassy Shumway 2012

Carolyn Beach 2011

Etta Allen 2010

Jennifer Sykes 2009

Bruce Fitzsimmons 2008

Debra Brown 2008

Larry Allen 2007

Jerry Sheets 2006

Phil Benedict 2005

Larry Aldridge 2004

Bonnie Aldridge 2004

Reamonia Matthews 2003

Paul Harrison 2002

Vickie Harrison 2002

John Barringer 2001

John Barnett 2000

Jerry Barnett 2000

Gene Blair 1999

Bill Clinard 1998

Beverly Clinard 1998

Sherry Holcomb 1997

Flash Ludwick 1997

Babs Ludwick 1997

Lou Ann Roehl 1996

Don David 1996

Becky David 1996

Sonny Lee 1995

Gloria Lee 1995