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20161218 Christmas Families

ODSC Christmas Families
By Monica Powell


Click Here to see those who packed the boxes

As you know, the ODSC is playing Santa Claus for 8 elementary children. Karen Young, Cindy Day, Etta Allen and Cassy Shumway went shopping (using a discount from Cindy) and we were able to buy shoes, coats, at least one outfit for each child along with some of the toys on their wish list. Some of the items on the wish list included tablets, MP3 players, Scrabble games, Monopoly games and a bicycle. This was all funded by the ODSC with one exception. Many thanks to the 5th Avenue gang (Bill and Joan Bacon, Jerry and Linda Harrell, Charles and Brenda McCarthy, Gary & Kathy Wilson, Phil & Brenda Tomlinson, Gene & Paula Bradshaw, Bill & Vickie Walters, Terry & Debbie Holmes) for purchasing the bicycle, helmet, lock and bicycle pump for one of our children.

Last night at our party, our members brought dry food for our families. These 8 children are from 8 different families and have a total of 39 people in the families. Many thanks and congratulations to the ODSC. We boxed up 44 boxes of food for these families this morning. Many thanks to all my elves who helped separate and box up the food this morning. The elves are: Jim Queen, Lou Martino, Sonny Tomberlin, Brian Morrison, Sandy Cummings, Rich and Karen Young, Tim & Paula Webb, Joe & Beth Cornwell, Rick & Lynne Clawson and Billy Powell.

Also, you contributed $378 in cash at the party last night to buy ham or turkeys. I am happy to report that with your very generous donations, Billy and I went to Bi-Lo on Main Street and purchased the following for each family:

– Smithfield Ham
– Turkey 10 – 12 lb.
– 10lb. Potatoes
– Bag of Onions
– Bag of Apples
– Bag of Tangerines
– Jar of Nuts
– Cookies
– Hot Cocoa
– Cheerios
– Turkey Bag (have to have something to bake in)

Bi-Lo also gave us a 10% discount. Many thanks to them. We will be delivering all the food to the school tomorrow for pickup by the families.

Once again, thank you so much for being such a generous club and helping those who could use a little help in this season of love.