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201508 Kingston Nursing Home

Kingston Nursing Home


Lou Martino


To see the pictures of this event … click here

The OD Shag Club Demo Dancers were invited back to dance for the residents at the Kingston Nursing Home on Thursday August 6, 2015, at 630pm.

There were approximately 60 residents plus the staff in attendance to watch us dance. Linda Campbell spokesperson for the OD Shag Club Demo Team introduced the Team individually and explained what we were going to do.

We danced while the wheelchair bound residents watched with hopeful eyes. There were dancers from the good ole days present. One resident was a ballerina back in her time. She was so grateful to see the dancers. As you can see in our pictures, there were several residents that were able to get up and dance with the team. This is one of the reasons we enjoy dancing for the Nursing Home, to see the smiles on those of yester years.

I would like to thank Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, Randy Overby, Laura Hardee, and Jay Kellerman. I would also like to thank Brenda Keisler Linda Campbell’s twin sister for filling in for those Team members who were unable to participate in this event.

See you on the dance floor!!!