20220521 Cook Out

Cook Out


Donna Williams


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Saville’s successfully hosted our annual cookout and corn hole contest with good weather and a good turnout of around 160, including 3 guest and 2 new members.

Glen Strange one the corn hole tournament for the men and Shirley Dyson for the ladies, thanks to Connie Pangburn’s efficient management of the operation. And Charlie helped!

Terry and Kathy McCoy, along with their minions, Ken Dawson and Joe Harrill, cooked up 200 hotdogs and 200 hamburgers, while Paulette Miller and her team helped serve up the fixings, along with a pool table full of side dishes and another pool table full of desserts donated by members.

50/50 tickets sold by the effervescent Al Cosgrove, raised funds for the club and enough to award $135 to the winner, Doris Goldman.

Only 106 Golf Cart raffle tickets of the original 3,800 remain after Jim Robinson sold47 at the event.

We concluded our fun evening with a $25 prize given to our red ticket member who wears their name tag and our blue ticket member who wears our logo apparel. The name of our red ticket winner is unknown.  Jim Robinson was our lucky blue ticket logo winner.  

Photos by Kay Hughes

20220430 SOS Parade

SOS Parade


Linda Campbell

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After a two-year delay, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, finally there was a “GO” from the SOS board for the 2022 SOS Spring Safari Parade. 

The OD Shag Club had been preparing for this for over two years by late Presidents Billy Powell and John Setzer, so it was agreed we would honor their theme idea of “ROLLING THRU THE SANDS…THE OD SHAG CLUB CARAVAN”!

For some six to seven weeks, in the garage of Bill and Diane Millman, the work began on the focal point of the float; that being a completely cardboard and papier-mache 4X8 Sphinx.

special thanks go out to Gil Geiger, Bill and Diane Millman, Mark and Kay Hughes, Linda and Ron Brashears, Kim and Janine Davis, Ken Dawkins, Susan Davenport, Lori Stone, Donna Williams, and Linda Campbell, who were responsible for the build of the float. On the Float were several kings, including our DJ Terry McPhail, Bill Millman, David Hoard, Burnie Williams, Al Cosgrove, Randy Riddle, Gil Geiger and Princess Diane, Betty, Susan, Joan.  The main focal point besides the King Sphinx was, of course, Little Egypt (AKA Lou Martino).

Not only was the float amazing due to the creative talents of the above members of the ODSC, the Nine Golf Carts also displayed fun and artistic themed decorations, such as “Oasis Bar and Grill, Clyde and Co Camel Traders, Pharaohs Phuneral Parlor, and many others.  The ODSC is blessed to have talents of Kay and Mark Hughes, Robin and Julie King, and myself as we dressed the carts to go along with the theme.

Leading the parade of course were our banner carriers dressed in their Egyptian God costumes Bill and Donna Althoff followed by Eleven Egyptian Dancing Princesses: Connie Livingston, Linda Campbell, Diane Millman, Donna Williams, Lori Stone, Collette Webster, Connie Panburgn, Janice Flibott, Linda Brashears, Susan Salley, and Cindy Geiger. 

So much fun, excitement was felt as the parade went down Main Street, along with the other SOS Club entries.  The crowds on the sides of the streets were shouting and hands waving for beads and clapping for their favorite club. 

The ODSC wants to send grateful thanks to the Parade Board, to Terry and Kathy McCoy, who have taken Donnie and Wendy Schultz place as Parade Chairs.  Special thanks go to the SOS Parade judges as the OD Shag Club took First Place Most Original. 



Photos by Lou Martino

20220424 SOS Brunch

Spring SOS Brunch


Joe Harrill


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The OD Shag Club held their annual brunch at the OD Arcade on Sunday 4/24/2022.The renown Murl Augustine played the tunes from 10 until noon. Great to see Murl back in the booth! Over 200 people attended the enjoyable event. Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and wonderful food from the Arcade were served..  Old friendships were renewed and new ones made with dancing and conversation. It was an electric atmosphere as people were having fun, dancing, eating, buying golf cart raffle tickets and OD Shag Club logo clothing. Donna Williams, President of the Shag Club made a few announcements: a special clothing sale will be held soon, the Parade will be held on 4/30/2022, and a vintage jacket will be sold at silent auction. She especially thanked all the volunteers that helped serve the food, sell tickets and clothing and that worked(work) on the float for the Parade. None of this could happen without everyone’s help. A 50/50 drawing was held at the close of the party.

Mark your calendar for OD Shag Club event May 21 at Seville’s. Terry McCoy and his assistant chefs will be cooking gourmet, hot off the grill.


Photos by Lou Martino

20220315 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Parade’s Day Parade


Rick Kosko

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The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in North Myrtle Beach was huge success, even though it was delayed a week because of weather.  The Shag Club was one of over a hundred entrants who participated after a COVID hiatus.  The weather was perfect for outside activities.  The Shag Club had 9 golf carts, 6 members walking and a total of 35 of our members participating in the parade.  Even though our contingency may have been small, we still managed to represent very well and took the 1st Place Award for Enthusiasm!  A good time was had by all and thanks to those who made it possible!

Pictures by kay Hughes

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