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20210202 Golf Cart Fundraiser



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It has everything to make it exciting. Bluetooth speakers which connect to your phone and are great, seat belts in the back, mirrors, beautiful, yellow, gray and white sporty paint

OD Shag Club – 2022 Golf Cart Raffle

Hello Everyone,

We hope this finds all of you in good health.  The 2022 Golf Cart Fundraiser is now in progress and we need your help.  As you know, this is the major fundraiser for our Club.  Proceeds from the raffle help pay for food and other expenses for our Club.
This year, we once again have 3,800 tickets to sell at $5.00 each.  The past three years, we have sold out and we hope that 2022 will be no exception.  That will be “easier said than done.”  


1.    Purchase any number of $5.00 tickets to win the electric golf cart.
2.    Take a block of 10 or more tickets to sell to your friends, family and neighbors.  We have the tickets available and will meet you at Graham’s Golf Cart store or in another convenient location.
3.    Sell tickets at an event that you are attending.  Just give us the details and we will provide you with everything you need (tickets, table, signage etc.).

The drawing will be held at Fat Harold’s on Saturday, September 24th at 6:00 p.m.  If you do decide to try to sell a block of tickets and cannot sell them, any tickets unsold will need to be returned to us by August 25th

Please contact Jim Robinson

We look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Golf Cart Committee
Jim Robinson