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20170317 Chili Cook Off

ODSC March Party


Billy Powell


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The ODSC March party was a chili cookoff and there was lots of great chili to be consumed.  There were 23 participants who provided the great food for all of us.  A great variety of chili was made which should have provided everyone with something to fit their individual taste.  Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners.

1st Place – Sonny Tomberlin – $75.00

2nd Place – Carol Perin – $50.00

3rd Place – Monica Powell – $25.00


Our Entertainment Committee Chair, Kathy McCoy, had an event focused on getting people on the dance floor.  The more you danced, the more Mardi Gras beads you collected.  At the end of the night, the person with the most beads won a $25 gift certificate provided by Fat Harold’s.  Maxine Presley stayed on the dance floor almost continuously and at the end had 39 strands of beads.  Congratulations, Maxine!

Other winners for the night included Sheila Wright who won $20 for wearing her name tag.  Kathy McCoy won $20 for having on ODSC logo wear.  The 50/50 winner received $250.  Margie Payne, a guest from Maryland, had the winning ticket.

On a final note, it is important that we remember to thank all of those that work at every party so we can have all of this fun.  When you see the members of the Hospitality, Food, Membership, Ways & Means and any other committee that is working at a party, please thank them for all their hard work and maybe sign up to help so they can have a little time to have some fun.

Until my next voluntold event write-up, remember to keep dancing!