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20160922 Shoe Center #2

The Shoe Center #2


Lou Martino


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It was another forecasted miserable day for the Shoe Center outdoor concert during Fall SOS. What to do should The OD Shag Club Dance Team go and dance in the rain or not? Several of the members decided to come even thought he weather man again said it was going to rain. However, yesterday had the same forecast so we took a chance and decided to show up for this event.

Luck would have it no rain, well not until we were able to dance for about and hour. Just as we were ready to leave it did rain, but just a little not to scare any one off. Most everyone came prepared. So the band played on Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot were really drying up the rain with their steaming hot music.

This audience loved to dance so we all danced almost in the rain. The day turned out to be a wonderful warm fall day, which along with the band and the OD Shag Club was most enjoyable.

I would like to recognize the OD Shag Club Members that danced at this event:

Bill and Diane Millman, Vic Gillispie, Linda Wilson, Barbara Hopper, Bob and Helon Page, Linda Campbell and Lou Martino