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20160923 Shoe Center #3

The Shoe Center #3


Lou Martino


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The Third day at the Shoe Center Fall SOS Concert brought a lesser crowd again due to the forecast calling for rain, but again the OD Shag Club Dance Team reported for duty and danced with The Rick Strickland Band playing for their captive audience.

Lisa Hudson stole the show. What a singer and then she gets out there with the crowd and starts line dancing to her song Percolate. She has a lot of energy. Even though the OD Shag Club Dance Team only had five members dancing at this event, Lisa always recognizes us as part of the event. Thank you Lisa!

I want to thank the members of the OD Shag Club Dance Team that participated at this event:

Bob and Helon Page, Diane Tindall, Linda Campbell and Lou Martino