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20170429 SOS Spring Parade

SOS Spring Safari Parade


Billy Powell

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Click Here to see the Video of this event

This SOS parade was last Saturday and once again it was a success.  The ODSC had a great entry and lots of fun for the umpteenth consecutive year!

The SOS Parade has four categories that you can enter.  The categories are as follows:

  • Best Club Vehicle Top Prize   $200
  • Best Shag Troop Top Prize   $200
  • Most Original Top Prize   $300
  • Best Shag Theme Top Prize   $300

For the past 14 years, the ODSC has entered and taken 1st place every year in Best Shag Troop.  This is an outstanding accomplishment.  This year, we decided to shake things up and enter what many consider the top prize….Best Shag Theme.

With the participation and support of 60+ members of our club, we had an outstanding entry under the banner of SOS – A Thriller.  Almost everyone who participated also helped build the float and I am not sure what we would had done without their help.  Our float was decorated to mimic scenes from the video, Thriller.  There was a crypt, graveyard, movie marquee, a werewolf and many, many zombies on the float.  In front of the float, a dance team performed a choreographed routine.  Many hours of practice showed up in how great they performed in the parade.  Following the float were numerous golf carts all decorated creatively filled with zombies, vampires and “Thriller Ball” attendees.

A video of the parade is on you-tube and a separate video of the dance team practicing is also available. We have added the video on our website

None of this is possible without the hard work of many members of the ODSC.  A special thanks to several people who worked many, many hours on this parade…Jon Harris, Monica Powell, Sonny Tomberlin, Tina Tomberlin.

Once again, if you did not participate, you missed a lot of fun and comradery.  Oh, by the way,  WE WON BEST SHAG THEME!