20221205 Myrtle Beach Manor

Myrtle Beach Manor


Joe Harrill


What a wonderful time everyone had at the Myrtle Beach Manor on Monday night! The OD Shag Club entertained over 30 residents of the Manor with singing, dancing and gifts. Such a humbling experience to talk and laugh with the residents and see them having fun. Thank you, Charlie and Connie for leading the event and the dancing, Bill for being the DJ, all the elves for their costumes and dancing, and Bernie for taking pictures. Thank you shag club members for participating in the event. Connie the “chicken dance” was a hit! One resident asked if Jim Robinson was part “Chicken.” Beautiful poinsettias and gift bags were given out to the residents at the conclusion. If you haven’t attended this event plan for next year! It was great.

20221015 Halloween Party

Nomination Halloween Party


Rick Kosko

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The Club’s October Party was held on the 15th with opening remarks from President Donna Williams.  Donna, along with Ron Pugh from the Nominations Committee introduced the slate of candidates.  The invocation was given by Randy Sherrill.

The meal for this party was a fish fry with French fries, hush puppies, coleslaw and assorted desserts. Thanks to Terry McCoy and his team for preparing our meal and to Paulette Miller and her volunteers for serving.  We fed approximately 130 attendees and Fat Harold’s staff.

The Club’s “Monsters” provided the entertainment by dancing for us to the song The Monster Mash.  Very unique costumes and dance routine.

Connie Pangburn, from the Entertainment Committee, hosted a Costume Contest for the members.  There was plenty of participation with a wide variety of costumes. The winners were:

1st place – Kay Hughes, Scariest

2nd Place – Lori Setzer as “Beaker” from the Muppets

3rd Place – Janet Gold as “Dirty Laundry”


The results of the Election for 2023 Officers and Board of Directors are:

President – Wayne Baldwin

Vice President – Charlie Pangburn

Secretary – Monica Powell

Treasurer – Rick Kosko

Director – Al Cosgrove

Director – Lou Garrenton

Director – Connie Livingston


Congratulations to the newly elected Board and Officers.  Serving with them for 2023 are Director Jim Robinson and Director Karen Young.

20220913 Beach Party #2

2nd Beach Party

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Due to popular demand, the 2nd Beach Party of 2022 was held September 13th. What a beautiful evening it was. With again 100+ in attendance, we felt the sand on our feet, the wind blowing through our hair and excitement in the air. We saw a lot of the same faces but also a bunch of new ones. JJ Kinlaw played our tunes and did a terrific job. He and I had planned a surprise and it turned out better than I thought it would. With the signal, Jay got on the speaker and asked everyone to get up in a circle and we were going to do a dance everyone knew. This great group did just that and then all of a sudden, a familiar tune came on and we all laughed and began to do the old dance from the past that we all loved The Hokey Pokey. If you have never seen 100+ barefoot people put in and take out body parts on the beach you should have been there. It was a real treat. Everyone was laughing and dancing and my heart puffed right up. How many times in your life can you get so much pleasure for free? Well, guys and girls stayed tuned for 2023 because if I have anything to do with it, we will be doing more of these beach parties. Looking forward to seeing you there. Bring your dancing feet.

2022 SOS Brunch

SOS Bruch


Linda Campbell

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The morning sky was Carolina Blue and with a crisp Fall feel but temperatures were warming up for a perfect day.  Before 10:00am, the members were lining up at the entrance door ready to get inside to begin what was to be one of our largest attended brunches.  Over 300+ people attended the brunch and unfortunately/fortunately, we ran out of food and, we could not feed ALL who attended.  It was so good to see so many shaggers out wanting to support the club AND enjoy themselves as a part of our club’s major event.

Charlie Glazer played our favorite tunes, as the colors were called for each one to line up in two separate lines to enjoy a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits, and fruit.  Of course ,the highlight of the brunch is always our famous “Liquid Sunshine of Bloody Mary’s and Screwdrivers”. 

Wayne Baldwin and Sue Wehner were very busy selling OD Shag Club merchandise as was Jim Robinson trying to sell the few Golf Cart Fundraiser tickets that he had left.   There were several guests at the brunch including those from the SOS and ACSC boards and we were honored to have them join us for breakfast.

The 50/50 winner was  announced, as well as the Name tag and Logo winners.

As the brunch ended, and members and guests left with most just walking across the street to the Fun Sunday event ,where Jim Quick and

 Coastline were preparing to play.  This Sunday began to be a great start to the first full week of SOS Fall Migration 2022.

Photos by Lou Martino


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