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20170115 Mid Winter Brunch

Mid Winter Brunch


Tina Tomberlin


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The first get together of the New Year for the OD Shag Club is the Mid-Winter Brunch at the OD Arcade.  As always, it’s a time for our members to catch up with old friends and an opportunity to meet new members and make new friends.

The Hospitality Committee, led by Cindy Day, was there with their ever-present smiles getting all 201 attendees checked in and food, name tag and logo wear tickets distributed.

Newly elected President Terry McCoy welcomed everyone, announced upcoming club events and let everyone know the “Liquid Sunshine” was ready to be served, so in a manner of seconds the lines had formed!!  He then turned the microphone over to Ways and Means Committee Co-Chair Connie Livingston. She and her partner in crime Cathy Jamiolkowski had recruited some of our club members to “model” the new logo clothing items they had purchased for this year. What a fashion show it was!  All I can say is some of the models better not give up their day jobs!  The items were available for purchase at the Brunch and evidently the club liked the new stuff because they were swamped with sales!!

Something new this year was the fact that we had 2 serving lines for the breakfast buffet.  It was pretty amazing how fast everyone was served.  I heard the kitchen had a hard time keeping up. Great job to Faye Chowning and her Food Committee!!

After breakfast was served Terry drew the raffle winners and they were as follows:

50/50 – Mark Lewis – $250

Name Tag – Carol Bryant – $20

Logo – Bill Milliman – $20

Thanks to everyone who worked to make our 2017 Mid-Winter Brunch a success.  Your dedication and hard work is appreciated and helped to make this event great fun for everyone!