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20170729 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Billy Powell

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The annual Charity Fun Run was held on July 29th.  Even though it was raining at our first stop, the rain stopped before we left to travel to our second stop.  The weather cooperated for the rest of the day, so if you let the rain scare you off, you missed a great time.  We traveled from the OD Arcade to Castaways on to 710 Bowling Alley, next step Deckerz and our last stop was our home club, Fat Harold’s.  All locations did a great job and a lot of fun was had at each stop.  It seems that “a lot”….was the word of the day as we had “a lot of beverages consumed”, “a lot of 50/50 tickets sold”, and “a lot of raffle prizes” were given to the participants.

There were quite a few prizes given away this year.  We had over 60 raffle prizes, lst place, 2nd place, 3 winners for smallest point total and the 50/50 winner.  Thanks to everyone who participated in some way and many, many thanks to everyone who worked on the event!

The most important part of our day is that our charity for the event was the big winner.  Our designated charity for this event was one that fits right in with our goal as a shag club.  Our stated purpose is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the shag dance and what better way to do this than supporting a group that has won national dance competitions and was invited this year to participate in national and international competitions….. the Junior Shagger Dance Team. 

Many thanks again to everyone who worked this event.  Without these people volunteering to work, this event would not occur.  Special thanks to Donnie Schultz, Wendy Schultz and Monica Powell, our chairpersons for this event.  They worked really hard behind the scenes to make sure that you had a good time and everything went without a hitch.

Next year, don’t let anything stand in your way of enjoying the comraderies and fun of this event!  As a reminder, this is a rain or shine event.  No matter the weather, the ODSC always has a great time!

Photos by Lou Martino