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ODSC Dance Team

ODSC Dance Team Mission Statement

The mission of the ODSC Dance Team is to promote and preserve Shag dancing and shag music, and to represent the OD Shag Club at a variety of events by performing individual couple spotlight dances and a team choreographed dance, sharing a brief history of the dance, and teaching basic shag steps. The choreographed dance includes many of the basic shag steps such as the Pivot, Belly Roll, Stutter, Boogie Walk, and Sugarfoot. 

ODSC 2023 Dance Team Members

Darrell Gaither- Chair
Chris Gaither

Pam Breedlove
Jim Breedlove

Rae Matthews
Gary Matthews

Robin Casey
Mark Casey

Lori Setzer

Robyn Hyatt

Callie White
Ted Sobol

Susan Salley