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OD Shag Club Lessons

OD Shag Club – Beginner & Intermediate Shag Lessons

Six Weeks of Classes starting March 6 through April 10.

The OD Shag club will be offering free shag classes to members only. The classes are taught by Darrell Gaither and Lori Setzer.

These are progressive lessons – classes built on steps taught on the previous weeks. Please try to attend all 6 weeks of classes.

Beginner Class:

  • basic step
  • female turn
  • male turn
  • start of the dance
  • other basics.

Intermediate Class:  You must be able to do the basics to attend the intermediate class.

  • Pivot
  • Bellyroll
  • Lead/follow steps
  • Time permitting, we will add male/female leads.

Please wear your OD Shag Club name tag.

Location: Back room at Fat Harold’s

Times:  Beginner: 5pm—Intermediate: 5:45pm