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20170410 Myrtle Beach Manor

Easter at Myrtle Beach Manor  


Linda Campbell

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As the residents gathered waiting with anticipation of the forthcoming event, the OD Shag Club members were arriving as Easter was in the air.

There were Easter decorations everywhere and the members were in the kitchen cutting up the beautifully decorated Bunny cakes that the residents had decorated earlier in the day.

The event began with Linda Campbell, MC for the night who welcomed them all and announced that they were in for a fun and exciting time.

The OD Shag Club Dance team started off the program by dancing to two songs for the residents. Several of the Dance Team exchange partners so all the dancers could showcase their steps.

John and Jan Samuels were up next by showing another dance called  “ DC Hand Dance”.  The residents really loved that.

Next, Lou Martino and four of the dance team girls showed their stuff as Lou danced with all four girls at once.  They swirled, moved, twirled and boogie-walked their way to “No More Cloudy Days”.

By that time, the music began a crescendo that everyone knew who was to perform next the one and Only Elvis.   Gospel songs such as “How Great Thou Art” was evident a favorite of the residents.

By that time, the Junior Shaggers had arrived and their energy, fancy steps and fun was all over the place.  

Everyone was ready for the snack of Bunny cake and punch as the OD Shag Club Members distributed it to the residents. 

But, there was much more entertainment as Paul Craver, a famous recording artist serenated the residents with a favorite of all of ours with “Make the world go away”.  Gail, Paul’s wife then shared a story about her and Paul, which made everyone laugh.

Linda then announced that we had one more couple to dance and show their professional moves, as Bill and Sheila Seymour, 2017 National Shag Competitors danced to a song called “Daddy”.

Of course, the night wasn’t finished until there was another visit from Elvis as he sang a couple more of their favorite songs such as “Suspicious Minds” and “Only Fools Fall in Love”. 

Our visit wouldn’t be complete without a visit from, of course, the Easter Bunny. Goody bags were given out by the OD Shag Club Members while strutting in their Easter Bonnets, which looked beautiful as a parade of hats were strolling along, as each member wished the residents a “Happy Easter” and sang to “In your Easter Bonnet”.

The night ended as we all sang “God Bless America” and “Que Sera Sera” as members of the OD Shag Club said their goodbyes.

A special “THANK YOU” goes to Joe Ferlauto for all his hard work and dedication in organizing, preparing and participating in such a successful time for all the residents. Also, a great thank you goes out to those members of the OD Shag Club who showed up for this event.